Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Monday Mugshot, Week 2.

1. I haven't given Monday Mugshots a good chance I completely forgot about it last night, promise I'll be on it way more next week! I would say its because I've been too crazy with all the freshers hype but the truth be told I was in by 8pm last night after a truly awful film quiz, we basically didn't have a clue for the majority of the questions, but in our defence they weren't easy!

2. Uni is going okay at the moment I've made a few friends but me and my flatmates haven't bonded like others have but that's fine because were all happy doing our own things and the rest have friends they've come uni with. And to be totally honest I'm not one for being out until the next morning!

3. The one thing I'm not doing to well on is sleep, I miss actually sleeping! I'm hoping everything will calm down once freshers is over I can happily stay up until half 1 or 2 with people making noise but after that I need to sleep, so I'm thinking I'll have to invest in some earplugs as cotton wool does not block out people shouting at all!

4. One last thing this picture is of me just before I popped out on Sunday to the SU to watch a hypnotist weirdest thing I've ever seen some of the things he was making his victims do (yes I'm going to call them victims because I would never pretend to hump a chair!) were cringing!

Sunday, 25 September 2011


This is my room in halls at uni YES UNI HOW TERRIFYING after the initial meltdown I've calmed down slightly... though still missing Cheshire even though I'm back at the weekend!

Anyway yes this is my room for the next year, I've not finished bringing all my crap here yet which is partly why I'm going home that and the fact I need my own bed to sort my back out! If any of you have me on twitter or facebook you may of seen messages about me not meeting my flatmates well I now have almost (just one I'm yet to actually properly talk to) and they seem lovely I'm just really not into going out so they probably think I'm weird and quiet...hahaa. My duvet is from Primark as are 2 of my cushions the other is from B&M then my floral boxes and magazine holders are from Wh Smiths. You may sneakily see on my bookcase a few slightly cringey books but you know what I don't care I simply love them!

So I just wanted to do a quick update to show you I am alive and all that! Finally I just bought myself a nail art pen so look out for some god awful attempts at designs!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Simply Be's Magic Mirror.

Just a very quick post to show you some of the many fab pictures we took at the magic mirror in the brand new Simply Be store in Liverpool One. I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party/event along with a few of my lovely blogger friends! The store was officially opened by Lisa Riley (you know her who used to be in Emmerdale and do you've been framed!) and Katy Kavagah from corrie who plays Julie, we were reminded about this every time they were mentioned! I'll do another post with all my pictures from the event sometime in the next week, I just wanted to post these now as it was SO MUCH FUN, I can see me going back to the store just for this and doing more blog posts about it.

Basically the magic mirror is a camera which take four pictures of you in your outfit or the clothes your trying and then you can send them to your email/facebook/twitter and they will also print them out for you, now I think this is such a good idea and it makes me want to shop there, we did get some printed but totally forgot about them and left them there!

The next time I post I'll most probably be in my halls, so look forward to my meltdowns!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Back to School.

I have to admit its not actually back to school for me as I'm done with that now and college and by this time next week I'll be living in my halls at uni! Which is totally terrifying and I'm not at all prepared but it's also really exciting too!

This is my new bag for uni and I've been after a satchel for ages so thanks to my lovely mum who bought it for me! Its not Cath Kidston before you ask, many people have thought it was I just saw it in a shop in a neighbouring town and thought it would be perfect to carry my files/sketchbooks/magazines in. I love it so much its been on a few test runs already! I wore it with my trusty stripy dress (which you cannot class as a dress at all really) even though its becoming holey I can't throw it away as it just works with so much in my wardrobe. I also decided to throw of my winter coat as to be honest it feels like summer is now nothing but a distant memory, I love the duffle coat style its just a shame its beginning to fall apart slightly. The jeggings are something I wished I wore more but they just fall down all the time! My accessories are minimal I just finished the look with a messy bun and an anchor necklace I bought from Matalan and of course I also wore my Gok Wan glasses because either today or yesterday it was so I'm just doing my part.

Lastly tomorrow I'm attending the first Simply Be store Launch in Liverpool I know there's a few of us bloggers going so if you are and we've yet to meet please come say hello!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Mondays Mugshot, Week 1.

1. So I thought I'd just give these a try! I know a fair few blogs already do this so I thought I'd give it a go. Basically every Monday I'll post a picture of my "mugshot" with a list of things that are going on in my crazy little world.

2. This time next week I'll have moved into my halls at uni and its safe to say right now that I'm absolutely bricking it. I don't feel old enough to even go to uni never mind basically live on my own, I just know I'll be home most weekends for the first few months. I can't cope being away from home for more than a week!

3. I'm planning on bleaching the bottom of my hair this week, that's if I manage to get my haircut before I go to uni, just fancy a change and I've spent a good part of the summer trying to get rid of the ginger/red I had in preparation for ombre -ing it. So once I get it all cut I shall go for the plunge so check out next weeks Monday Mugshot to see if I've done it yet. Also I don't know if you can tell but recently but my hair seems to have grown quite a lot and I was thinking of having it cut short but I have no been talked into keeping it longer.

4. And finally do you like my Paloma Faith inspired make up, I've been avoiding packing so I spent some time doing my make up repeatedly... I can always do one eye with eyeliner really well and the other is never half as good? Does this happen to anyone else?

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I do realise this is really quite picture heavy but I had such a great time at the event that it was had enough just trying to choose these pictures! I went to London almost a week ago for the OneStopPlus Event which was held at the Nails Inc Flagship store which means of course that we were lucky enough to get our nails done as well (I'll try get my hands on a picture of them sooner or later).

I had such an amazing time and just seeing all the bloggers and meeting the OneStopPlus team! We saw pieces from the up coming collection, some of which were already on the website and I have to say I was so impressed! I especially loved the blazers one being a tweedy check and the other being black with pleather detailing, I definitely want to try these out in my size. As this event was almost a week ago now ( this has sat in drafts for a few days I'm sorry!) I feel like I have forgotten some things but if you follow me on twitter you will have seen how excited I was over the event. We were also treated to goody bags when we left which had mini straighteners in, I've always wanted a pair!

I can't wait to do more things with OneStopPlus as I do really love the pieces they stock and I will certainly be purchasing from them in the future. I also want to just say how lovely the team were and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all, like I may have felt at some places in the past. The event was also during Fashions Night out so everywhere was buzzing which I just adored.

and lastly, I LOVE LONDON.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Heart Bag.

Can you tell I've no longer got my brother and his decent camera to take my pictures now? These were taken with my camera and it wasn't even sunny! Hopefully I'll get a better camera soon, but for now we'll have to do with to much light flooding in.

I found this denim shirt in the never ending pile of clean washing which is waiting to be ironed but really it doesn't need ironing, I'm not bothered either way. I bought it from a charity shop about 2 years ago and it was a summer staple, would of been this year but I found it when summer was basically over! The brooch is vintage with the most beautiful glass and my auntie bought it me when she spent a few days with us while they were over here from New Zealand. The leggings are my usual Matalan ones. Now I shall talk to you about my bag it was a birthday present of my lovely friend Emily and I've not used it enough yet at all! Its from River Island which I generally never shop at but I always go in for a nosey and there bags are always amazing, these pictures don't do it justice! I tried to match my lips slightly to the bag and my nails but the bad quality of the photos means you can't really tell.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to London for an event hosted by One Stop Plus which was at the Nails Inc flagship store in Mayfair so I got my nails done in a really cool coral/orange colour, I'll be posting about the event in the next week, so do look out for that!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A Little Yours Clothing, Part Two.

Here is another of the dresses the ever so lovely Yours Clothing sent me to review. Now online this dress seemed like a utter dream to me, I've been after a white lace vintage styled dress for quite some time mainly because all the lace I seem to wear is black! But when I first got this dress I wasn't so sure, the length seemed all wrong for me and generally not that flattering on my extremely apple figure. When I finally got round to taking some pictures of me wearing this I actually felt a lot better about it I don't know if its because my hair and make up is done and I've actually styled it with something or I'm just feeling better within myself? But I think this suits me better now than it did when I first put it on.

The lace itself is really soft as I know from buying pieces in the past it can sometimes be really scratchy on the skin and the lining underneath I am pleased to say is not that horrible sweaty fabric you tend to get with a lot of lined dresses. The armholes aren't to tight either which I was so happy about as generally I can get pieces to fit around my waist but then the arm holes aren't big enough and either don't fit at all or cut into my arm. I have a few minor downsides to this dress though when mine arrived there was a small hole in the back which is just where one of the frill bits is coming off I don't mind this as I can easily sew it back up and secondly I wish they'd also do this with long lace sleeves and a A-line mini skater dress style then it would be my perfect dress.

I have styled it with some new shoes I bought from Primark's wide fitting section and I adore them! And this lovely little suitcase style vintage bag I bought when I went to Antwerp with my College last November. The lipstick I'm wearing is from Rimmel and the rest of my make up was just foundation and some eyeliner around my eyes. For this I thought I'd do something new with my hair and I actually like it like this and may have to wear it like this more often!

Lastly I'm off to London for the One Stop Plus event on Thursday is anyone else going other than me, Naomi and La Cara?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

You need me, I don't need you.

I have a slightly obsession with this song at the moment and well Ed Sheeran in general really. These pictures I print screened from the video, Which I'll post below. If you've been reading my blog for a while you may remember seeing my post about the acoustic version of his last single The A Team and I basically declared my love for him on that so I won't do it again. So I'll actually talk about the video for a change and not how good looking the singer is (though of course he is!)

I love that they've used a guy signing the lyrics while Ed is playing, I feel it brings a whole new outlook onto the video unlike many other generic ones at the moment. Also the fact that you don't actually see Ed's face until the very end of the video is definitely a new idea, I think its so you actually think/listen to the lyrics which I also adore, seriously he has a way with words! I've always loved black and white films so obviously I like this too. Now I don't want to say much more So I'm going to leave you with the video and my favourite lyrics from the song. Oh and expect more posts about Ed in the future as I got tickets to see him in Manchester in January!

"I’m still the same as a year ago but more people hear me though, according to the myspace and YouTube videos. I’m always doing shows, if I’m not I’m in the studio truly broke, never growing up call me Ruffio. Melody music maker, reading all the papers They say I’m up and coming like I'm fucking in an elevator."