Saturday, 26 June 2010


Or the more commonly known the Little White Dress.

(She's smiling?)

This photo of Kristen is really pretty i think.

(Rob and Kristen or the ever so famous Robsten.)
Kristen Stewart often dresses up in one LBD after another. So it came as a change when she rocked up to the US Eclipse premiere in white. she is Dressed in a one-sleeved Elie Saab number.Kristen was showing more versatility in her style than ever before. And i think she looks seriously amazing in this beautiful dress. I also think shes really brave for wearing such a clear white in the L.A sunshine, in some photos she was almost sparkling (like a vampire..wink,wink).
She is also wearing a really lovely pair of nude christian louboutins which were really beautiful and sky high! I think its quite obvious now that i have a utter girl crush on Kristen Stewart.

The designer of her dress Elie Saab is renowned for beautiful made dresses with a twist just like this one. Dakota Fanning's dress for the Eclipse premiere was also by Elie Saab and as i said before in my previous blog about the other girls of twilight, that Kristen and Dakota are really close friends behind the camera. So maybe they helped each other out and i must say they both looked amazing on premiere night.
Right while I'm here i will apologise for the total Eclipse overload! but i had so much to say about everyone's style on the night i just couldn't resist. I will be putting up more blog posts up next week about who went and wore what to the UK premiere of Eclipse.

Vision in Crimson?!

Robert Pattinson is known for his interesting sense of style, from his ratty old woolly hat and jumper (which he was spotted wearing during Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as well as while shooting the baseball scene in Twilight, you can see this on the extra features of both DVDs) to his ray bans which he wears quite a lot of the time. And I've read a few other tweets, blogs and pages mentioning that this crimson suit is awful. I THINK THERE VERY WRONG!
Though we all know Rob could probably turn up in his sweats and still look beautiful. But i think this suit is actually really cool. It is made by Gucci (like his blue suit in 'Remember Me') and i think Rob looks really lovely in this, i mean yeah its a little different but who ever said Rob was normal? His new shorter hair also makes him look more groomed than I've seen him for a good while.
And on one of my final notes, this is to the people who aren't so keen on the Gucci suit surely its better than the red velvet jackets and LEATHER PANTS which he wore to the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire premiere not so many years ago ( though i must say i did love the velvet jacket, i just can't imagine the leather pants being very warm to wear, haha.)

The Lads at the Eclipse Premiere!

Kiowa Gorden looking like hes already wrestled with a new born army before he even arrived at the premiere. But the all rough and ready style making him look smarter without making him look older than he is, good move.

Petter Facinelli with a little stubble.looking thoughtful and intense. i like. i like alot.

Michael Welch what has happened to you, its seem you have aged ten years in the space of two! although your still very good looking i'd reccomend toning down the hair gel and having a shave next time.

Edi Gathegi looks almost too cool. red tie? are we trying to match or be inspired by Roberts suit, hmm well i do think this guy is seriously cool I'm just pretty gutted her didn't wear the rasta's like Laurent does.

Alex Meraz gives everyone another reason to love Quilettes. It must be nice for him to be wearing clothes for a change as he spends the majority of his time just wearing ragged shorts and his alter ego Paul has such a short temper she spends most of his time exploding out of the clothes and into a huge wolf. I think Alex's suit is by hugo boss but i am not 100% sure.

My my Jackson Rathbone, don't you scrub up well. Who knew all he'd need was a hair cut and a tie. Though i do seriously love his scruffy usual self.

Kellen Lutz i'm so used to seeing him in just t shirts and jeans not a lovely suit but i think he pulls it off really rather well, haha and i would really like to say the girls behind Kellan thank you for speaking on our behalf.

Taylor Lautner looking utterly smart as always, he seems to always dress smart even when he's attempting casual. Not that many people mind what hes wearing as he spends most of new moon and quite a lot of eclipse in only a pair of cut off jeans, not that I'm complaining.
I also have a few photos of Rob in his really cool suit which i will put up on a separate post, unfortunately i do no know where all the guys got the suits and clothing from, but i tried my best.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Eclipse L.A Premiere The Girls!

Elizabeth Reaser looks effortly dark in this lace body con styled dress. Showing her more daring side with the flech toned fabric behind the lace, this is beautiful vampish inspired dress.

Julia Jones just looks utterly amazing here, nothing like her character leah who is hostile,moody and always in rough clothes due to her having to shift into a wolf quite alot!

Nikki Reed channels her inner show girl with this feathery viva las vegas, but really classy at the same time dress. Her hair also looked really lovely last night at the Eclipse Premiere. Glamourous as always just like rosalie.

Anna Kendrick looking a little crazy but totally cool in this very festive themed sparkling gold dress, i also really love her shoes!

Ashley Greene is here looking keeping it stylised in this simple silver gown. which looks utterly stunning and breath taking on her. (very Alice indeed)

Bryce Dallas Howard and just look at how she brings some summer flavoured vintage to the red carpet, this dress is by Dior Bryce mentioned in a interview during the live streaming of the premiere on myspace that the dress has been borrowed for the night for her to wear and that she loves it! I love the colour of the garment and the details on the neckline and waist. The gentle frills at the bottom of this beautiful gown are also really quaint and lovely which is the opposite of her sadistic character Victoria.

Dakota Fanning wearing a really beautiful Elie Saab dress, Kristen also opted for a dress by the same designer, coincidence or not? As many of us know the two girls are really close friends off the camera as well as on it. Between New Moon and Eclipse Dakota and Kristen both starred next to each other in the biographic film The Runaways and have since become best friends.

All the girls of the saga had really beautiful dresses and gowns on but Dakota and Bryce are the only two lovely ladies that i knew what designer they were wearing. I also have images of Kristen Stewart which i will put in a separate post.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

The girls in the know.

YEAHH, this is my dress! The model wearing it is called Kelsie and she was a real life saver, my original model Gemma cancelled on the Monday morning before my dress was due to be in the show Thursday afternoon. Then i couldn't fit my dress until the Wednesday so i did a lot of praying that my new model would fit in my garment, but luckily we had a swap around with models and i ended up with Kelsie who fitted in my dress really well and even had shoes to match! thank god.
so the two images above are taken by me (some photography guys took much better ones, once i get my hands on them i'll post them up) and i cannot say how proud i am that she looks so great in it! and the sequins caught the light really well as she walked down the catwalk.
though unfortunately i never got to watch the whole show and get photos of other designers work. Because they were short of dressers, which they weren't that badly but i won't go into that. haha, anyway next year i will have a collection in the show. Which will be really exciting, stressful and scary all in one go!
And finally one more thing my dress will be in the winsford guardian, i think as it was choosen to be pictured in the paper as part of the page for the show.
thank you for reading as always and once i get hold of the other images il post them too.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Time has lost all meaning.

I think these photos are really beautiful, and to me i could spend hours losing the meaning of time watching the seeds blow in the breeze finding new homes to plant there souls into.
I just find it all really tranquil and beautiful.
and i seriously LOOOVEE pocket watches. and clock necklaces, so if anyone wants to buy me one i will seriously forever love you for er, well ever. I am currently trying to find one which is old or second hand so i've been searching car boots. charity shops and many old chest of drawers which are in my grand-folks and families draws. But if all else fails theres some really lovely vintage style ones on the highstreet!
Cheers for reading beautiful.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I wish this jacket was bigger.

I LOOOVVE this jacket, i bought it from a charity shop but they know what vintage is so this what pretty pricey at £15 but its just so cool, though unfortunately its a little small but i just had to have it.
I have teamed this with a t-shirt dress from Dorothy Perkins which i got in the sale at £10 i think this is so comfy. It's long enough to wear with tights but is fine with a pair of leggings under it which is how i normally style it.
I am also wearing leggings in this image which are also from Dorothy Perkins for £18 but i got student discount so it wasn't so bad, these are also really comfortable to wear. And can we worn with pumps and baggy shirts as well as Lacey dresses and heels.
And finally i have used a thick chain belt which is black and gold to draw in the jacket and give the impression that i have a waist. This is from peacocks and was also in sale fr £3 it matches almost everything and i wear it quite a lot.
This was one of my outfit ideas for The Fashion Show which my dress will be in. As i could wear a cardigan and pumps during the day while I'm rushing around preparing then add smarter flats or heel with the jacket for the evening.
Anyway thank you for reading as always x

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Pearly Queen (well almost).

Here is my almost finished garment for college, i have spent this week sewing buttons and sequins and beads onto this dress. I feel i have worked pretty hard, so what do you think?

I feel that this is one of my best pieces i have done for a good while as it has been properly finished off without any messy finishes. I don't really know what else to say about my dress, other than so much hard work has gone into this dress and i hope you can see this throughout.

Anyway thank you always for reading and comment to tell me how you like it.
cheers my deers.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Miu Meow.

A good quirky print can go a long way. i love this Photo of Keira Knightley in this Miu Miu ensemble from the brand’s Spring 2010 collection. Knightley wore a beige lady print silk blouse with a red collar and a puppy printed skirt to the Laurence Olivier Awards Nominees Luncheon party in London today. this outfit is original in its own right! i just love pieces clothing with a sense of humor!

i also love there shoes with the printing of birds and cats on i will get a post up with a image of them when i can!

Friday, 4 June 2010

The perfect quote for my life.

"I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love." — Marilyn Monroe
I think this quote is very fitting to myself. And Marilyn Monroe will always be one of the most influential women to grace our world. One day i would just love to be as glamorous as her for a single hour.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

And we'll all build castles in the sky.

Okay this castle isn't in the sky but its up a big bank/hill thing. I went out with my mum, brother and his girlfriend and we ended up mow cop at about half five in the evening. i love going up there it really blows the cobwebs off!
The dress i am wearing is my favourite i wish i had 3 of these, i wear it all the time! it was in the sale at Dorothy Perkins around Christmas time so it was a bargain an is just well beautiful. i generally wear this dress with a long sleeved t-shirt under and leggings.
If you have noticed the lad standing in the middle photograph with me he is my big brother. He was staying for a few days before going back to Liverpool. he is wearing topman skinny jeans a primark coat and converse.
In the next few weeks i will try and get photos up from fittings week and rehearsals. as well as some new designers I'm totally falling for. As always thanks for reading and comments are always ever so welcome. cheers.