Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A leopard lives in a muu tree.

The title of this post may seem a little random because I googled it, maybe I should do this more often to get some interesting titles? or maybe not!

Anyway this is my second review for Yours Clothing my first being the lace collared dress which i reviewed here. I wish these photo's were a little better I just feel in myself that there not that nice! this is almost identical to my university interview look which I wore this tunic for, and then got offered a place it must be a good luck piece! I really wish I could keep it for my other interviews now too, over all I think its such a lovely tunic/dress and just my style, but there are some issues I found with it. One of these being that it deffinately runs small I'm normally a size 20 but I got this a size up and it fits nicely without being to big at all (thanks Lauren who mentioned this to me before I ordered it for review!)

The tunic itself is just about long enough to wear as a dress, though when I did I kept on tugging it down to just make sure my bum was covered! But in these photograph's I'm wearing it with black matalan leggings and some really old Evans shoes, which don't really match the collar on the dress but I thought they just made the look a little more fun. I don't how to describe the fabric which this is made of but it was actually really comfy and was even a little loose on my arms which was brilliant, cause if your anything like me it's actually really hard to find tops which fit my tummy as well as my arms! I think if you wanted a more defined look you could belt this piece but I prefer to leave things loose most of the time. The cardigan I wore with the top was from Dorothy Perkins in the sale a year or so ago and I really like how the leopard print collar and bright blue cardigan clash but actually work really well together. For walking to my interview I teamed the whole look with a vintage thrifted blazer and little vintage patent satchel styled bag.

My make up was pretty simple I just wore more eyeliner on my water line was normal, which meant it was half way down my face by the end of the day just in interest does anyone know a eyeliner which does not end up like this? (preferably a pencil or something) and of course I finished the look with bright red lipstick, also would you believe that my hair held up with paperclips?! which for me gives me a little more confidence so I did talk out more. So my final thought on this tunic is that its really lovely and I'd definitely think about buying it if I tried it on in store!

I just want to say sorry it seems to have taken me days to finally finish this post off, I don't know whats wrong with me at the moment normally I can ramble for the whole world on my blog but recently I've been kind of distracted, I'm blaming Niall (if you have me on twitter you might get why I put that) Finally I've got another interview a week today for Leeds, pretty nervous already but that more because I don't know that I'll wear, well other than red lipstick! I'm going to try and be a very good blogger this weekend as I have a few photo's to post up and video's, and this reminds me I've finally made a new YouTube account which fits me better than my old one the link is here.

I hope all my followers and bloggers have some exciting things planned for this weekend! Tomorrow I'm having to do something for guiding then I think I'll just try and get my head down and get through a lot of my college work.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Boost your Carma.

Fashion films are becoming more and more popular as the industry has realised this is the way forward, because if your anything like me you want to see how the clothes move as well as whether they look pretty on a hang or not. One of last years fashion high points was definitely Nick Knight’s tribute to Alexander McQueen.

Plus size fashion has now also begun to make their own videos to meet this new niche for example the Beth Ditto for Evans’ promo video which was something I was pretty excited about (I blogged about the upcoming collections a number of times.) I originally heard of the independent labels Carmakoma through other bloggers who went to plus London writing about how lovely and colourful all the pieces were, I then also saw this little film which was produced for their Spring/Summer 11 range. And even though I've never bought clothing from Carmakoma I really love how all the pieces were styled as well as the utterly beautiful women modeling them.

This is what Carmakoma said about the fashion video, “The new film ‘Boost Your Carma‘ is a vivid illustration of the tendency that curvy women all over the world no longer will accept the perception that beauty equals skinny. In an aesthetical manner the film breaks with prejudice concerning body image and attitude for women in plus sizes.

The reason (other than how pretty the women is) I love this video is that they've not changed the atheistic because of it being for plus size, cause I know some brands which would do a pretty bland and possibly mumsy video for there plus size but a really interesting and visual piece for the straight fashion stores. I feel this film is aimed at the more younger of plus size women or just young at heart! I think its communicating that style is for everyone and you can still be sexy with your dress sense whatever size you are. I agree with Lauren on this with that my only thought is that possible there could be more clothing in the shots.

p.s I got the little quote from carmakoma off Laurens blog! I hope you don't mind!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Come home , keep me from these sleepless nights.

These top three photo's are some my brother took of me today while we were doing a little filming in my Granny's orchard. Now if you follow me on twitter you may of seen a few tweets about shooting or filming something along these lines well we've been shooting a kind of fashion/music video for my college unit at the moment, it is based on my theme for my final collection which is women's land army and the 1940s ( you may of seen a few posts based around this during Christmas). My brother is a 3rd year film and media student at edge hill, so he got a camera out and came home to film this for me.

The basic outline of the video is that even though the uniforms and what women and men now do in the army are different to the 1940s there relationships and farewells are still very similar. Thankfully I have a pretty wonderful friend who dressed up in some army gear and I must say he did look pretty dashing (to his annoyance when I said this, along with a number of other things haha). I wanted to show the contrast of a 1940s land girl and the modern day soldier, though obviously my outfit is only inspired by the land army look and is not completely perfect. The simply story we put for the video is based on a buddy holly song dearest (though my original idea came before it,this song just fitted really well) there's the soldier and the girl they take there last walk to a place they always go before he's sent to war, they say there goodbyes and he leaves, then we see how the girl helps the war effort by becoming a land girl, she gets a letter but you don't know what its about... and I' ll leave the ending a secret so you'll have to wait for my video.

Here's a quick note on what I'm wearing in these photographs, The shirt was purchased on my trip to Antwerp in November and was from the amazing 2 euro shop where I seriously need to visit again. The peg leg cord trousers are from asos curve and you've seen them a time or two on here, my cardigan is from new look inspire range about two years ago and has gone pretty baggy but is still soft and comfortable. Then my sweat guard is made from two pin brooches I bought from a vintage fayre before Christmas and I made the pearl chain between them from and old primark necklace. And finally the Chelsea boots I'm wearing I won from style369 on a twitter competition.

I'll post the video up as soon as my brothers finished editing, hopefully I'll have got my hands on the rough cut by tomorrow but I might wait and show you all the lovely finished piece instead, And on one last note I'll just state it now before you actually see the little film, and its that I definitely don't think I should become an actress. I hope you all watch my video and please tell me if I've missed anything out on the styling point of view because all the editing side is my big brother, so I can't change any of that the same.

p.s here is a awkward photograph of me and my soldier, my lovely friend finn who let me play dress up on him even walking down the street like this, bless him.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Dress up your denim challange.

This pretty picture heavy post is a little challenge the merry traveller set anyone who reads her blog and it was to dress up our denim! We were told that you can take your pick of denim shorts, denim skirts or jeans in whatever colour they are and attempt to dress it up so you can proudly wear that same outfit for both day and night, allow it to span from being casual to glamorous and vice versa! This is all in the name of fun and will help everyone who has the same problem as me have a glean into how others will use their creativity to dress up their boring denims. I choose a denim play suit, which I've had since last year but I've never actually worn it out in public because I just felt that it didn't look right on my Apple shape...( well I think I could be a apple shape, but to be honest I really need Gok Wan to tell me!) I'm also pretty short so where the waist drawstring on it sits isn't on my waist (where ever that is) it sits really low and just isn't all that flattering.

So I thought how can I make it look prettier? Then I remember reading a post on Dainty Dresses yesterday where Charlene had worn her play suit with a skirt over so it looked like a top. I loved this style because I actually really like the pocket detail and the collar on the play suit, so this is what I did and I think it's worked rather well. Also I NEVER EVER have my legs out even if the skirt or dress is below the knee I always have tights or leggings on! But the sunshine spurred me on to do it and you know what? it's not that bad and I think I'll do it again, also what do you think of my little frilly socks I got them from urban outfitters last summer in the sale they even have a little white bow at the back as well as the lace.

Anyway I've got distracted there, so back to the challenge what do you think of my day to night looks? All I've done is change the accessories and cover up, I wanted to keep the socks so it gave the look a more femanine feel (that and the shoes rub my toes a little) The black patent leather also throws in a more grown up style as well. The black cover up is a really old pashmina which I tied up behind my back with a hair bobble. The belt in the day look is from Dorothy Perkins and I really love it cause it has a kind of vintage look, the second belt was from Primark. The silver necklace is a very old one from Topshop which I've fixed so many times now and the little cameo is from a charity shop. Both pairs of shoes are from Evans Basically all my shoes come from there because they just fit so well! And the bag in the night look is from Topshop a couple of years ago.

Right now on to the actual clothes pictured the play suit is from Asda last year and the floral skirt was from Dorothy Perkins sale a few years ago as well! From doing this little challenge I've found my self a new outfit and I really like the outcome. I finished the evening look with red lipstick and my hair down and the day style was lip stain and a smooth ponytail. And finally just to show you it really is a play suit here's a pictures of me flashing the shorts at you! And I apologise for the really cheesy grin and the milk bottle coloured legs in there defence they've not seen sunshine in a very, very long time.

So how do you think I did with this challenge? I'm tempted to try it with more of my denim pieces as well, what do you all think?

Thursday, 17 March 2011

country florals.

Here is a very very quick outfit post, this is just what I'm wearing while sitting in the house doing my college work. While I'm just watching it have any of you been catching bits on Chris Moyles on the red button? Him and comedy Dave are brave men for trying to stay up so long and they don't even look that rough! And I have just sent my text and donated ( though primarily because I want Greg James to get his kit off...) I wish I'd got my hands on a red nose day t-shirt but they just seem to be sold out everywhere now so I'll just wear some red on Friday in support.

So on to what I'm wearing today. There is a fair few pieces in this outfit which are from Dorothy Perkins I just seem to always find pieces in there which I like ad fit well, but the other reason is also because there is a Dorothy Perkins in my town so I just seem to shop there more often than not. The cardigan is from there and has a really cute bit of detail on the top of the sleeve as does the tunic which has a lovely plaited detail on the shoulders (which I forgot to photograph, oops!) I adore the print on the top as well as the almost tea coloured lace on the chest. It reminds me of vintage fabric or old curtains and tea party's, yes I realise that all really rather twee and in case I didn't specify the tunic is also from Dorothy Perkins. On my legs I just have one of my many pairs of Matalan leggings on there really great and a lot cheaper than others I've had in the past.

The necklace I'm wearing I found in one of my favourite charity shops and its a really sweet painting of the man and a woman in sort of Edwardian attire. My ring I got from the Dorothy Perkins sale and the nail varnish I'm wearing id Barry M I've tried to give up biting my nails for lent and I'm struggling already! I don't think I've done an outfit post without wearing make in quite some time so here you go and I'm sorry I look so tired! Oh and I had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago but it probably looks all grown out again already.

Is anyone else looking forward to the weekend as much as I am? I'm off to see Mcfly with one of my best friends Mary (whose 18th meal I went to last week) and were second row! were so excited it's like were 13 again!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Curve of Forgotten Things.

I feel like I'm posting a lot of video's at the moment but I just feel they are all well worth a watch, and I want to share them with my followers and people who just flit onto my blog every now and then. Anyway I really love this video I think its makes Rodarte seem more versatile for a younger audience with getting Elle Fanning to be in it. And isn't she just the sweetest girl ever and shes so beautiful but still seems like a young girl they've not tried to make her look 20 when really shes just 12 and I think this is why I love this video so much. Rodarte haven't made Elle look older than she is.

Briefly one last thing before you watch this (unless you've already watched it, then just read on anyway) I adore the setting for this video and the house and the way Elle roams around each room discovering and finding new places, its also very clever how she "changes" clothes from room to room.

Anyway I don't want to ramble about the video I want you all to take it in for yourself and tell me what you think!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Let's dance in style, Let's dance for a while.

This little post is just to show you guys what I've been up to over the last week or so, lets just say its been a varied week but its also been so fun as well. I still have the stresses of college and creating my garments ( I'll show you those in a future post) but I had a two day week for enrichment and my tooth has finally been sorted, so obviously my weeks been good! I also became my 13 year old self again on Monday when I queued up at stupid o'clock to meet One Direction, and if you don't know who these beautiful boys are they came third in the last xfactor. So I got the train at 6.22AM and was running down to market street in Manchester at 6.50AM and they were already queuing for what seemed like MILES but me and my lovely friend eleanor managed to get into the last 100 wristbands and got to briefly meet the boys that evening. And yes I did make a prat of myself I shouted at Harry "I know your neighbours but not in a weird way" where he then asked me which ones and how (it was almost a conversation!) then I shook Zayns hand and told him it was lovely to meet him and I got a wink from the lad. okay my teenage girl rant is over now.

Finally on to my outfit post this was taken just before I went out for my friends 18th. We just went as a big group for a meal, yes this was my more mature part of the week. I think you've probably seen all these pieces on the blog before but in different looks! The top I'm wearing is from Dorothy Perkin's and is actually pretty long and very baggy I could of done with downing a size or two, I have a stretch vest underneath from Marks and Spencer's because the shirt its self is rather low cut. I'm wearing one of my favourite skirts which I got in the sale from Dorothy Perkins for 3 pounds before Christmas I wear it all the time with everything, It's one of those pieces that will always look good and that I will feel comfortable in. These are paired with my thick black tights which are a serious wardrobe staple along with a black cardigan, another staple. My jewelry is simple and all I'm wearing is my vintage cameo brooch, well I say vintage my mum found it in the charity shop for £1.49. And I finished the look with a slick of red lipstick and my hair put up.

Me and my friend Eleanor on the door ready to go down and meet the lovely One Direction.
and below is my only half decent picture I got before we were told not to have posed photographs. (as much as I love one direction and all the boys are charming, there security are such mards!)

Let us die young or let us live forever,We don't have the power but we never say never, Sitting in a sandpit, Life is a short trip, The music's for the sad man.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pretty, pretty please.

this is the original version so its not the clean one you see on the musical channels, so I must warn you there is a scene in it that is pretty upsetting but it turns out okay in the end.
I'm finding it really hard to write down what I actually think of this video, it's not that I don't know what to say because I do, I just don't know how to word it well. So I'll just try my best and have a go at it if that's okay with you?

For starters does anyone else find that pinks video's and songs for that matter are like so amazing? there funny, powerful and truthful. By this I mean pink doesn't try to please anyone and she isn't in a pretty place in a floaty dress wailing her song out on the side of a cliff. She's a strong minded girl and that's why I love her. I hope you get what I mean? I'm not sure whether I'm explaining myself about this video very well!

Pretty, pretty please don't you ever, ever feel like your less than f*ckin' perfect. pretty, pretty please if you ever, ever feel like your nothing you're f*ckin' perfect to me.

These lyrics really stick in my mind, in the past I kind of wish someone had said this to me. I mean I used to really hate how I was and by how I was I mean fat. Now I'm still fat now and I mean how I am physically as a person hasn't technically changed but how I see myself is much clearer than how it used to be, and in fact I'm almost okay with being how I am, because I wouldn't be Rosie if I wasn't a little round around the edges.

Sorry I'm guessing that bit was pretty deep yeah but anyway I purpose that's how I feel. I promise my next post or two will be much more positive! I have an outfit post from Thursday night (one of my best friends Mary's 18th we were all pretty grown up and just went out for a meal). Then I have my second review for Yours Clothing and then some more video's to upload and some college work and university projects I want to show you.

So what you do see when you listen to this song?

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The little lace collar.

This is one of my first ever reviews and I have the lovely people from Yours to thank for it. Now before I begin I just want to let you all know that on the 1st of march I went to a university interview at De Montfort for Retail Buying in Fashion which means not only would I learn how to advertise pieces and all that jazz but I would not also be able to still make pieces too (which is what I'm glad to say because I would of been gutted if it hadn't involved any garment construction) I got a letter this morning, which took me half an hour to open and when I finally did it had good news! They have in fact offered me a place but I'm still waiting on Leeds College of Art and MMU so nothing solid as of yet! So I'm really giddy today about everything, and I'm also seeing friends from high school later which I'm pretty excited about so all is good today.

So anyway on to my review this is the first of two dresses Yours sent me. And over all I think its a really cute little dress, but there are some issues I find with it. One of these being that the fabric tends to cling to all your lumps and bumps so if your not too into that style (which I am not) I would think about sizing up though then there's a possibility that the sleeves would be too big. Other than this I really love this dress tucked into my shorts so Yours if your reading make a shirt like this, because I love the sleeves and the truly adorable collar! This dress is from Yours limited collection and comes to the price of 35 pounds which for me is a little bit pricey but if it ever goes into the sale I would definitely snap it up and just alter it into a shirt!

While I'm here I just want to say yet again sorry my pictures aren't great I've edited them on photo bucket to give them more vintage shades if that make sense? But I really like how the image of my shoes and bag has come out. The bag is from the 1950s and was my grandmothers and my shoes are from Evans, I wear these with everything from cute little dresses to leggings and shirts.

My next review piece is the animal print peter pan collared tunic which I know has been a big hit in the plus size blogging community and on twitter, and just as a little hint I wore it to the interview and they were impressed.