Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mini Day.

A few little photographs I took today while at a car show with my parents. It was mainly for Mini's (well that's why we were there anyway!) I always love going to these shows and seeing how well kept some of these cars are. The red and black Mini (pictured last) won best Mini in show and it really was beautiful, they guy who owned it was there with his son and it was just lovely to see how much the boy loved the car just like his dad! The Blue Mini, which unfortunately isn't a Paul Smith one (I was gutted this year are in the past there's been a few seriously beautiful kept ones there but not this year) was packed next to our Mini and had been modified with a roll cage inside and the back lights were not original for the age of the Mini.

And Finally the top image is our own little car, I didn't get chance to get a picture of me next to it so I'm afraid you'll have to do with my parents. My dad bought it off eBay about a year or so ago and it was made in 1985 and the brown was its original colour I've written a few posts about this in the past so if your interested just go back to last summer in my posts. Over the years my parents have collectively owned around 16 Minis from clubmans to countrymen. They stopped having Mini's once I was born you can't get 2 children who need car seats into such a small car! Hopefully at some point in the future, when I get my act together and learn to drive I'll be able to use this car (which was the original purpose for the purchase!)

Now I know nothing about cars or engines of any other kind but give me a Mini and I can tell you roughly from looking at the model, style and exterior what era it could possibly be from and I think my dads actually quite proud of the fact I am interested in them and its something we both enjoy. Sorry this seems to have become really sentimental and a bit mushy, I do apologise! I took lots more pictures while I was there including some in the lovely grounds of where it was and some of the BEST MINI will understand once you see them

And on one teeny tiny final note after attending this in a state of the living dead (I'd had about 2 hours sleep the night before) I found out that a certain curly haired boy band member from Cheshire had been there, I don't know how I didn't manage to cross paths with him, which is a shame....

Thursday, 28 July 2011

By the pool.

the swimsuit of my dreams (Figleaves)

The swimsuit I bought. (Marks and Spencer)

I've been on the hunt for the perfect vintage inspired swimming costume for what seems like forever (in reality I've only really been looking since may) some as just far to exspensive for my dwindling funds and other are just not in practical sizes, yes I'm talking to you kelly brook for new look we are not all just a 34 back size!

Now the top picture is the swimsuit of my total dreams underwired and padded cups in a pretty print and even in a 1950's style the downside they only go to a 36/38 back and I'm a 40. I was tempted to just go up a cup size in 38 and see if it fitted but I didn't want to risk it, I've never bought from figleaves before but I was under the understanding that they did bigger cup and back sizes but maybe I'm wrong? The black costume is from Marks and Spencer and I saw this instore in may/june and I'm now regretting not buying it sooner, but I have just ordered it and it shall hopefully be on my doorstep by saturday ready for a night with all my friends in a hot tub (probably slightly tipsy) and I want to feel good in a swimming costume for a change and not frumpy so if I'm feeling brave (or drunk enough) I'm going to get a picture of me in my swimsuit EVERYONE SHEILD YOUR EYES FOR MY PASTY LEGS.

I bought a few really cute pieces over the past week I hope to do some outfit pictures with them soon! I also start a weeks work experience at Vintage Life magazine on monday, its pretty exciting I'll tell you more about it nearer the time.

Monday, 25 July 2011

And they say She's in the Class A Team.

And they say She's in the Class A Team Stuck in her daydream Been this way since 18 But lately her face seems Slowly sinking, wasting Crumbling like pastries And they scream The worst things in life come free to us Cos we're just under the upperhand And go mad for a couple of grams And she don't want to go outside tonight And in a pipe she flies to the Motherland Or sells love to another man It's too cold outside For angels to fly Angels to fly.

For starters I haven't posted a music video up in a while so I thought I would, also Ed Sheeran is my new love. This boy is just lovely and ginger (which is always a plus in my books) I've been listening to him for quite sometime and thinking nothing of it until recently when hes really hit mainstream which normally ruins bands for me but him not at all because I love hearing him on the radio.

I'm trying to keep this short and sweet because I want you to listen and watch rather than read me prattling on. One other thing about this video is how its shot and when it goes past the little kids and hes just smiling and playing its truly a beautiful moment. Ed is now on my list of people to see live and hopefully I will soon unfortunately hes playing at a local festival but its the day I go on holiday! Which I'm pretty gutted about but lets hope he does some gigs when I'm at uni.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bows and blossom branches.

Just thought I'd show you what I wear on a weekend or whenever if I'm totally honest. I'm not really feeling myself at the moment the thought of growing up is kind of terrifying me at the moment! I also took a lot of pictures for this but none seemed right so I ended up using the first picture I'd taken. But never mind I actually really like what I'm wearing and the main thing its pretty comfy.

So anyway on to what I wore, My top is from peacocks and was featured in one of my early Lookbook picture from last summer which you can see here. The leggings I'm wearing are from Matalan and are most definitely the most trusted pair I own. Early today Naomi from Diamonds 'n' Pearls tweeted about how see through some leggings are and I have to agree with her you don't want to know what the girl in front of yours knickers are like! I do own a pair like this though they weren't "cheap ones" the best I've found so far are from Matalan and just to verify (and believe me I've asked enough people) you cannot see my knickers through them. Cardigan is a old favourite and has been seen on the blog many times its from Dorothy Perkins. The ring I purchased last year from the Topshop sale for £2 and opens like a little locket which I think is really cute and I first wore in this post.

So the new things in this post are my lovely shoes which I bought from Primark for 6 pounds for my brothers graduation (I'll do a post on that soon) and the necklace which I found while I was out shopping with my cousin and mum. I bought it for £2 in Matalan and just genuinely really love it though I did have to put some extra chain on to make it a more comfortable length on me. My hair is kind of a mess one piece was clipped to the side then I just had my donut in (which didn't last very long as I felt it made my face look too big, I'm just having on of those days. To finish I was wearing my glasses (they are not a fashion statement as people seem to thing I do actually need them to see) and some red lipstick which you can't even really see because I had my head down! I changed my nails today so they are now coral and red I got inspiration from mademoiselle robot and I really love the outcome.

I've got some nice things coming up in the next few weeks so I promise to keep you posted!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Birthday Party.

I know this is really picture heavy so I'll try and not be to wordy! On Saturday night it was my best friend lily's mums 50th and a few of us were invited and it was so much fun! We danced and drank quite a lot... but then it was also really lovely being with my friends before we all get thrown to different uni's. The guy in the white shirt and black tie we had never met before until the party he was paid to sing and play the piano but towards the more drunken end of the evening we all danced ( in my case extremely badly ) to lady gaga's bad romance.

My dress is from next where I've had summer temp job recently (which is soon to end! booo) but I've recently altered it ready for my brothers graduation so you'll be seeing those pictures by the weekend! My friend Sophie who is the brown haired girl is wearing a dress from primark and she looked just lovely! Then my best friend Lily (who's mums party it was) is wearing a really feminine floaty pink dress from River Island. Two of our lad friends were also there but they were doing the job of waiters for the night and oh did we take advantage of that!

You can also see pictured is my awful fringe, if you follow me on twitter you would of seen the very grumpy tweets about it! Thankfully its seems to have grown a little and now I'm remotely getting used to it.....

Friday, 15 July 2011

I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain.

The picture above is me age 18 with Keith now and the picture below was taken when I was possibly 13 with one of my friends mary. Just look at how cute and young he looks! What a babe.

This isn't really a fashion post but I want to share what I did on Thursday night with you all. I went to the theatre with my mum to watch Joesph which has this lovely bloke Keith Jack in along with a number of extremely talents people. Now he is the main reason we went, when I was about 13 he was in the show Any Dream Will Do which was on the BBC at the time Keith was about 17 or possibly 18 and yes I had the biggest crush on him ever! He's Scottish I think that says it all really, I'm a sucker for a cute accent!

But if any of you watch or have watched My Super Sweet 16 UK the Billy Elliot west end dancer guy (who's name is James Jacob Lomas?) which was in one of the shows was also in Joesph I got really excited because I actually knew him too! Unfortunately he rushed off before I got the chance to get a picture with him or even talk to him. But the costumes were AMAZING and just the whole set was great, I watched this the first time it was on the rounds 4 years ago when Keith played the narrator and not that it wasn't good then but it was just fantastic this time round! I feel I preferred everything in this version Keith was a wonderful narrator last time and was really good with the kids don't get me wrong but he was clearly born to play Joesph (how cliche does that sound?) and it helps if you look good in basically a loincloth. Me and my mum really fangirled which is actually so embarrassing but it was so much fun as well, we both know all the words to the muscial so we were singing along anyway and then at the end they came into the audience and my mum started dancing and singing along REALLY LOUDLY, she clearly has little shame, obviously shes where I get it from.

Just so this hasn't totally bored you to death I wore virtually the same outfit as I wore here I just added a cardigan, leggings and socks which aren't seen in pictures.

Just thought I'd put this one up for pure comedic value, isn't my mum just a pro at taking photographs? Though it has to be said Keith's face is just hilarious here and I love it almost as much as I love the second one.

p.s on one last final note not to sound creepy or anything but he smelt sooooo good, I just wasn't expecting him to because he'd just been on stage for like two hours, also you can actually smell him on my cardigan. my life is made.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Mrs Grumpy.

Sorry I look so grumpy in this picture, I don't love these shoots but I wanted to show you my lovely new dress. It's from Dorothy Perkins and its some of there new stock, my mum bought it for me because she was returning items and just couldn't find anything she fitted in properly ( she basically tried on the whole shop) then I found this and wasn't planning on buying it then I tried it on and my mum saw me in it and said it looked really nice and she would exchange her stuff for it, which was ever so lovely of her! I can see me wearing this with tights as well as leggings and cropped shorts, its also one of the few pieces I own which I could actually see me wearing at uni so I think it will definitely be worn a lot.

My leggings are a trusty pair of Matalan ones and my shoes are from Evans about 2 years ago. My hairs at a seriously annoying stage at the moment and I really need it cutting especially my fringe, it just grows so fast! The colours faded to so I suppose I'll sort it out sooner or later if I can be bothered.

I'm keeping this short and sweet because I'm pretty shattered and I'm up early for rainbow sunshine day. If any of my lovely readers follow me on twitter you may of seen a few tweets about me having a job, I'll be working at next in Macclesfield just for a few shifts while the summer sale is on, it means crazy hours and random days but its great to just get some work this summer! Its my induction on Monday and my first shirt Friday night then I suppose we will see how it goes from there.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Victoria Baths.

Here are some pictures from my trip to Victoria Baths in Manchester from last Sunday, including a little outfit post of me. I really liked what I was wearing even though it was boiling hot and I'd stupidly decided to wear a vintage blouse with all the buttons done up on, thankfully it was still loose and airy enough to not let me totally wilt.

This was my first ever visit to Victoria Baths after seeing it on Restoration years ago (If any of my UK readers saw that show?) I read in Vintage Life that there was going to be a vintage fair on which you may of read about in my last post and somehow talked my dad into taking me, well I say talked I knew he'd always wanted to see it as did my mum. And I bought a few pieces which I'll show you in a future post or I'll Vlog about on my YouTube channel . The building is so beautiful and I really want to shoot some styling shots there in the future I just utterly adore the place! All the pools are empty but there planning on opening one of the three up if they raise enough money. All the tiling was really detailed and gave me inspiration for patterns to go on to clothing I just found it all pretty inspirational, the stained glass window was stunning and this is only part of it pictured. One of my favourite details were the cubicles for you to change/hang your clothing in. Yes the paint was peeling and they were generally falling apart but it just made me love them even more. I think its clear to say I was obviously born in the wrong era, well for me style wise I don't I'd be able to live without Internet or my phone for that matter...

So now on to what I'm wearing, the shirt is vintage from a charity shop and has the cutest detailing you can just about see the bottom of the sleeves its so comfortable as well and a little over sized which is great for this weather. My skirt was from the Dorothy Perkins sale and I posted about it last week and I know you will be seeing this A LOT more on the blog, I've basically not had it off since I got it. AND YES THAT IS ME WITH BARE LEGS! I don't think anyone's seen my legs like this for quite sometime but I like it. I'm wearing diy'ed leggings under neath so I'm comfortable. My socks are primark and I thought added a cute vintagey look and my shoes are from peacocks. I kept my accessories simple with a vintage cameo necklace I picked up from the charity shop last summer sitting over my shirt, then I had a red ribbon over my ponytail and flicked eyeliner to finish.

One last thing which I thought was really cool is that they filmed a early episode of Life On Mars there and everyone loves a bit of gene hunt right?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Vintage Fair.

On Sunday I went to a Vintage Fair at Victoria Baths in Manchester IT was only little but this means you can look at all the stalls multiple times to make sure you see everything. I got some pictures of the actual baths and me there which I'll put up in another post tomorrow.Now I did come back with two pieces from the Vintage Fair one being from this stall and one from another opposite.

I want to talk about this stall more closely The girls were absolute darlings and were more than happy to pose for a picture (its just a shame it had to be so sunny!) I hoping I can edit this picture in the future so its much better but I wanted to get this post up while its all still fresh in my mind from the weekend! They also seemed genuinely interested in the fact I run a blog and what I put on it, I truly hope I bump into them again at another fair! From this girls I bought some fabric for £6 and for the amount I got I thought this was a really good deal! I'm planning on possibly making a skirt or pinafore or something with the fabric, from my guestimation (yes that is a technical term) I'd say its possible sixties or seventies fabric but I could easily be wrong. I don't even mind if its actually a reproduction because I really love the pattern anyway. I wish for the life of me I could find my leaflet so I could link you all to them, Once I do I'll add it all in to the post for you anyway.

While I was walking around the stall with my mum she mentioned how she could see me doing this in a few years time. And to tell you the truth its been a dream of mine for quite a long time, I always envisioned myself with a little old fashioned shop crammed full of vintage items be it clothing or even cups and saucers but who knows if it will ever happen I just thought it was really sweet of my mum to say this. Though I think its because she sees herself doing it with me! She always finds its funny when were walking around the fairs and I'm picking up pieces saying I'd love something like it and she realises we already own the pieces from the first time round. My lovely mum is a hoarder at heart because "one day it will be back in style" sometimes I wish she'd kept this aesthetic with some of her clothing for me to use in shoots but never mind.

Wednesday even though I guess I've officially finished college I'm going in to help out on one of the taster days for new students coming up as they are setting up blogs, so it should be an interesting day. And on that note I should probably go to sleep!

Monday, 4 July 2011


These are some pictures the ever so lovely Mike Sutton took of key pieces from my collection for me, aren't they just darling? I'm really happy with the outcome of these shots and how the session went, I hope I'll get the chance to work with Mike in the future. I styled this shoot as well with an over seeing eye from Jemma Sawyer who is a freelance stylist and consultant shes worked with people such as Example and Jessie J to name but a few. I've met Jemma before when she came and spoke to my college and I hope I'll possibly get a chance to work with her in the future also!

I'll try and talk more about how I felt doing this shoot if and when I get more pictures from it as so many were just lovely! I'd like to say a big thank you to the photographer once again for being the right person for my collection and cheers to Jemma who virtually left me to my own devices for styling my collection as everything I did seemed to work perfectly with it.

You can see more of Mikes work at
And if you want to see what Jemma's work is like just google her Jemma Sawyer

Friday, 1 July 2011

Vintage Life.

Incidentally I'm not actually wearing anything vintage in these pictures but I feel the look is quite retro so I'm letting myself off! This is what I wore for my last day of college, yes you heard that right my last day! I haven't cried about it yet but I'm in on Wednesday helping out with a taster day for new students and on Thursday I'm going on a workshop with the first years. But at the end of those days I'll hopefully be crying a river!

So now I'll tell you what I'm wearing. The polka dot top is from Tesco and I bought it last summer I really like the length of the sleeves and when I wear it with leggings you can see the stretchy waist on it which gives me a tiny bit of shape. The skirt is new from Dorothy Perkins and I got it in the sale for 7 pounds and I can see me hardly having it off so be prepared for this to be featured in A LOT of outfit posts over the next coming months! I was actually going to buy this at full price so I'm glad I didn't in the end. I was in bare feet for these pictures as it was sunny and I was out in the garden. My headpiece is just some lace edging I bought from the fabric shop for some of my college work but I think it looks super cute as a headband. My lipstick is from the make up academy from superdrug and everything in it is a pound.

Now I wanted to tell you a little bit about this magazine, I first found out about it last summer and it has been massively useful for my college work over the past months, though if your a long term reader of my blog you know I simply adore vintage and the retro look. I have learnt how to do victory rolls and 1960's styled make up from this magazine and it is one of the only magazines I will pay over 2 pounds for, I know as a fashion student I should buy vogue but it really doesn't overly appeal to me I just need to get that confession out! Vintage Life is actually made/published down the road from me. I'm planning on hopefully giving them a call or emailing and seeing about some work experience it would be such a good opportunity for me! So if you into anything retro vintage I'd definitely suggest you get a copy and see if you like it. You can now buy it in WH Smiths so go check it out!

I'm hopefully off to a vintage fair tomorrow, if I find anything I'll show you all soon!


These are just a few pictures from my friends 6th form leavers prom I attended on Wednesday evening. I felt a little messy because I'd rushed from college, but it was all fine in the end. I don't want to bore you with to much babbling but I'll just say I had a lovely night and ended up walking home from a friends party at 5.30 this morning, I also meant to get some outfit pictures I did but a lot of light flooded in so I don't know how good they'll look but I shall upload them regardless. I have to say one of the best things about last night was seeing all my friends and just thinking how much we've grown in the past few years, especially as I've been at college so I haven't seen them all on a daily basis for a long time its much more noticeable to me. Were all going to uni or moving on to something new and different, but I know we'll all be able to meet up once in a while and it will just all fit into place.

Tomorrow is my last official day in college as a student how scary is that! Two years have definitely gone quickly, I can't quite believe I could possibly be going to uni, its terrifying!

And lastly may I just reassure you by saying I was not tipsy in any of these pictures......