Thursday, 28 April 2011

Another illustration.

This is another illustration inspired by Kate Wilson style. I am in fact extremely happy with how this piece has worked. The intensity of the pop of colours in both altered illustrations is exactly how I wanted it and where I have blushed the cheeks has also worked really well and adds something to an otherwise blank face.

As you can see in my cleaned up image there is a basic outline of the body for strong and clear lines. On my fully photoshopped piece I have added colour blocking and pattern as well as stone to the hair and skin. Which adds a different dimension to the illustration.

I feel the mood for this is quite modern because of how vivid the colours are and the style of the illustration I could see being used for topshop, so its market level being high street.

Can you see the subtle change?

This is another illustration inspired by Kate Wilson and Stina Persson. I am in fact extremely happy with how this piece has worked. The intensity of the ink is exactly how I wanted it and where they have met a purple haze has appeared and it just works well together. I have taken Kate's drawing style and stinas beautiful way she works with inks to create this illustration.

As you can see in my cleaned up image the outline of the body is created in a lot of faint dots, personally I really like how this looks as well as it being another way of creating shape and structure. On my fully photoshopped piece I have added dots to match the colour of the dripping inks which adds a different dimension to the illustration.

I feel the mood for this is quite modern because of how vivid the colours are and the inquisitive way Kate Wilson used the dots on her original piece and how I was inspired by her. I think this is my favourite illustration, what are your thoughts on it?

Running from the page.

This is another illustration I have done which is inspired by Stina Persson. I posted a video with included her art in part of an advert for 'Replay your Fragrance', her work is centered around inks and how they work into the paper or whatever she is creating her art on and as I said on the other post I feel her work portrays an interest in nature and how its free flowing and you can't tell it where to go or what to do. The body of my illustration is taken from a piece of Kate Wilson's work, where she has used dots to create the outline ( I have used this in another post which will be up next.)

For mine I just used a full line, I created this illustration with black ink to make the solid line and then before it fully dried I went over the lines with water to make the line distorted. I then added more ink to certain areas to give a deeper colour, this also created the dripping down the page which I blew into the angled sprays. I used photoshop to clean the image up and to add details for instance I added detail on the chest around the top of the dress. I also made the hair a solid grey colour. To me this gives a more industrial feel to an otherwise natural piece.

The mood for these illustrations is quite dark and harsh, this is why I added the solid colour and spiked edges on the dress. So it is no longer a soft flowing piece and has more structure.

Natures in the ink.

These are two illustrations I have created for college projects. For my original drawing I used fine liner pen and then created the smudged water effect by using a wet paintbrush to go over the lines I first created. I then went onto cleaning it up and editing it with photoshop.

The mood I am trying to produce is an affect of something natural, with how the way the ink has gone when it became in contact with the water and along with the leaves scattered around her waist and upper body on the more heavily photoshopped piece. In my own personal opinion I feel it makes the illustration almost look like its floating of even possibly flying, what do you think?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Is everything a fairytale?

These photographs are from my friend Sophie's 18th birthday party from Saturday night and as you can see it was fancy dress! The theme was fantasy/fairytale so I went as a forest/flower fairy one of my best friends Marcia (in the picture with me second from the top) was a punk fairy and the beautiful boy in white is one of my oldest friends Joe and he was an angel, literally.
I truly loved this costume all he bought for it was the wings, which you can just about see from the picture of us both together! I put the full length photo of him up because I wanted to show you guys his shoes, there patent white, and yes he really did own these though Joe still won't tell me where he got them from because then apparently everyone will want to steal his style! It was such a fun night and I forgot how much I missed my high school friends, in fact I'm seeing them all again on Friday as were camping in my friends wood I'll let you know if I survive the night.

So I'll just tell you what I was wearing, all I really bought fr my costume were the wings though i did buy some white tights but then ended up wearing my own pair anyway! The dress is from Dorothy Perkins and has been featured on my blog before. Well I saw dress it is actually a little to short for that but with tights and girl boxers over I really didn't care, I was also a little merry so nothing really bothered me. The tights are also Dorothy Perkins and are some of my favourites though there getting a little to warm for the recent weather we've had in Cheshire, they also get dirty very quickly. And finally my shoes are from peacocks and the next day my feet were in so much pain because I'd also worn them to walk around Manchester that same day.

The top image is just a little close up of my make up and hair. I used a varied mix of green eye shadows and pencils to create the look, which I actually really love and may wear when I'm not dressed as a fairy (minus the gold swirls and twig patterns on the sides of my face) I then just used a pink lipstick to add a bit of colour to my face. I kept my hair simple by having it straight and pinning the sides up so my headpiece fitted better and didn't fall off when I started dancing horrifically, which I did a lot of. I've worn my hair out like this a few times since Saturday and you will be seeing it a lot more on the blog.

I hope everyone's been having a good Easter! is anyone else looking forward to the royal wedding as much as I am?

Sunday, 24 April 2011


Before I start I do realise this is quite a picture heavy post but I just wanted to share them with you all because this was the first day I've actually remotely enjoyed the weather! I don't want to babble on here too much today, because if the truth be told I've been finding it hard to write recently and I don't know why. It's actually really bugging me, I can seem to write mindless crap over tumblr and twitter but when I want to express what I'm trying to say with my pictures my finger cease to work at typing! So I do apologise I've been meaning to get this post out for days!

These photographs were taken in the woods near my house, which lead you to the main park in Congleton which is actually very pretty. Its my favourite time of year to walk through the woods when all the bluebells are out and the sun is just streaking through the caps in the branches, everything just seems to look more beautiful with a little sun shining on it.

Anyway on to what I wore in the hot weather (yes I know to some people wouldn't class it as hot, but for me it was scorching) so I put on a pair of shorts...yes you heard me shorts?! Now for a long time for me wearing shorts was a serious no, because fat girls aren't supposed to show above the knee are they? Well you know what I honestly don't think I care anymore, its summer weather, its hot and I do not want milk bottle legs forever! There shorts are from Dorothy Perkins and I got them in the sale for about 7 pounds, I tend to wear them with tights but as you can see now I'm being brave. The top I'm wearing is from Urban Outfitters and I got it last summer for about £15 and its so comfy, I know Urban Outfitters don't technically do "plus size" but a number of there items are over sized for a slouchy fit and fit me pretty well.

My accessories are kept to a bare minimum because when its really warm I can't stand a lot of fussy jewellery around me. The shoes are my favourite pair from Evans and are literally falling apart at the seams, please if anyone is willing to send me a new pair I'll happily take them off your hands! My sunglasses are RayBan style from Primark for a pound I probably own a tenners worth in Primark shades but I always seem to pick up a pair whenever I go in. I love this headpiece I got my inspiration from cupcakes clothes because Georgia was making her own from flowers so I thought I'd try, this was actually for a fancy dress party but I love wearing it so much already! In the next day or so I'm going to be posting up a few pictures from the party so you can see me dressed as a forest fairy.

So how do I look in shorts, dare I wear them out in public again? Also I promise to blog less randomly, I'm thinking of doing "my week in photo's" because then I'll have a constant update day, so I should stick to it better!


These are jut a few pictures I took while I was visiting my grannies. She lives in a cottage in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. It's my favourite time to visit her in spring, when all the blossom is out and the orchard just seems to come alive. I have a few mores pictures from the last time I went so I'll post those up too sooner or later.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

The sun is shining...

So the sun is shining and I'm not totally hating it yet! Which lets be honest is a first, normally as soon as any warmer weather comes by I want it gone straight away and a blizzard to appear in its place, but I'm managing to deal with nice weather at the moment but as soon as the heat waves start I'll be full on moaning!

I'm sorry this isn't an amazing outfit post but its far to warm to wear my usual layers and accessories, though I do still think its a really pretty look. This dress/tunic if from matalan and recently I've hardly had it off my back! Which I know probably sounds really gross but its just one of my favourite pieces at the moment, I think I'll have to buy another one before summertime officially hits because I can see this getting me through the warmer months. I have shown it on my blog before but it deserves many more photos, and you will most likely see it a lot more in future posts anyway!

My leggings are also from Matalan and these are some of the best ones I've owned there more thickened than other brands I've owned which is great because I hate it when I bend my knees and you can see skin through or worse the pattern of my pants through! These shoes are new and from peacocks and whats even better my feet actually fit in them! I normally have to get my shoes from Evans because I have really wide feet, but thankfully these fit pretty well as my favourite pair of shoes are literally dying right now. My sunglasses were from primark last year if I remember correctly, there just for fun really I have a few pairs of primark "RayBan's" which I wear in public. And finally I don't think I really had any make up on because I wanted the suns rays to make me pretty, which obviously doesn't work!

If you've read posts on my blog or watched any of my YouTube videos you will know that I had an interview for Leeds College of Art and I found out a few days ago that I didn't in the end get a place of course to start off with I was utterly gutted! But now I'd like to think that I was lucky enough to even be offered an interview and I do have a place at another uni anyway, so its not so bad. If you have me on twitter I did mope about being turned down for a while but I promise I'm fine now. Also I'm sorry I haven't been blogging as much as I feel I should, I've just been struggling to get things down in words, hopefully I'll be able to spit my works out much better from now on.

And Lastly on Wednesday it was my blogs first birthday I cannot believe I've been running this little thing for a year now! And I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who followers me, whether it be on google,twitter or bloglovin it just means a lot!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Replay Your Fragrance.

The design of the Replay Your Fragrance! is painted by the artist Stina Persson, who used aquarelle to contribute to the spontaniousness and emotions of the compositions. The outer package and commercial poster show that the simple things can also be authentic and unique.

Stina uses inks,washes and bleach to produce some of her stunning whimsical illustrations. I feel the mood she produces with her work is quite natural and flowing, because the ink is almost free to gravitate to where ever it wishes and then from the ink mark the beautifully crafted picture is produced. I almost always love the colours Stina Persson uses in her work, burnt oranges and ocean blues everything comes across as natural even though the finished product is often bold and bright.

what do you think of Stina Persson's work?

Thursday, 14 April 2011

So I'm on youtube now.

This is just a little post to say I'm finally on YouTube! ( I mean I've had an account for years, but it had stupid videos on) so I deleted it and made one centred around my blog, though all my gig and concert video's will be going up on this YouTube as well, in fact there's a Mcfly one on at the moment from a few weeks ago and in my opinion is amazing (but I am more than a little bias!)

The pictures above are just screen shots from some of my videos, I just tend to ramble about my blog, my life and anything that comes to mind! Sometimes there is a reason behind my videos sometimes there's not. Though be warned I seem to explain things in an extremely long winded way! At some point I will post some videos up on my blog as well, once I decide whether I'm remotely okay at doing video blogs.

Here is a link to my YouTube channel
please feel free to add me as a friend or subscribe, I will definitely check out your channels too and most likely friend you back and subscribe too!

I'm hoping to get a few outfit posts up soon as well as a few other posts I've got in the pipeline, and finally I'm sorry I haven't been updating as much as I often do. I will try and probably post quite a lot in the next few weeks as I'm off for the Easter holidays! And I promise this is the last thing, I've been making my final collection at college for our fashion show in the summer just out of interest would you like me to put a few pictures of my clothing up? I probably would of anyway but I just wanted to ask if you'd like to see them first?

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Summery Florals.

This is just a short little outfit post because I didn't get chance to snap a full length shot of this because we were running late for the meal. I wore this outfit to a very old friend of mines 18th birthday meal and then we went back to her house and got a little tipsy, this is why you can't see my full face on these pictures my eyes looked awful! haha.

I got the top today from Dorothy Perkins in the sale, as well as getting 20% student discount which gave me an even better reason for buying it! The sleeves are wide and drape nicely over the top of your arms and if your like me and honestly cannot stand your flabby little arms these sleeves cover the worst part nicely without having to wear another layer, so I think I'll be sporting this quite a lot over the warmer months. But it looks just as lovely with a chunky cardigan over, I also plan to team this with some rolled up jeans for a more casual look. While in Dorothy Perkins today I found the cutest jeans they were just the right length and rolled up a little at the bottom and fitted well on my short chunky legs, though is it just me or do the crotch's on trousers always look really strange, it might just me be. Anyway these jeans were roughly 30 pound so I put them back down for now but I'm thinking about purchasing a pair!

This skirt is also from Dorothy Perkins in the sale just after Christmas I got it for 3 pounds with student discount as well! It's much more a summer skirt but I wore leggings under neath it during winter and it was fine. Tonight I wore black tights and brogues with it and a black cardigan which is also from Dorothy Perkins, can you tell I have a store in my local town as well as ones in a number of others near me?

Well I promise to get another outfitpost done with a much better camera soon! Also I had my interview at leeds college of art and I'm going to do a little vlog about it on my youtube channel aroselikethis so it would be great for you to subscribe and friend me on there!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Dearest Fashion Film.

This is a film to go along with my final collection, my theme is based around The Women's Land Army and the era itself the 1940's. this video is portraying the visual differences between the of now and then as well as how the core of relationships within the war is still the same. By this I mean that the boys leaving the women to go and be soldiers still write and miss there loved ones. And that the women will feel exactly the same but have to keep going or do something to help the war ethic. Also within this film I am showing the contrast of women's clothing of the 1940's and a soldiers uniform from today. Obviously the clothing in this video is not original and is all generally inspired by the uniforms, but it does the job here.

I am in fact the girl in this film (note to self, do not ever become an actress!) and the pieces I'm wearing are not from the 1940's but I think help capture the essence of the look quite well. If you have been a reader of my blog for a while you will notice the first look from and outfit post I did inspired by the women's land army I just added a few changes to the original look as well as pairing different pieces together because in the land army the women wouldn't of had many clothes as it is so would of had to all most always wear the same trousers. In my second look I'm actually wearing a mans flannel shirt which I do wear quite often anyway (its one of those pieces you instantly feel comfortable in, if you understand what I mean?) because a lot of pieces the land girls would of worn would of been pretty shapeless and really rather practical. I added the brooch and headscarf because these could of been pieces which they had brought with them to the farms and possibly just an little amount of possessions they had left. Though they wouldn't of sported a brooch while working it would of been adorned to either there cardigans or blouses when off duty on the farms. And as I've said in some of my older posts based on the Land army the scarf was used to conceal there hair while working, which would of been knotted up in rags until the evening where they would be let down and left with beautiful ringlets.

The Soldier uniform is inspired by today's army look, and was borrowed from a very dear friend of mine Joe, who has the pieces as part of his uniform in the cadets (though this time next year will possibly be training for the army) this look consisted of camouflage trousers, fitted t-shirt and body vest. The bag Finn is carrying is in fact a camping stool, yes I realise how cool that makes me, though it was my brothers idea because Finn wouldn't just be walking away for war with nothing carrying his belongings really.

The basic story of this film is that they are spending there last moments together before he goes away to war, they say goodbye at there special place (which is familiar to them, and classes as 'there' place) and we see how the women copes and becomes a land girl, as many of the girlfriends did in the Second World War. Then she gets a letter but yo don't know what it says....
and I'm not going to say the ending just in case you haven't watched it! The song I chose was Buddy Holly - Dearest, some of you may of heard it on the Juno soundtrack (this is where I found it.) the main reason I chose this song is because of the lyrics and in my opinion they fitted to the story quite well, not only did we choose to shoot this film in the woods and farmland because it looks nice but its also because trees spend 100's of years next to each other, this will make more sense if you've watched the video. We filmed in the lanes about 5 or so minutes away from my house for the scenes with me and Finn. Then for the shots of the land girl at work these were taken in my Granny's orchard and field.

I would like to say one last thank you to my brother who kindly shot it for me and rented the equipment from his uni to do it. (My brother is in his final year at uni studying media so I was helping him as well by making this film)

I hope you enjoy the video and understand what I was trying to put across with using fashion as communication, I would genuinely like to know that you thought of it, so please let me know with a comment.