Sunday, 30 May 2010

I can see the finish line. (well sort of)

This is my nearly sort of finished final dress! and to be quite honest i am pretty damn proud of it. though its been so utterly stressful but hopefully it will be worth it! this is my dress with the lining attached and top stitching completed, as well as some of the detailing already being added such as the black ribbon bows (which are a link to footsteps).

this is now ready for fitting week when i get given a model and pretty much have to redo it until it fits well, hopefully it won't need to much altering if they give me a model which is big enough.
Anyway i thought i would just post up a picture to show you guys how its all going. as always tell me what you think as your input is really important to me and helps me get a bigger perspective on what my garment is actually like. when i get my beadings and sequins on i shall post another photograph.

p.s cheers so much my lovelys.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

And so the plot thickens.

As my title suggests, indeed it does. I have now managed to dye the top of my garment, this has to be one of the most terrifying things I've even done with a piece of my own work. I'm so happy i had the balls to do this. and i think it has turned out quite the end.

I've had to few manic problems with this dyeing business, one being accidentally dripping the black dye onto a white piece and spending a good few hours trying to bleach it out with toilet cleaner (thank you mum i owe you) and don't worry we found a dry cleaning stain remover which has worked a treat after using like the whole bottle.

and secondly me being the idiot that i am and folding up the fabric under my sewing foot while doing the top stitching and ending up sewing it all together in a very buggered up manner.
But guys its all good now i final sorted it and it only took me a day, haha I'll put another post up once I've put in the lining and the straps.

comment and tell me what you think, so i can write it in my Toile diary for my course, THANK YOU

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Summer breeze makes me feel fine.

"Sweet days of summer, the jasmine's in bloom July is dressed up and playing her tune When I come home from a hard days work And you're waiting there, not a care in the world."

Yes it's shocking i know but i did in fact venture into the great outdoors today. well my garden... but its still outside! And I'm afraid to say there was no summer breeze really which is a shame but i was just in the mood to post those lyrics. Don't worry I'm not really bad at taking photos i purposely blurred them, no reason just felt like it.

In these photographs i am wearing my huge denim shirt which i thrifted from a charity shop and its so comfy. i am also wearing a plain black t-shirt and black leggings. My white ray ban inspired shades are from primark to be quite honest i am surprised they have lasted for more than one summer nevermind three! It was actually pretty muggy today which isn't my type of weather at all but after it all i have suvived the weather and i hope your all proud of me. i will take more photos soon of my summer ish outfits and me. But if you looked in my wardrobe you would realise how unsummery my clothing is and how i need to become less sunshine phobic. In the next few weeks i am planning on requiring many more cheap seasonal pieces ready for my trip to wakestock so i shall definately post pictures up from that weekend!

as always thank you for reading my posts on fashion, music and just life in general.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Chelsea Chelsea I believe that when your dancing.

"Well you must be a girl with shoes like that she said you know me well I seen you and little Steven and Joanna Round the back of my hotel, oh yeah"

I love about Welsh jewellery store Chelsea Doll, which specialising in quirky, unusual and all-round beautiful jewellery. They source gorgeous, exciting pieces from a range of collections they house including Love Hearts & Crosses, Ji Ji KiKi, Tribal Time and many more.
The first necklace pictured is called "hide and seek" The miniature binoculars may be a bit too mini to help you find what you are looking for... but they are still really adorable they are designed by love hearts and crosses and priced at £10 which isn't to bad really is it.
The second necklace pictured is called "Crafty Crafty Sewing Machine" This is the perfect accessory for any aspiring seamstress or even for people that just loves to craft! On this vintage style necklace hangs a miniature pair of scissors and a gorgeous little sewing machine. This is my favourite necklace and priced at £12 which i think is really good! i cannot wait to add this to my collection it will look great with little smock tops and cute cardigans. The piece is also designed by love hearts and crosses. I am hoping i can beg for this for my birthday which is coming up in less than a week! i shall post about it, promise!

For me, Summers here to early.

Okay, i don't want to sound like the summers equivalent of scrooge. But I'm not one for spending hours in baking heat and i generally hate hot weather. especially during term time. it can be warm once its july and august but anytime before then is just uncalled for. the image above is one i took while on holiday in suffolk. and the day it was taken was too hot to handle it was muggy and horrid but it was august so in my book it was allowed.

I have very few loves of summer, i love sitting in the park on the grass listening to cool music and being with my friends. i also adore sitting on pebble beaches for long periods of time reading books and trying to throw pebbles down my brothers t shirt while hes asleep. This summer i am yet again being packed off to suffolk for a week with my family. which means the same things as always. looking at country houses (which i actually love, your allowed to be nosey) going on mind numbing walks (they don't lead to anything, EVER) going up the castle in the village i stay in (which isn't too bad other than the museum bit)
its just the hot weather i detest so much, it makes your hair greasey, your face shiny and just makes you feel uncomfrotable at times. But i do love winter sun roll on next december!

as always i will try and keep you posted on everything and anything thats remotely interesting in my mind or life.

p.s i thank you dearly for spending moments of your time reading anything i put :)

Friday, 14 May 2010

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby.

"Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

And do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya

Know what ya doing, doing to me?

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby"

I just came across this little ditty a matter of moments ago when i was checking what was new on, ruby belle from the little glimpse I've just had seems to be quirky timeless pieces with a vintage inspiration and I've seriously fallen in love. With summery prints to tropical flamingos an even chic sailboats these are the perfect dresses for me. They are fitted over the bust and waist and have a A-line skirt style just like 1950's tea dresses always have, which makes them just right for the more voluptuous among the style glitterati. hopefully this spring i will be rocking mine with heels and red lips for a retro pin-up inspired look for nights and then wear my ruby belle dress teamed with ballerina pumps for cool daytime style. Either way i can not wait to go and buy one of these beautifully feminine but quirky tea dresses.

Hubble Bubble Toile and Trouble.

This is my Toile for my final unit at college. When i make the actual garment it will be modelled on the cat walk at our college fashion show. (scary but kind of exciting,i know!) I will most definitely post up some photos from the show and preparations, so watch this space!
The theme of my dress is racism and i used martin Luther kings speech and all the boycotts and marches for inspiration and of course the colours black and white. To be honest i am quite suprised i managed to make this toile without any drastic problems, i just pray to god (please god i really am praying) that i get to finish my finall dress on time!
This dress will fit a size 10 to 14 (as its a corseted back and was made on a larger mannequin)
so if any aspiring models are interested in well modelling my final piece for some photos and dont live to far away sent me a message. or if you are a aspiring photographer and would like to take the images do the same.
while i am here i will also apoligise for not posting for a few weeks i've been rather busy with all many of things, but i will try and post more!