Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Marbled nails, first attempt!

Taping up the fingers ready for dripping.

First attempt done.

This was my first ever try at doing marble nails, I know there not perfect but I personally think we did pretty well considering. Now all the tutorials I watched (which was a lot!) all did something slightly different so I guess you just have to find a method that works for you. I found that over all cold water worked the best as it took us about an hour of changing temperature of water and never worked well. So we gave up and used cold.

I'll let you watch the video's instead of me rambling on and not really making sense! I'm going to have ago at doing it on some fake nails I've bought as my nails are just far to short! I'd like to say thank you to my brothers girlfriend who was my hand model for these pictures, haha! We used Rimmel nail polishes and a Barry M 3 in 1 which is a top coat, nail hardener and base coat. Below is the video I watched to help me create this.

What do you think of my nail posts, would you like to see more of them?

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Leiston abbey.

This is another outfit from when I was away. These pictures were taken in whats left of Leiston Abbey we visit it basically every year because its open at whatever time and we always happen to pass it going to and from all the different villages. There is also a really cool and even a little strange music school build in the grounds of the abbey, we've been visiting for over five years and still don't really know what goes on. Anyway its really beautiful regardless, oh and you can get married there too!

Now finally on to what I wore, I went for comfort because on this day we did heaps of walking including a brewery tour (which I should of loved, but surprisingly I'm not a huge beer person!) and general wandering around the town of South Wold, if you ever go to Suffolk you have to visit I LOVE IT THERE. The tshirt is from Primark men's and is a slim fit which I find is the perfect fitted tshirt for me and they actually wash really well. The leggings are my staple and from Matalan as is the lovely bird necklace which I cannot stop wearing! And yes that is the denim skirt you see yet again but I love it and it fits beautifully with the rest of my wardrobe.

Another good excuse I had for wearing it all the time was that I had to travel light... which would of been a lie because I packed so much!

Monday, 29 August 2011

First half decent attempt at nail art ever!

Two layers of white nail varnish (as I don't own a light grey one) I prefer white anyway.

I dipped the Newspaper into the surgical spirit and pressed it onto my nail for 10ish seconds.
Peeling off the Newspaper, which on one nail I left it on to long and it got stuck!

Things I used, including my choice of Newspaper, finished nails.

This is my first remotely decent attempt at some nail art! Considering I bite my nails (which I know is a awful habit!) I adore nail art! Though having due to me having ridiculously short nails I've never really been able to do anything at all fancy other than slapping a bit of polish on. This has now changed, I love the idea of newspaper print on nails and it looks so good as well!

I'll just let you watch the video instead of me trying to type out how I did it, as I'll waffle on and it's really not difficult. Rubbing alcohol is surgical spirit and the bottle I used is probably older than me but worked fine! And definitely Make sure your varnish is dry otherwise the paper can stick to it and it'll ruin the look! In case you were wondering my choice of Newspaper was Saturdays Sun. The page I used was the article on Will Young, by the way how good is he new song!? to be totally honest the only reason I got it was because I wanted the Fabulous Magazine.

Below is the tutorial I used, I've also watched the majority of the cutepolish videos and I've bought fake nails to do them! So look out for more nail art on here in the future!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

By the fireplace.

This is another outfit I wore while I was on holiday in Suffolk. These were taken after me and my family had been out to the theatre in the forest (which I got some pictures from and will eventually upload them!) and it was really great it was something like our fifth year going but i really do love it!

Now on to what I wore, the jumper is a new piece I bought from Primark I'm loving this burnt kind of colour at the moment so expect to see more things like that coming through. The only downside is how baggy the sleeves are, I mean they are supposed to be like that but I tend to prefer something a little more fitted. The skirt is from Dorothy Perkins and you would of seen before on my blog (and will see a lot more of in the future!) this is my favourite skirt ever, I really hope I can find another one to replace it or something. The leggings are my trusty Matalan ones the socks were from Primark and originally to go with my final collection at college, then the boots I won on a twitter comp with Style369.

My make up and accessories are pretty simple on my eyes I had black smudged eyeliner on my lash line with a shimmer gold behind. Then just some lip stain to give a rosy flush to my lips. the scarf is vintage and was given to me by my mum ( I think she found when clearing through some boxes at my grandads along with some beautiful 1940s/1950s ones too) and the ring is a scrabble piece with R for Rosie on it and was given as a gift from my college helper.

A lovely reader of my blog has offered to do me a new header and layout and from what shes shown me so far there so lovely! I cannot wait to get it live on here! - edit- its up now what do you think?

Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Little Yours Clothing.

This is one of the pieces the lovely people at Yours Clothing sent me to review and to tell you all the truth when I first put it on I wasn't keen it feels too big and I didn't feel as if it suited me. But once adding a few accessories and a signature red lip my feeling have changed, almost. I still feel its a really loose fit on my upper body but seeing me wearing it in pictures has made me like it a whole lot more. One thing I really liked about this dress is that it feels cool to wear and the arms are not tight so its lovely for a warm day. Its made of a quite thin fabric but in my opinion I feel I could definitely make this work for winter as well, just layer it up.

With all the pieces I was sent this is certainly my favourite now because it suits me the best. Unfortunately two of the pieces don't fit me at all, especially a pair of chino's I can't even get the zip up over my belly but this just might be my annoying body shape! I have to say I've had pieces from yours in the past and I absolutely adore them so I feel that the sizing is just a little bit hit and miss so I would just check what fabric its made out of before getting your usual size.
I would wear this again and I recently bought a lovely red cardigan from Dorothy Perkins which would look so great with this outfit so look out of it again in the future on my blog! The accessories I'm wearing are the hat (£3) and shoes (£6) from Primark and the belt was from Matalan for £2.

My hairs grown quite a lot recently and I don't know whether to cut it a fair bit before uni or just leave it. I've also been trying to clear the red tones from my hair and I don't seem to be having any luck! I coloured it a darkish brown colour a few weeks ago and it seems to have just completely faded? I'm planning on eventually ombre'ing the ends but I might just give in and go to the hair dressers!

(P.s my fringe has FINALLY grown back after the slight disaster I had with it at my hairdressers! Sooo Happy)

Monday, 22 August 2011

The Meadow.

These Pictures were taken while I was on holiday in Suffolk with my folks and brother. I want to keep this post short and sweet as I tend to end up rambling a lot more than I need to.

Skirt and top are from Dorothy Perkins, the skirt has hardly been off all summer it just works with everything. My leggings are from Matalan, socks and flower head piece (which I've only worn once and fall has basically fallen apart) are from Primark. Then finally my shoes are from Evans a couple of years ago.

Just want to add that I'm thinking of shaking my blog up a bit in terms of layout and what not, any thoughts?

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Update on my life.

Hi guys I just wanted to let you know that I AM ALIVE and that I got back off my weeks holiday last Saturday but My brother still hasn't given me the pictures from it so I've not really had a lot to update on but I just wanted to let you know that the week before I went away I did a weeks work experience with Vintage Life Magazine and had a seriously lovely time! If only I could work there full time! While I was there I did lots of different things from contacting companies to selecting items to go on pages and choosing images for different features.

I also got the chance to do a little guest blogging which I hope I'll be able to do again in the future as I really adore vintage life and everyone who works there were lovely! Here is a link to the post. They now have over 27 thousand likes on facebook and I've been buying since the second issue, which makes me feel special! I promise that I'll be blogging again like normal in the next week! Today I should have got my results for uni but everything seems a little messed up so I'm really stressing.

This week I also traipsed to Salford keys to try and meet some certain boyband members, unfortunately this time I didn't meet them but they did see that it was my friends birthday! I was in two minds as to whether to post these pictures up but I felt the need as I just like looking at them, one of them also waved as us but I thought 3 images were enough for you to handle! I also got stuck in a hedge and covered in scratches, definitly and interesting day...

How did you cope with results day?

p.s please no one unfollow me for my bad taste in boybands!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Family Holiday.

( My eyes look so weird on this picture and generally awful but it was a year ago and raining!)

The above photograph was taken last summer on my holiday to Suffolk (this year could well be my fourth/fifth year going). I hope I might get Internet at some point during the week because to be totally honest I don't think I'll be able to survive! But I thought just in case I'd write a little post just to say why I'll be quiet. If you follow me on twitter I don't have it on my phone so they'll be no updating on that either, this will actually kill me!

Hopefully I'll get some lovely photographs from my family holiday and I'll show the better ones when I get back. I've also got a swimsuit outfit post to do because I felt totally inspired by Gazel's post I made my friend take some pictures at a hot tub party. I should really get those shots up unless I get better ones while on holiday.

Anyway I hope to be able to blog while I'm away even if it means doing it in a pub!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Gazebo.

This is in the gardens at Capesthorne Hall where the classic car show I went to on Sunday was in the grounds. My mum took these and isn't to great with a camera sometimes so I am sorry that they aren't amazing quality. I'm doing work experience all this week and haven't have time to think about much other than vintage (though lets be honest that's basically all i think about anyway...) I'm hoping to drag my brother and his fancy camera here soon so I can get some good shots as there is so many really pretty places to take photographs!

Now on to what I'm wearing, my mum actually found this dress at the back of one of the sale rails in peacocks and its only a size 18 so I was reluctant to try it but I'm so glad I did because it almost fits like a dream and is surprisingly comfortable! I think gem at Fat Frocks also has this dress if i recall and she looks lovely in it. And the price wasn't too shabby either at a tenner. My leggings are the usual from either Evans or Matalan I can't remember where. The shoes are from Peacocks and I'm in dire need of another pair before I ruin these I just love them so much and the socks were from Primark for 50 pence. I'm wearing my glasses because I was awfully tired and wanted to be able to see where I was going. I slept in plaits so my hair was wavy then just haphazardly stuck the headpiece I made on.

I can't wait to tell you all about my time at Vintage Life Magazine! I also go on holiday in a week and were hoping to get Internet there so I can still blog.