Monday, 28 February 2011

Our Viv.

I need to confess the true reason to why I'm posting this video up and its because Paloma Faith is featured in it. And I've made it no secret to how much I love her.

I promise theres another reason behind this post and this is that I nearly always love Vivienne Westwood collections but recently I think my interest in Westwood has grown thanks to pearl of fashion pearls of wisdom, she often wears Vivienne Westwood and when she writes about the pieces you really admire the work that goes into each piece and the love she has for them. They just seem so much more fun than others maybe that because I'm an eccentric at heart but I don't care. The make up, the hair and most importantly the clothes everything about her A/W collection I found intriguing but isn't that always the way? Shouldn't the collections intrigue you and make you search for hidden detail like Westwood's signature pin badges and my answer to this is yes, yes it should.

For when or if I ever get the chance to put something down the runway or even just stage a fashion show for whichever designer/or clothing brand I'm working for I want people to look into the work and it should be like there's a story to be told by the collection and each separate outfit is a chapter. So it wouldn't just be the models walking up and down, though I enjoy watching these type of shows just as much as the others there something about how Westwood's are staged that bring you in for a closer look. The collection this time was inspired by Britishness and a portabello feel, a lynchpin of Westwood’s style if ever there was one, that characterised the whole collection.

Over all I think the pieces look lovely and the colours in the garments and as the make up were great, I especially loved the almost bird nest hair which was structure like a base to what I envisioned as vine crown I almost thought the hair was "growing" around the crown like a twining plant.

Sorry it's a little late.

I know I'm such a bad blogger for only just catching up on some of the highlights of London Fashion Week, but better late than never right? I was lucky enough to get emails through with some great videos on so I didn't have to spend forever searching google and YouTube for video's with a range of designers on them. I have to say thank you to Sophie Phythian for contacting me with the video's because now I've found a number of new designers who will now forever be firm favourites. I'm just going to post up a few of my favourite videos from over the past 5 days and ones which have which have caught my eye in general. I'm hoping that I'll have the opportunity to attend London Fashion Week next year (even if its just to meet some new bloggers, or even take some street style photographs).

The whole reason I'm showing you this video is for Charles Anastase whom I've never heard of before but I think his collection is just beautiful and also seemed to be a favourite with the likes of Alexa Chung and Brit Smith Start. Due to the fact I've never heard of him I knew very little about this gentlemen, when you watch the video he talks about the collection and some fabrics he's sourced and he just seems really adorable (yes I know I'm probably supposed to like the collection more because of all the key pieces instead of how nice the designer seems). I did some research on Charles myself, well I say research...I actually just googled him! Did you know he didn't start thinking about being an artist/designer until he embarked upon his career as one in 2002. His captivating and poignant pencil drawings travelled the world in a series of successful exhibitions in Paris, Vienna, Tokyo and Mexico and Charles' work has been published in Dazed and Confused.

Charles' signature silhouettes evoke a naivety but yet are executed with the precision of the tailors of Savile Row. Chic and conservative yet playful and I believe this is what his collection does portray with the little peter pan collars and jumpsuits. For his A/W collection 2011 Charles has stuck to heavy fabrics in damp English colours as well as touching the British heritage trend by using a beautiful powder pink fabric from Alexanders of Scotland but with his thrown in with these vivid reds and oranges stops it from just looking an overly feminine colour. From his collection I can already see there will be a fair few high street copies but none will be quite as exquisite as Charles nor have the same artist flare which you can see I never piece as it gracefully trotted (due to those insanely high shoes) down the catwalk. If I haven't mentioned my favourites yet I'll mention them now, I always seem to gravitate towards peter pan collars and velvet so from the video you can already tell that its perfect for me.

There were two pieces with peter pan collars that really caught my eye. One being the burnt coloured jumpsuit and I think it was in velvet to which makes it even more beautiful and the jewel encrusted collared dress, which looked stunning on the dress without looking to "done".
The velvet dress with sheer sleeves is also a piece I can imagine will be copied by the high-street a number of times but none will be as heartbreakingly delicate. Overall I'm so glad I've found the beautiful creation that is Charles Anastase.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Tweet, tweet.

Firstly let me apologise for not posting in over a week, which to some people may not seem a long time but to me its light years! Secondly I just wanted to say I'm really happy I've finally reached 70 followers because its just that bit closer to 100! And Thirdly I'm also sorry for the dodgy quality of these photographs, my web cam is playing up even more than normal so hopefully I can talk someone into taking a few outfit pictures for me soon. Fourth and finally I really need a haircut.

I was having a feeling for spring today, though I'm not sure if it comes across in my outfit. I'm also feeling the stress of university interviews and projects to get interviews, but hopefully I'll be okay soon and I promise to blog better and be less erratic. I've spent my day manically finishing pieces of work to send to Leeds college of art and to be quite honest I'm really pleased with what I'd done now it would be really nice if you all crossed your fingers and toes for me getting an interview. I've also finished the blog for my mmu to send to them, then also cross everything that I get an interview with them as well, the blog for mmu consists of photographs of my work lets just hope its good enough!

Now finally on to my what I'm wearing. This shirt is a new purchase but in my defence I had taken something back to Evans before going into Dorothy Perkins and finding this, I saw this in stores before Christmas but I just couldn't face to pay the full price, then it disappeared from the hangers until the beautiful moment on Tuesday where I found it hidden between jumpers. Now I know a few places and online did still have it so its worth checking it out. I have to say it is an over sized pussy bow blouse and this is in my actual size (20) and its pretty baggy I would of preferred to size down once or twice for a more fitted style also its pretty low cut so if your going to wear it without a top under i suggest pinning it but other than that I am very happy with it. My cardigan is also from Dorothy Perkins and was surprise, surprise also from one of there sales I got it a year or so ago but I don't wear it much though I know I'm thinking of doing for one of my uni interviews! I think it just adds a splash of colour without being over bearing.

My leggings are a trusty pair of Evans ones which have been worn to death! Though I do feel these leggings could do with being a little thicker as when I bend my knees you can see skin through them a little too much. These boots are the wonderful pair I won off style369 in November and they look just as cute with leggings and a top as they do with a little tea dress. Then as always I finished off my look with a slick of rich red lipstick.

My next outfit post will either be what can I wear to my interview or a review of some lovely pieces yours clothing sent my way (which I've tried on and love already, I just wish I could keep them!)

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

straw hats

This was originally planned to be a post I put them up here to edit onto some of my university work, but seeing as some of you lovely people have comment I will talk a little bit about my love for school straw hats. I owe a primark one from last summer but I have to hold it onto my head because my hair makes it pop off! These three hats are from topshop so I'm guessing there pretty pricey and not the purse loving 3 pound mine was. I feel it adds a little charm to anything from denim shorts and a stripy shirt to a tea dress. Its worrying that I'm thinking of summer already, as I actually cannot sand it...normally.

How would you wear yours?

Monday, 14 February 2011

I choo choo choose you.

Here's a tiny little outfit post of what I wore on valentines though if I'm really honest I don't like what valentines is, I'd possibly think differently if I was with someone. But I use valentines to make the most of my friends and I try and spend it with them. Last night I spent the evening with one of my best friends Lily we saw "Never let me go" I have to say it is one of the saddest films I've seen in such a long time, it's also utterly beautiful and Carrie Mulligan and Andrew Garfield just blew me away. I then watched the baftas with my Lily and endured screams whenever Colin Firth name was mentioned or he appeared on the screen though I actually loved it because when Rupert Grint appeared I was shouting as loudly! Then today was technically my day off but I did go into college to do some things I knew I wouldn't get done at home, so I spent my day with another best friend Emily of Calamity Jane.

Anyway now onto my pretty bland outfit It was more comfort and being practical for college (though the tights and skirt turned out to be pretty unpractical, damn you wind!) The striped top is actually a t-shirt dress from Dorothy Perkins and its really roomy and easy to wear. The skirt is also from Dorothy Perkins and was in the sale for about £3 and it was well worth the money I wear it all the time and the tights are also Dorothy Perkins oh and the cardigan! Can you tell there is one in my town and not much else?

This is one of my new brooches and isn't it just lovely. I saw it in the glass cabinet of my favourite charity shop for jewellery (seriously they get the best stuff) I have to say it adds a little spring in my step and its surprisingly detailed and I just adore it really. I also have another new brooch which my mum bought me a few weeks ago after being really ill, she knew how long I've been looking for a cameo brooch and she found one in yet another charity shop and bought it for me, which is of course awfully nice of her.

So on a final note I want to say to all my blogging friends happy valentines, but I thought no one could say it better than Ralph.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Dressing room dilemas.

I did a little changing room picture while out today just because I felt like it really. And as a matter of fact I didn't actually buy either of these items in the end. Both of these pieces are from peacocks who have got 20% student discount off at the moment so its well worth looking at there new stock some of it is just utterly lovely.

The reason behind me trying on the peter pan collared dress was its similar to the extremely popular ones on asos, just at £16 pounds the price tag isn't so bad. I am normally a size 20 on top and size 18 on my bottoms (but it completely varies from shop to shop!) So the majority of the time I buy my dresses in a size 20 to fit my top nicely and smoothly skim over everything else but considering the fabric and style of this and that they only had an 18 in stock at my local peacocks I thought I'd try it and the dress did in fact fit nicely. Though I'm never keen on dresses made out of this stretch fabric because it doesn't always let the skin breath and can be quite clingy even if you do buy the garment in your actual size.

Next are the trousers in the top image on the hanger they looked really nice and a comfortable alternative to proper trousers there a type of fitted sweater pant fabric with lovely pleats on the waistband and surrounding the pockets as well as the peg leg/roll up detail on the bottom. When I put them on I just knew that they looked hideous I think if they just sorted out the joining off each leg out they would be much better. I have a photo of the detailing closer up but the pleats and the fabric have made it look like horrible bunching up on the crotch which obviously nobody wants to walk around with! Though I think the idea of these trousers is great smart but with major comfort but peacocks just need to fit them a little better (possibly on someone of slight plus size to ensure they look better).I have to admit I do tend to window shop in peacocks an awful lot but I don't seem to buy anything much from there (other than the rare pair of shoes or thick tights). There is a pair or peep toe flats in a tan brown colour that actually fit my wide feet which I'm un-subtly lusting over. They will become my summer shoe staple, they have to.

So what do you think of my little review of clothes in store, do you think I should do more regular posts like this? I'd love to know your thoughts.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Afternoon tea.

I had a late lunch today with my mum in our town. At the world known "little coffee shop" well I say world known theres a possibility the odd European has been there. While I'm here I'll apologise for the rubbish quality of these photos using my flash just drained the picture of colour and definition so I had to do with slightly more fuzzy ones, mental note for myself need a decent camera in the next year or so. Also how lovely are the little salt and pepper shakers and the teacup really sweet vintage floral patterns on them.

Anyway I didn't just take these because I felt like it, there actually for a project I'm doing for Leeds College of Art its so I'll get an interview but this still doesn't mean a place. I have to look and document things that are round, triangular and square and then create something with these certain shapes. All pretty exciting as well as utterly stressful and just panicky. I hope you like my pictures I'll probably post up my triangular and square ones up soon but I'm trying to group them so there not just all random ( I put trying in bold because its not easy) . I've also got some more circular ones to come up too but I may pair them with some square images because they fit nicely together. I'll also get a few shots up of my mini project once it's all finished.

I'm going to try and get a outfit post up for tomorrow if not definitely Monday night, because I'm in college on my day off again on Monday to get all sorts of things started and finished.
Do any of my followers live in Leeds or go to the uni or college of art I'd love to know that its like so I'm prepared in case I'm at all lucky enough to even get a interview.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A surprise showcase.

I found this while googling myself purely out of insomnia! sad I know, but it was such a lovely surprise I thought I would post it for you all to see. So here (so you can read it without squinting!) you can see what 100percentpeople had to say about little old me. they posted the original at the start of January but I've only just discovered it.

As you know, I am always looking out for blogs that I can peruse to my hearts content! I came across A Rose Like This after visiting the Evans Blog and I am so glad I paid a visit.

Rosemary Astbury is a UK blogger with a distinct love of all that is good in this world including vintage, books, music and more importantly fashion!

Rosie’s blog is packed with outfit posts, inspiration, artists and features other bloggers and what she finds interesting. This is what I like about the blog, it is different, okay, so its focus is fashion but Rosie looks at it from many perspectives along with her own artistic input.

Not only this, but she has compiled the list of her faviourite blogs and where she shops.

I have only discovered this blog today so I don’t have a full interpretation yet but if you are a regular reader then we would love to know your thoughts or do you have your own blog that you would like us to showcase?

And there it is. So do you think that they said about my blog is true or would you change anything, I'd love to know if you'd like to anything in perticular on my blog? and lastly here is a direct link to the post they did.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Verhoeven and Versace.

Julie Verhoeven has developed a cult following for her whimsical fashion illustration style and for spring/summer 2009, Donatella Versace commissioned her to rework the Versace iconography. The result was colourful, cartoonish Medusa's scrawled across bags, gowns, and swimwear.
From what I have seen Julie Verhoeven's work always has an extremely interesting point of view, if not a little strange or possibly unique. I've studied her work in the past and It's never really spoken to me as something I genuinely like, but while researching her deeper (because I really do want to like her) I found the Versace Spring collection from 2009 and you know what I may be converted. To be quite honest I've never really like much of Versace's collections either, though this one has completely changed my view on them. I find the colours beautifully vivid in tone but with pastel flashes which in turn create a more calm background for the cartoon Medusa's.
In my opinion these garments which are pieces of art in there own right and I would feel nervous wearing one because there is just so much going on in each piece ( as well as that I'm incredibly clumsy and tend to spill stuff all the time!) I feel the mood of these walking works of art is almost ocean and seas because if you look closely at the photographs above the the structure of the blue gown and how the fabric cascades down to the floor its almost like the waves in the ocean. Then if you work up to the next image there are sea shells and the tones of the skirt are like sandy shades and I'm sure if you looked really closely at this piece you could find a mermaid basking in the sun on a rock jutting out of the waves (or is that just my imagination running away with me?) One of my favourite items of this collection is the top dress, though I have to say they are all exquisite it's just the sheer scale of this dress which brings it to the front of my mind.
I wish I could just get hold of this dress somehow and spread all the fabric out flat on the floor and try and figure out stories between each illustration and character because this is how I see a number of these garments the drawings are in fact characters and each garment or accessory has a different story to tell or adventure to show you. I'm probably starting to sound a little far fetched now but you can blame this on years of reading books and being forced to watch star wars one to many times!
Julie Verhoeven has also collaborated with some designer brands including Louis Vuitton and mulberry as well as working with h+m home, lancome juicy tubes and a number of restaurants and stores. I think this shows Julie really knows how to play to her strengths and this has helped her push illustration into the fashion forward world.

Jennie Webber.

These beautiful pieces of art are by Jennie Webber who is a freelance illustrator and occasional print-maker based in London. She currently studying MA Illustration at Camberwell, where she says “I make screen-prints of characters that deserve to be screen-printed”. Jennie’s inspiration for her personal work comes from unexpected surprises, extraordinary stories.Her freelance work has ranged from editorial and advertising commissions to large-scale wall installations. Previous clients include Oxfam, Brat & Suzie, Cow Vintage Clothing and the Bodega Social Club. These images are one of the latest reasons for her ink-stained fingers. These exquisite creatures were a private commission for a posh pad in The Park, Nottingham.
I feel a lot of Jennie's work has a mood of innocence especially these ink wall drawing. Personally I think you can see into the deers eyes and they just look so utterly tranquil, do you know what I mean or do I just sound crazy? The majority of Webber's work is from I can see is done with inks or black pens, though if you look through her online portfolio there is colour there whether it be vivid and in blocks over the detailed drawings or it might just be a wash covering a single section of the sketch. Each and every piece of work is hauntingly beautiful. While looking through her work all I can often think is " if these drawings could talk they'd have some adventures to tell."
In the past Jennie has seemed to have concentrated on drawing animals or nature, but a number have a modern twist such as rams head on a human body on an old fashioned pair of skates (this pictures in my sketchbook). I think in the future some of Jennie Webber's illustrations would work beautifully as a print on fabric, If I don't say so myself personally I think it would work wonderfully on a few garments I've designed. This idea reminds me of Julie Verhoeven for versace where illustrations she'd drawn were printed onto the costumes, bags, dresses, all the garments and then embellished on with beading and stitching. I'll possibly do a post about Julie Verhoeben and the work she's done with designers in the past.
One on last note I just want to state that these images are all credit of Jennie Webber I acquired some information from her site and the images were from her blog.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Daisy chain dreams.

Sorry I've been away from outfit posting for a week or so I've had a pretty badly swollen face due to an abscess in my mouth. If you've got me on twitter you would of most definitely seen me feeling extremely sorry for myself! Anyway hopefully that will all be sorted soon as I have a big session in the dentists chair on the 21st of February to try and fix it. So for now I'm back to you seeing a little more of my face on here as long as you don't mind of course! I've had a pretty hectic few weeks with being off ill for so long I've got a awful lot of catching up to do for my college work to I'll be in on all my days off but I promise I'll squeeze in time for you all.

So on to what I'm wearing in these photographs, if you have noticed it was stupidly windy when I was taking these so I do look ridiculously windswept. This is my hair in it's almost natural state a little bit wavy/messy, I'm really starting to like my hair this way more it also saves it from being frazzled by my straighteners. I'm also wearing my glasses in these pictures because I was doing some work before I took these. In a matter of fact I'm actually supposed to wear my glasses all the time but I don't feel like they suit me so I tend to avoid wearing them. I've just got a old peachy pink lipstick from bourjois on my lips and that's it for make up, pretty brave eh?

My tunic/top thing is new from matalan and I really love it! I've been after something with a peter pan collar for so long but I've just never seemed to get lucky picking one up, until now. The pattern is making me feel a little more happy about spring considering I seriously dislike warm weather. I also often hide my arms because they just look really awful most of the time but I feel okay about seeing them with these sleeves on. The ring in the top image is also from matalan I saw one just like it in topshop a few months back and it was pretty overpriced so I thought I'd wait for the sale but I found this one with 70% off so I got it for little over a pound, and isn't it just charming.

The belt is also new as I really needed one to keep up my asos curve trousers and at the moment there is 20% off with your student card at Dorothy Perkins so I bought this pleather embossed one and it works well with a lot of my clothing (yeah I've already tried it with almost everything in my wardrobe) and finally my leggings are good old Evans ones which to be honest I find a little to thin for this time of year and my shoes were from the style369 sale and I just put them with the outfit to add a little contrasting colour.

While I'm here I just would like to ask all my lovely followers what do you think about me dying my hair a brightish ginger shade like this I really want to but I don't know if I dare to! I might at February half term so if it turns out god awful I can at least let it tone down a bit. Also I want to say that I hope every who went to Plus London yesterday had an amazing time ( it seems that way from a number of tweets I saw) and I wish I could of been there but I definitely will be for the next one!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I was lost but then I was found again.

"A La PĂȘche aux Moules" Geology Map of UK signed and sealed E.L. Elisabeth Lecourt. "Knock Knock" Map of London Signed and sealed E.L. Elisabeth Lecourt .

"Ballon view of London" Map of London Signed and sealed E.L. Elisabeth Lecourt.

Elisabeth Lecourt, born in France in 1972, now lives and works in London. Educated at Central Saint Martin's and achieving her Masters at the Royal College of Art in 2001, Lecourt exhibits in New York, Brussels, Madrid, Mexico, London and more.

Her head turning work includes her intriguing line of map-wear. She folds and cuts individual maps by region to produce clothes not to be worn but rather hung, mostly pleated parochial dresses and button-down shirts made out of modern maps. Universal by nature, her work is popular wherever shown. In 2004 summer "les robes géographiques travelled to Brussels, London, and New York and she was named 2004 Best Newcomer by BIDA, the British Interior Design Association.

I found these exquisite pieces of art while just searching through google for "map dresses" this wasn't just for a random reason (though I do suggest you do that from time to time some of the garments or items that come up are just beautiful or sometimes insane.) I'm looking at the milk maps which were used during the second world war by the military you can read about these said maps on two earlier posts. And I also briefly touched on the subway dress from Nordstrom. So while getting a few pieces on these maps to bulk up my research I came across Elizabeth Lecourt and I have to state that I am so glad I did, these garments are truly incredible obviously they are utterly impractical for actual use but just to look at they are stunning.

Though as many may expect that the dresses are my favourites of this genre of Elizabeth's work you would be wrong. My favourite piece by far is her shirt and its not because its a map of London ( though it is nice to know that I've actually been to some of the places on that map, but not nearly enough of them!) it'd because I just really adore shirts. The cut, structure and most importantly the collars and the detail which goes into the sleeves and buttons but I feel this shirt really speaks I suppose you would say it knows where its going in the world. I find the Idea of using a map for "the fabric" of a garment really interesting and its something I'm playing with the intention of for my final collection.

So would any of you like the idea of a playsuit with panels of maps on?