Saturday, 31 July 2010

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars i could really use a wish right now.

Hayley Williams looks seriously lovely in this video, but i don't really know why. I think its just the song and lyrics that make her beautiful. And her hair, oh god the hair is just really cool and like different and just like ace.

I mean she's done some stupid stuff but shes still kind of rocks at what she is! Anyway this is starting to sound like a total girl crush, which it isn't really maybe just this song. and her.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

You'll remember me when the west wind blows.Among the fields of gold.

Yeah, i went for a walk a few nights ago and ended up spending some rare quiet moments in a field. How is it that when your walking with someone its not scary at all but on your own its F*cking Terrifying. Here is my new necklace and denim jacket the necklace is pictured in the post below. This jacket i found in a charity shop for the wonderful price of 3.99 and it works really well with my more summery clothes as well as my warmer ones. The tunic/dress i am wearing is from Dorothy Perkins in the sale and i have black leggings on from Evans.
I did a post on my beautiful Doc Martins when i first started blogging in April and here they still are in July! They are patent black leather ones and i love them dearly i can wear them with almost anything. I hope you like what i did with the pictures on this post i thought I'd try presenting them a little different, just comment below and tell me what you think of everything. I would say "honest is the best policy" but if you going to post something really horrid i wouldn't bother it won't upset me. much love.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Time doesn't stop for anyone.

and you know what this is one of the nicest I've seen and its perfect its practical yet pretty what more could a girl want?
and yes i also know these photos are really bad i was excited and tired from a day in Manchester! Anyway if you were clever enough to notice (or able to read upside down) you would see the necklace is pictured on top of a Urban Outfitters shopping bag my necklace is in fact from there Manchester store. And was the delectable price of £15.00 reduced from 28 and I've actually been looking for the perfect one for ages, so that makes it even more of a bargain! the engraving on it is actually really beautiful but due to my crappy photographic skills here you can't see the clock in its perfect beauty.

Hoot Hoot.

This is my brand spanking new top ITSS HUGGEE and i adore it. From TopShop and i would never normally spend the price i paid for it on a t shirt but as my mother said "there's a lot of fabric in it" which some how my wonderful mum thinks makes sense for the price tag (which was £28 i know not pocket burning but still a lot for me) saying that i did get student discount on this beauty so technically it was£25.20 and the till service MORE than made up for it he was beautiful! i cannot wait to wear this out i could literally fly away in this.

Close up of my owls which are printed in flight over the whole top, did i mention that i love it?
- Oh and in case you were wondering the scarf tied around my head is a silk liberty print scarf which is a really cool pattern and i picked it up from Oxfam for £3.99. I have so many vintage scarfs now and there great, i acquired quite a few while clearing my grandads house they were once owned by my grandma or given to her by her many sisters from there trips around Europe.

Monday, 19 July 2010

My Mini.

This is my car. I hope you love it as much as i do. I literally cannot wait for me to be driving it!

Signs of the undergrowth.

This is a friend of mine, she is a photography student from south cheshire college and i think her friend took this photo of her in her prom dress. I think this photo is really lovely and her red dress (which was her prom dress last year) really stands out from the stark background, in the near future i'm hoping to get a few of my pieces photographed like this.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Here's Freddy.

I am Truly hoping by now that EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE has seen Lady Ga Ga's video for Telephone featuring Beyonce. But if you've been living under a rock for the past six months the video is above. I swear in each video Ga Ga's clothes get crazier and crazier as she pushes the boundaries of fashion to its limit. And yet again Ga Ga has outdone herself in spectacular fashion. But right now I'm not here to talk about the singer herself, I'm here to mention the telephone headpiece she wears during the video.

It was designed by our very own UK grown Fred Butler, who tailor makes props and bespoke accessories for stylists and shoots. Most recently she has worked with La Roux, The Gossip, Lady Sovereign and Little Boots. I first discovered Fred Butler Style through the performing artist Patrick Wolf who's music filters through indie, folk then detours into pop. She has designed stages and props for this eccentric guy including an airplane which sat across his shoulders. And this telephone headpiece is one of the coolest pieces I've seen made by Fred Butler for some time.

Over all i think Fred Butler is one of the quirkiest and stylized creators in the industry. And i cannot wait until i can afford a piece of her work.

Lets fly away into the open air.

This is Paloma Faith performing at Glasto 2010, and looking crazy as always! But when i saw the props she used for the set they reminded me of Hussein Chalayan's black balloons (image pictured center). I am unaware whether these "white balloons" Paloma is pictured wearing are by Hussein Chalayan or it is just a coincidence. Who knows. Who cares.
Because whether Paloma is wearing vintage or couture she looks seriously, insanely amazing.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Influential Man.

This is Jeremy Warmsley.

He is a modern piece of old fashioned lyrical joy.

He's a little Different.He's punctual.

And just beautifully fluent in his style of story's to music.

Not only does he have his own sense of style but also has real personality in his music. I first heard Dirty Blue Jeans three years ago, and its nice to know hes still virtually unknown of in the mainstream industry making him even more amazing. Another firm favourite of mine off his first album is 5 verses, a lot of his music is also influenced by his surrounding areas and life experiences just like with few other Singer/songwriters.

Jeremy's fashion style is subjective to the genre of music. To himself i'd think he may say a little geeky with a time that has past approach. But to me he's showing how good some guys are at being themselves and prooving, there is no need to be head to top in designers or anything, and that its just good to be you.

you can recreate his retro look from scouting thift stores and charity shops as well as finding key pieces in places such as

I feel the pull of your heart, I taste the sparks on your tongue.

I miss the sound of your voice, I miss the rush of your skin, I miss the still of the silence as you breathe out and I breathe in, if I could walk on water, if i could tell you what's next, make you believe make you forget.

come on get higher loosen my lips, faith and desire and the swing of your hips, just pull me down hard and drown me in love, come on get higher loosen my lips, faith and desire and the swing of your hips, just pull me down hard and drown me in love.

I miss the sound of your voice, the loudest thing in my head and I ache to remember all the violent, sweet, perfect words that you said, if I could walk on water if I could tell you what's next, make you believe make you forget.

come on get higher loosen my lips, faith and desire and the swing of your hips, just pull me down hard and drown me in love, come on get higher loosen my lips, faith and desire and the swing of your hips, just pull me down hard and drown me in love.

I feel the pull of your heart, I taste the sparks on your tongue, I see angels and devils and god when you come on hold on...

come on get higher loosen my lips, faith and desire and the swing of your hips, just pull me down hard and drown me in love, come on get higher loosen my lips, faith and desire and the swing of your hips, just pull me down hard and drown me drown me in love.

it's all wrong, it's all wrong it's all wrong, its so right come on get higher come on and get higher because everything works love because everything works in your arms.

I'm not a Man, I'm a Machine.

"I'm not a man, I'm a machine Chisel me down until I am clean I buy books, I never read And then I'll tell you some more about.. ME!"

On Saturday 3rd July 2010 i watched Maximo Park perform as the headline act at wakestock and literally storm the stage. To me they were amazing. Surprisingly it was my dad that got me into this band from Newcastle and wakestock was the second time i have seen the band, the first being at Liverpool uni just over a year ago which was a much,MUCH smaller venue to that of the main stage at wakestock. Paul has a quirky presence and appearance and his iconic look is suits with a bowler hat. This has inspired me to recreate this look with help from a dear family member (the brother) and his wardrobe, this images will be up in a near future post. Here is what i have discovered online to recreate Paul smiths signature style.

-Black skinny suit. £100.

- white smart shirt. £20.

-Black Plimsolls. £16.

Unfortunately the shop did not have any bowler hats in this season but they have something which would work just fine.

-Smart Grey Trilby. £14

you can acquire the full Paul smith inspired look on

Monday, 5 July 2010

Wakey, Wakey in Wales.

Yes! I went to wakestock this weekend and had a wale of a time (get it wale, haha i know I'm just too funny! or erm not.) Anyway the bands were amazing, the people i went with were amazing the weather was amazing the only thing that was not as amazing was some of the crazy people there. But over all it was a seriously good weekend!
I wore my vest tunic from Primark because i thought there's no point wearing anything fancy if its going to get beer thrown over it, which did happen! i also took my vintage bag and I am so glad it survived the weekend a plain black cardigan for when it got cold which was basically the whole day due to the bloody wind! Plain black leggings and a pair of scrubby old red pumps with tatty bows on. And i had my hair tided up in a scruffy not at the nape of my neck and a baby blue plaited hairband across my head which i made with some elastic and some old fabric.
The ever so wonderful Allie picture in both of my photos is wearing a pair of old cut off jeans and strapless top a pair of sandals. And the most important festival piece a pair of RayBan style shades, and while i am here i will take the liberty to say Allie are actual RayBan's no fakes here! Though the guys from Chase and Status would try and make you thing otherwise!
i will maybe try and get more photographs up from wakestock as well as a few festival style i have in the pipeline ready to do. thanks for reading as always.