Sunday, 30 January 2011

Who will buy this wonderful feeling...

This Dorothy Perkins jacket has been worn out once for about 3 hours and that is all, really nice quality and was bought a few years ago. I'm thinking Maybe £15 pound but I am Happily open to bartering with in reason. Size 18 I can still get it on now and I'm a 20 but its tight on my broad shoulders.

These leather wide fit shoes are by marks and Spencer I had them for my cousins 18th and have only been worn a handful of times. There's a slight damage on the heel which I have photographs of so I was thinking of maybe 10 pounds for them they were £25-30 new. size 6

This is new look dress from there main range it was bought a couple of years ago, it is a size 18 and £25 new. with a really pretty floral patchwork pattern and is in pretty good nick. so I was thinking 10 pound for this.

This skirt is Per Una at marks and Spencers and has never been worn and still has its tags on, really good quality but you need to be a slimmer size 18 or just possibly a taller one (I was 5ft 2 when I bought this) it was originally roughly 40 quid, but I got it on offer when buying something else at the time. I'm thinking £20 for this but please barter with me!

Hello, sorry its been a WHOLLE week but I've been really ill and it wasn't pretty. I've been getting really bad toothache and last Sunday it was horrific and by Monday I couldn't eat anything (and for me not to eat it must be serious!) Then by Tuesday night my face started to swell up and by my appointment on Wednesday half of my face was like the elephant man and insanely painful, they couldn't check anything or x-ray because it was so swollen. So I've been put on antibiotics for a week which I should have finished by Tuesday, though then I'm still on pain killers which just don't seem to work. Anyway with that massive ramble over I just wanted to say lets hope I'm on the mend and will be back to normal soon so I can get back to outfit posts and having energy and eating real food, not living off porridge...

So I've had a few pieces of my wardrobe photographed ready to put up on eBay but I never got round to it so I was just wondering if any of my followers or anyone really would be interested in any of my stuff. Just comment on this blog or tweet, email me and I can find out how much it would cost to send to wherever you are. For now I'll probably just reserve things for you until I've full on sorted my pay pal out. Yes its true you guys have the first picks of things before I put them up on eBay, I'm nice aren't I? Also while I'm on this subject if I get positive response about all this I might set up a little selling blog for all my bits and bobs.

I hope everyone is well and has had a better week than I have.

P.s I have lots more things photographed so keep your eyes pealed for the odd post with them on!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag.

This is just a little outfit I put together for the panto after party (which is a week after the actual shows) I have some photograph's of the garments which I'll do a post on when I finally get a chance. I already realise you've seen everything I'm wearing in this at least one if not multiple times, well I'm remixing to create new looks and I have to say I really like the whole look of this final outcome.

So what am I wearing? This utterly lovely blazer I got my hands on in one of my favourite charity shops, Its originally from Bhs petite and scoring it for just over five pound was totally worth sending it to the cleaners for, it's my all purpose jacket i can throw it over anything. Most definitely had my moneys worth out of this! The dress you would of seen recently as it's from the evans sale, I have worn it so many times already it was also worth the price I payed for it. Then of course my tights are just basic 60 denier black tights from primark they come in a pack of three for 2 pound though unfortunately now they no longer make them high waisted so they seem to fall down much easier now. These shoes I wear all the time from popping them on for college to going out for a meal or even out to clubs for birthdays, I'm not really a high heels type of girl and these seem to just be dressy enough without me having to walk on stilts. The brogue flats were from Evans and at the time I got them discounted and they are just lovely. My bag is another charity shop find I got it a couple of years ago for about 1.50 and I just think it finishes off outfits nicely without having to have a bulky strap slung across my body.

I finished the outfit off with a really adorable rose ring from Dorothy Perkins which I got as a gift off one of the women in my dressing room as a thank you for helping her with all the quick changes and just being organised ( I may not be in my own life but I am when I'm working with costumes!) Then a slick of pillar box red lipstick which actually survived the night and my face covered in dream matte mouse and powder, then I was good to go.

These last two images are just to show you how the night went... lets just say I may of drank a tiny bit too much oh and that's my mum I'm glaring at on the picture above. I don't think she's been seen on my blog before, so erm here you go. And again below is me and my mum possibly arguing but most definitely NOT dancing! Yes I realise there not the most flattering photographs but at least they bring a smile to my face.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair.

Good afternoon and yes here is another outfit post, nothing special I hasten to add but I still felt the need to document it. Two outfit posts in one week? I feel I may be on a bit of a roll, aren't you all ever so lucky, Well really I've just had the tiniest more amount of time on my hands so I thought I'd snap these while I had the chance!

This lovely jumpsuit is from the rub rocks collection which is one style369 and Evans. I bought this little beauty off style369 during there sale and I got it for the wonderful price of 7 pounds with free postage while buying this i also got a lovely pair of red flats for the same price! I have to admit now I was a little wary of jumpsuits because sometimes they just don't seem to fit in the right places and with me almost being a dwarf it makes it even harder to find nice ones that fit, but this fits surprisingly well. Though there is a chance I wouldn't always go out in this but it is definitely comfortable without looking at all frumpy and shapeless! The colour is a tie dye effect ranging from blue to green to black then with some almost bleach like splashes thrown in the pictures don't do it justice. I'm just wearing a basic black long sleeve t-shirt underneath because it's soooo cold! I think I'll wear this in the summer to because the fabric its self is thin and light.

So I paired this with my trusted patent black doc martins I got these as a belated Christmas gift last February and they have really saved me from falling across the mountains of ice this winter! When I put this on today I thought it could look quite rocky so this is the reason it is with my docs and why my hair looks a bit messy. Dark lipstick and a few coats of falsies mascara finish off the look. And I do realise I don't have flowers in my hair, I'll save that for another post!

Have any of you guys bought this jumpsuit, and what have you teamed it with?

Blargle Fargles Little Giveaway.

Rai of Blargle Fargle
has got a lovely little giveaway running which all matter of wonderful pieces from Raffles Bizarre who put together a giveaway prize for all Rai's followers! She makes darling little bits of quirky jewellery that are really original and individual, you would definitely stand out from the crowd wearing any of her pieces. The giveaway its self is going to run for a week. So if you interested in entering make sure you doing on time otherwise you might miss out!

The picture at the top is what Raffles Bizarre is giving away for Rai, my favourites include two gorgeous necklaces (the fish one is awesome and just beautifully done) and an original art card, which as you can see is just beautiful in its own right.

And here are the rules for Rai's wonderful giveaway;
1, You must be a follower of her blog to enter
2, Comment on the giveaway posy with your email address for one entry
3, Reblog for one more entry and again comment on the post with a link

I must say good luck to everyone entering (including me) and Rai will announce the winner on her blog on the 27th of January.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Inspired by... Womens Land Army

This is a little outfit post to not only show one of my wonderful pieces I grabbed in the Asos curve sale, but also to show my own interpretation of what a girl who was in the land army may of worn in the 1940s. There are a few aspects to my styled inspiration which they wouldn't of worn while working in the fields these primarily being my shoes and the necklace. Originally I think they would of worn heavy duty boots or wellingtons and the necklace could of possibly been a family heirloom which was kept in a secret box under the bed they slept in.

What am I wearing? From research and general information I have collected and thanks to family members I do know what they wore and why. This blouse I picked up in the 2 euro shop in Antwerp I may of mentioned this store before in my posts from November but this place I really fell in love with some of the clothes were so crazy. I am in fact tempted to go back to Antwerp in the future with empty suitcases just so I can just fill them with things from here!
Sorry for digressing anyway I chose this blouse because of the darker colour and the cute little floral print as I think a young women working on the land would wear something similar to this.

Next our my wonderful fine corduroy peg leg trousers I snapped these up from the Asos Curve sale for a tenner and I have to say they are so comfortable and I did not aspect them to be really. They are also perfect for recreating the Land army style, right down to the colour of them. I added these as inspiration from the trousers they wore in the Land Army as well as there formal uniforms. I teamed these with my little shoes from Evans which I have to say are my favourite pair of shoes but unfortunately they are completely sold out now! I know these wouldn't of been worn in the fields working but I think it adds a slightly more modern twist to the outfit. My head scarf is one I acquired from my mum and I used it to gather my hair in just like now the girls wore them, to keep there pin curls and rags in while they worked. Then finally I added my porcelain necklace which I picked up during the Christmas holidays from one of my favourite charity shops, and for the price of 1.99 I thought it was a lovely piece to add to my vintage jewellery collection. The lipstick is a new one I bought which is a deeper red wine colour from collection 2000 and It's supposed to be long lasting and you know for once it actually really is! The lipstick does take a lot to get off, which I think has to be a good sign.

So what do you think of my Land army inspired look? Did i capture it well enough, I have planned for other inspired outfits from this era also. So I hope you also look forward to seeing these.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The most treasured possession.

For over more than seventy years this great grandmother Priscilla Smailes has kept a secret that saved the lives of thousands of men. The 88-year-old has a precious silk map scrawled with the hidden locations of enemy troops who were stationed in France during the Second World War.These said troops are carefully plotted out in red ink, the positions of German forces were printed on to the fine silk and issued to allied units to help them evade torture and death if they landed in enemy territory.

And even though it has been many, many years since the Second World War this beautiful silk scarf map remains one of Priscilla’s most treasured possessions. She says it has a lot of sentimental value for her. The map was given to her as a present by a pilot in 1943, when she worked as an instrument repairer in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force.

Mrs Smailes, of Ryton, in Gateshead, said: “The airmen used to visit the hanger and this Canadian chap fell for a irish girl who worked with me. He used to bring her all sorts of presents and one day, he gave her a silk map.“She used to share everything with me and told him she was going to cut it half so that I could have a piece. But he said: ‘We can’t have that’ and the very next day he brought me a map too.“The men knew by word of mouth where the safe houses were, but they would keep the maps hidden and stitch them inside their caps and uniforms in case they were captured so the Germans wouldn’t find them.” “These maps were also very important. I was going to give it to a museum, but I decided to keep it for my grandson Tony because he joined the air cadets when he was younger and originally wanted to join the air force.

This was a important part of history and Priscilla was part of it, just like a many number of other grandparents including mine.

Let's never get lost again.

During the Second World War the clever people at MI9 (the escape and evasion wing of British Military Intelligence) developed the idea of printing maps on silk because they were much better for escape and evasion purposes than conventional paper or linen-backed maps. Silk maps were and still are extremely durable, do not disintegrate in water, are not damaged by repeated folding and unfolding or by being scrunched up and are silent to unfold and use, which was crucial if you were trying to silently find how to escape or where to go. Silk scarves were also simple to conceal. They were often sewn into the lining of a jacket or the hem of an undergarment. A silk map was unlikely to be found during a prisoner search. So not only were these special scarves able to help you find your way back home but they also provided a certain warmth to airmen shot down over Europe in cold weather. While those in hot areas such found them invaluable as head and face-wraps to keep the blazing sun off their faces.

Several hundred thousand silk maps were produced during the Second World War. It is also estimated that of the 35 thousand British and Allied troops who managed to escape from behind enemy lines over more than half used a silk map to aid them. Apparently there is a number of these maps still around today and are now highly collectable and sought after. Well I wish I could have one of these historical pieces of beauty to add to my vintage scarf collection, unfortunately for now I can only dream of owning one.

So I would think of this as the modern equivalent of the silk scarf map. does anyone else think that paper maps are sometimes useless especially when it’s bucketing it down and they go all soggy. So imagine a dress with a map on it. The effect is strangely beautiful. This map silk printed dress is colorful and very pretty in it’s bright hues. This dress is from Nordstrom and is a map of the subways. But I think I would really love one with a map of the British isles on, or possibly something more useful to me. Maybe if you get lost a lot, this might just come in handy. The dress looks extremely chic and trendy with its fitted bodice and full, pleated skirt.

So would any of my American readers wears this dress? And to my English bloggers would you like it if one of our stores started selling map clothing? I know I would.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Ruby rocks and thats a fact.

This is my first outfit post since Christmas, so I guess it's my first one of 2011! Happy new year everyone. I just want to start by apologising for the rubbish quality of my photograph's my digital camera is a lot better (even if it does make me look like a ghost) but I'm yet to acquire a tripod and the brother has gone back to uni for a week so its my web cam on a box for now.

Has anyone else been hitting the sales? But I have a little confession is that I haven't even left the house to do so, yes the online stores are you pretty well out of me. Some of the prices were really low it was impossible to resist and I did actually need some new trousers and shoes... and possibly the odd dress. This beauty being one of them I ordered this lovely ruby rocks dress off Evans in the sale for 20 pound but soon after it was reduced to 15 quid but I don;t mind because I got 25% off my order anyway. At the same time as purchasing this one I also bought a lace and jersey floral dress for a tenner which i thought was a total bargain and it looked really lovely on the site, but once I had it on it just didn't feel comfortable so off it goes and is awaiting for me to send it back. I have since ordered a really cool jumpsuit from style369 for 7 pound and a lovely pair red velvety pumps for 7 quid as well, I cannot wait for these to arrive lets hope they fit!

Now on to my outfit! As I've already said the dress is by Ruby rock's, it's original price was 40 pound which I would of never paid, even though I've been lusting over it for months before it went on sale. The fit of the dress is really lovely and the fabric is comfortable I would say this dress is true to size it fits me really well and I'm a size 20 most of the time (well I seem to be a different size depending what shop I'm in) it have a tie around the waist and the dress just flows really nicely. The pattern is so adorable it's like a really quirky ditsy print and I love it. Under neath my dress I'm just wearing some Matalan leggings for warmth more than anything, these leggings are some of the best I've had and they go up to a size 22 but I'm sure they'd fit a size or two bigger than that.

The bag was a recent charity shop find, I always use my patent leather little structured bag, but it was starting to get damaged from when I knocked it into things, so I was in one of my usual charity shops and my mum found this cute handbag at the back of the rack for the wonderful price of 3.99 and it fits everything in much better than my other one! The boots I am wearing were a competition prize I won off the lovely plus size website style369 there still pretty new but the people who work on there blog and twitter are ever so nice. And I'm just wearing my really old red lipstick (which needs replacing) to bring a little bit of the colour from the print on my dress up to my face.

I have recently bought my first few items off asos curve and I really hope they fit because there ever so lovely! What I bought was some really awesome peg leg trouser/chino pants. They will be perfect for the few outfit posts inspired by the women of the war I have planned. Oh and p.s I'm sorry I look super moody in the top picture it was blowing a gale outside when I took these!

Has anyone else bought anything from the Ruby rocks line in the sales on either Evans or style369. Are yours as good a fit?

Friday, 7 January 2011

Let me take you down, cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.

On this post I'm going to talk about the costumes in the television series. The land army uniforms them selves seemed to be created perfectly to fit with the original pieces from the 1940's as were the rest of the women's costumes throughout the series. During the second world war they had to make do and mend and if it wasn't amendable another use was found for it, in aid to limit waste of infinite resources. If you have read my post on The Land Girls film I feel I may repeat some pieces from that in here, considering they are both about the women's land army.

Nancy, Joyce, Bea and Annie all wear really adorable and sweet blouses under there overalls. These overalls were the statement piece of land army uniform for working out in the fields and around the farm. I feel in this they have made the land girls a little more glamorous and pristine compared to the film The Land Girls where they showed them getting really involved with the farming ethic, which included them actually looking like they'd spent a long hard day working instead of looking as clean as they started.

The patterns on the blouses are also intricate and detailed just like a number are now. One of my favourites being the pussy bow blouse worn by Joyce in the series. the green background and orange/red coloured flowers really compliment each other.

The beige coats the girls are wearing in the top image are something of a iconic item for many people wardrobes today, but during the 1940s they were more of a practical necessity than a fashion accessory, they were for warmth and to protect them from the elements. But I have to say that Bea's coat looks utterly lovely on her. Oh and finally in case any of you were wondering I do realise strawberry fields was in fact writing in the 1960s not the 1940s I just don't know any other songs involving fields.

And one last thing I'm sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately but once my package of sales goodies arrives I promise to try ands take plenty of photograph's for you!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Land girls.

Straightforward and patriotic land girl Joyce, tries her best to serve her country and do her bit to help win the war.Her parents were killed in a German bombing raid, and her house and possessions were destroyed. In addition, she is worried about her husband John, who has been posted abroad.On the surface, Joyce is sunny and optimistic, but – like the war rhetoric she spouts – it's all a way of coping with the inner pain. She's genuinely the most caring of the girls as she knows the true meaning of loss.

Forceful, opinionated, and whiney, Nancy had to enlist when female conscription started, but she worked in a recruitment office in Cambridge which suited her as well as it could. Then, to her horror, there was a shortfall in women going to work on the land, so she was transferred to the WLA.Nancy hates it at first, but realises that she can't escape the war and will do her bit. She's not work shy, just perhaps the last to volunteer for a particular task.

Bea is a 17-year-old innocent who lies about her age to join the WLA, discovering a world of adventure as a result.Inquisitive and fun-loving, Bea is headstrong with a desire to change the world. Sometimes irritating due to her constant energy, Bea will happily launch campaigns for justice, albeit ill-considered ones.Bea fluctuates between being a child and a woman and struggles to navigate a course between the two states. Her older sister Annie has always looked after her and it's no different now they're both land girls.

Annie is the oldest in her family, and has always been the responsible one. She and her younger sister Bea are already living and working at Pasture Farm when Nancy and Joyce arrive. Annie is the peacemaker of the group, holding the girls together as they face the challenges of life in the Women's Land Army.

I got the chance to watch this one off series when it was on the BBC for a week long special event. The show is set against the backdrop of war-weary Forties Britain. Land Girls is set in the Hoxley Estate, as the girls balance their working lives at the run-down Pasture Farm, and the opulent Hoxley Manor. Nancy, Joyce, Bea and Annie have all joined the Women’s Land Army for very different reasons, but they all have one outright goal which is to serve their country and help win the war. The drama follows the women as they try to live out their lives in very challenging circumstances, with lots of laughter and tears along the way.

I just wanted to borrow the little introductions for each of the women from my original source (this being the ever so lovely BBC) because I do feel that through out the episodes you really get to know these women as if you lived with them, and I wanted you to know them while reading this. When I originally watched this special series, it was because my grandmother wanted to really, But I think I got more involved with the characters and plot lines than she did! If you have read the small paragraph's on each women you can see that they all come from different walks of life. Annie is the over protective sister of Bea and always looked after her until Bea lied about her age to join the land army, so now her and Annie are equal.

Many things happen to Nancy, Joyce, Bea and Annie during there time together working on the land. They loose people close to them as well as gaining a few (at times unwelcome) guests. Over all I think land girls drama does truthfully portray how life was for the women during the second world war. Though obviously for television time purposes some aspects of the women in the land army's day to day tasks were not included in part. I also feel that the actresses brought the characters to life extremely well.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

It's a long way to Tipperary, It's a long way to go.

Military uniforms comprises standardised clothing worn by members of the armed forces of a number of nations. Military dress and military styles have gone through a lot of changes over the centuries from colourful and elaborate to extremely mundane. Military uniforms in the form of basic and distinctive dress are intended for identification and display. They are typically a sign of organised military forces equipped by a central authority.

Right I just wanted to show how the Military uniforms in general have changed now since the 1940's. And yes that is a picture of prince harry it's only up because of the uniform he's wearing (and because hes possible rather beautiful). I think that during the 1940's the soldiers really only had one uniform and possibly a change of socks if they were lucky. And thankfully today I'd like to think and hope that our soldiers are treated with a little more comfort.

You can see a contrast between the uniforms I would say that from what you can see if the "formal" uniform of today's army is tailored and smart. It is also in royal colours with the navy, blue's and red's. They also have a vast amount of detail within its pieces unlike that of the 1940's wartime and this uniform was very basic and the reason for this was that it was going to get dirty and that it had to be cool during the hot days then it also served the purpose of trying to trap in warmth which is the reason behind the choice of almost potato sacking fabric.

For my designs I am concentrating on the women of the war and how they brought fashion to the rations. But we can't have the blokes being left out can we? While were on the little subject of boys I was just wondering if anyone would like to see me doing any guys styles. Not on me obviously but I am not too bad at stylist guys outfit's for certain themes. So just let me know by dropping a comment or something if you fancy seeing that.

Monday, 3 January 2011

The Land Girls.

I was lucky enough to catch this film on TV during the Christmas holidays. I was planning on renting it anyway as part of my research but somehow film4 read my mind, that clever little thing. Anyway before I go on about the story and why I watched it and everything, I just have to say I genuinely loved this film because to be quite honest I did not aspect it to be as good as it was. From watching this film it looks like there was a fair amount of scandal going on in the country side! The basic outline of the story is that three young women from very different walks of life join the women's land army during World War II and are sent to work together on a farm in Dorset and the experience circumstances that change their lives forever.

Quiet Stella (Catherine McCormack), young hairdresser Prue (Anna Friel) and Cambridge graduate Ag (Rachel Weisz) arrive on a remote farm in the glorious Dorset countryside. These three women are the 'Land Girls' all are originally from the city and have volunteered to take the place of young men who worked agriculturally on the land have gone to fight in the war. I think these women were an unlikely trio: Prue is outgoing and blunt; Ag is quiet and well reserved as well as being innocent about life at the start; while being quite and almost in a world of her own Stella is in love with Philip her fiance a dashing naval officer, who is charmingly played by Paul Bettany, who in my opinion almost all of his characters are always the quintessential English gentlemen. Though the girls obviously have strong differences they soon become close friends but in the situation they were in I think you would be friends with anyone as long as you weren't alone. The film follows their relationships with each other and the men in their lives in the face of the war. And believe me the situation with the men in all there lives gets pretty complicated. I won't tell you the whole story of the film because then there would be no reason for you to watch it! and if you feel your a little bit like me I feel you should love it! But these three individual women don't just become friends due to there situation there friendships last a life time.

Now I'm going to talk about the uniforms and clothes. Yes there were ration books, no they couldn't just pop to Primark like so many of us do now. They had to make do with what they had and if that wasn't good enough they altered it or mended the problem. I wish I had this mantra to my life more, then maybe I would be able to wear more of my existing wardrobe. When these women dressed up or had dances they really did make the best of themselves and they looked beautiful. Postbox red matte lipstick perfectly applied, their hair hidden under scarves during the day while working, ready for the rags to be removed for the evening and to have beautifully curled hair.

In fact I have to admit I do tend to walk around my house with my hair just like this, not just because its retro or anything but because its practical. It keeps my hair from falling forward and getting in the way and if I just can't face spending an hour washing and driving it the scarf hides my greasy roots from sight. You all have to agree with me the women of the land army new what they were doing with what they wore and how as well on how to fake a great stocking (gravy browning and eyeliner pencil and if you didn't have eyeliner then coal worked quite well too). For a number of my designs and drawing I have taken inspiration from their official uniforms which you can see from a snapshot out of the film above. The woman's land army also had armbands with which group they were a member of embroidered and sewn into it. ( well as far as I am aware this is what they were for) I am lucky enough that my grandmother still owns her armband and has been kind enough to lend it to me for a day or so next week so you will definitely be seeing it up on my blog.

In the next number of week I am also planning to try and do a few outfit posts inspired by the women of the second world war. From uniforms to there outfits for functions, dances and working the land. Please tell me if I've missed anything else out about the clothing from the film, or if you want to ask me any questions about the land army and I can try and answer them.