Monday, 30 April 2012

Simply Be Leicester.

Here's a selection of pictures from Simply Be's Leicester store opening, most of these pictures are my own from the eveing but I borrowed a few off Simply Be and one off the lovely Lucy who runs the highcross fashion blog! the Whole night was so, so brilliant I honestly enjoyed myself so much. When I turned up at the store there was a a small crowd outside ( all waiting for Gemma from Towie) I totally pretended they were all there for me, obviously I was loving life!

Top images are of course me with Gemma Collins who may I just point out is a total babe, she was so polite ad even took a business card off me ( yeah cheeky I know!) I spent most of my evening with the lovely Cynthia, who is an absolute doll and I very much loved talking to her I think we were the only two plus size bloggers there so it was great representing all the other girls too! The store has a truly spacious layout and its easy to mill around everything but its not at all empty by any means! The dressing rooms are also to die for and I even had a go on the magic mirror (which actually took forever to write my twitter name in, so i gave up and posted them to facebook!) but it was still brilliant. I don't want to ramble on to much because it's already pretty picture heavy, but I'll just say once more it was a pleasure seeing Charlotte from Simply Be and some of the other girls as always as well as there competition winner Abi who was such a lovely girl!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

My face.

Trio Eyeshadow in Chocolate Box - MUA
Cotton Candy - Collection 2000
Fairy Cake - Collection 2000

Yes those last two picture I do look a bit of a tit but to be honest I couldn't really give a damn, they make me smile a lot specially the first one! Anyway I wanted to show you the new make up I picked up today in Superdrug while buying toothpaste, yes I get sidetracked easily to say the least but I'm always glad I do! None of these products cost over £3 which personally I think is a bit of a bargain considering I find them to be pretty fantastic

To start with is my eyes which I have stated is a MUA trio palette and honestly I'm not really one for wearing eyeshadow a lot I actually purchased this to wear next to my lash line under my liquid liner when I go out as I like a tiny bit of sparkle but I thought I'd have a play with all the colours on my lid and I love it!
I've always been okay at make up so blending colours together on my lid doesn't really phase me I just used the lightest all over then the darkest on my socket line and blended it in with the paler shade then added some of the middle colour and whats on my lids in the photograph is the outcome, not bad hey! I bought this for 2.50 which I think is an insanely good price.

Now onto the lip creams from Collection 2000 one of these is actually a re-purchase as I bought it last October wore it to death then lost it, so when I saw them in store on offer I thought I'd try another colour as well. This is something I would wear everyday as there's enough colour without it being over the top and they don't dry your lips out! I also love the matte finish as I'm not one for mirror shine glosses. These are easy to apply and easy to store they also have a really cutesy label which obviously appeals to me. The lip puffs also smell SO GOOD I couldn't put my finger on what the smell is but I just know I like it!

I'm thinking of doing more posts like this by all means I am not a beauty blogger at all or anything but I just like make up! As you all know from seeing my outfit posts I tend to wear lipstick a lot of the time, so I'd like to show you all more of my collection!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Sorry its almost been a week from trying to do uni work (and failing) and coming back to Leicester and trying to settle in again after 3 weeks home I've not had a whole lot of time to post. But as I had a almost free from lectures day today I went to town with my friend Sophie and picked up some bits and pieces... all from primark including this top which was actually from the men's section its and XL and usually there pretty roomy but this one is really fitted I still love it though I saw it when I was looking for stuff for my brother a few weeks ago and thought I'd treat myself now!

I also got 2 new dresses which I already owned I love them that much I wanted spares to mix and match when the other is in the wash, I really hope I'm not the only person who does stuff like this! As well as these I bought some cute daisy print trousers which I'll show you in a post soon I promise! while we were out in town we did some mcflurry tasting and got £4 vouchers fr doing it, so naturally I spent mine straight away on the lip stain I'm wearing in the photographs and I've got to say I love it! I bought it from the boots 17 range and the colour is great and it also has a lip balm on the end as we all know how much stains can dry your lips, I'll see how long it takes for the pen to dry out before I decide to properly buy one again.

Tomorrow is the Simply Be store launch in the Highcross and I'm really looking forward to it, I can't wait to see some of my fave bloggers and girls! Who else is attending?

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Here are some more detailed photographs of my lovely new Lipstick from Rockalily which now you can no longer buy which is such a shame as its the most lovely colour and consistency.
I chose the shade "Hot Rod Red" which said it it wasn't really for fair skin but all the others were sold out and I'm so glad I got this its best bright red I've ever had!

It feels lovely on your lips and doesn't dry out and go all bitty as your wear it through out the day. In fact as it wears off it just leaves your lips with a pretty coloured stain which I really love as and smudged on purely for this! The packaging is also to die for with and you can see the real love that went into creating it.

My only thought would be it definitely does not come cheap ( £14 but £16 inc postage) and the plain black case reminds me of my Barry M lippy's so I guess it could feel a little more special but then as it comes boxed and then how good the product actually is I don't really care!

Has anyone else ever bought these lipsticks and whats your favourite colour to wear in general?

Monday, 16 April 2012


Here's my outfit from Through the Grapevine (or TTGV as my blog title suggests) along with a view photos that I took from the event itself. The night was pretty successful with plenty of people coming down to listen to decent music and have a drink we even eventually got a few people dancing around, though to start with I have a horrible feeling it was just me throwing shapes around! I'd had a few to many fizzy pops!

My outfit consists of a Primark T shirt dress which I've seen quite a few bloggers in and I'm in love, must buy another one! I can see me living in these all through summer, you've also seen me in the grey one. The shirt I'm wearing as a jacket was from the charity shop with a matching skirt for £2 but is a size 16 and to small but I feel I made it work and finally the necklace was from Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago.

The bottom pictures are of the two DJ's and runners of the night one of which is my brother and his friend (who is the girl in above photo's brother) and the image above this is me and one of my best friends. So yes it was over all a brilliant night! And I cannot wait for the next one in the summer!

Sunday, 15 April 2012


These are just a few pictures off tumblr which have left me feeling inspired to play around with my wardrobe once again! I love the studded collar so much and I plan to get some off eBay and mess around with a few charity shop tops to see how it works and if they look good I'll show them on here then possibly sell them on eBay! I showed a denim dress with cat print pockets on my last inspiration post but I adore these shorts they are so cute, though my massive bum would probably distort the poor cats faces.

And finally I think its clear now that I'm a little obsessed with cute collars and jumper so when I saw the dinosaur necklace with the lace collar and bubblegum pink jumper I couldn't resist posting it! Yes it's a little geeky and definitely not to every one's taste but that also basically sums me up.

I'll hopefully have another post up tomorrow as I have some pictures from the music night I went to on Friday and what I wore though if you have me on twitter you've possibly seen a few snippets!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Polka Dots, Retro Bag and Red Lips.

Bag: vintage, charity shop. Dress: Matalan. Belt: Peacocks. Shoes: Evans. Lipstick: Rockalily, Hot Rod Red.

Just a quick outfit post to prove I am still alive and actually wearing clothes! I'm so sorry its taken me so long to get a half decent post up but here it is now finally! I'm also showcasing a new dress and bag, I feel as if I may actually be ready for spring and summer now judging by this outfit. If I'm totally honest this is about as summer as I'll probably get other than maybe some Jelly Sandals and pastel coloured socks (YES I love that trend!)

I adore my Lipstick in these pictures and I'm dedicating a WHOLE post to it soon enough well in fact I already have the pictures to do it! But I'll just mention now that its a Rockalily in Hot Rod Red and its just the perfect formula, I AM IN LOVE.

Right tonight I am off to an Indie Soul night in my local town which is ran by my brother and his lovely mate they also have a blog which sooner or later I shall be doing a few guest posts on. Though its probably not right that I'm getting ready by drinking wine out of a Harry Potter mug and listening to Justin Bieber?!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Salford Keys and The Lowry.

I'm so sorry these pictures are pretty awful but my photographer has been super lazy when I've asked nicely if he could take pictures for me! So while I was out with the family today I snapped these in the toilets (always classy) just so I could have some clothes up on the blog! When packing for coming home I was a total idiot and thought I wouldn't need my jackets so at the moment all I've got is this tweed style one I was gifted for a review before Christmas so all my outfits are a complete mish mash of patterns and colours but you know what I think I kind of like it!

I'm wearing my denim skirt that basically hasn't been off my person since Christmas and a dress as a shirt. This dress was from George at Asda and I bought it in my normal size which is a 20 but its pretty huge on me so I have to awkwardly tuck it in but I love it all the same. I have a bit of an obsession with polka dots and this has two different sizes on so its a winner in my book! Leggings are the usual Matalan and my shoes are Primark wide fit I've gone through two pairs of these now but I love them so much and they obviously match everything! My scarf is vintage from a charity shop which I wore to just tie in the beigey colours with my jacket. I just thought I'd also add a very much wind and rain swept picture of my face into the post because I virtually went make up free today bar maybe some powder to de-shine myself slightly.

So over all I had a lovely but damp day at Salford Keys, did a little shopping (all I bought were hair grips and a necklace showing my love of chocolate which I will post about soon I'm sure) and had a wander around the Lowry Gallery which there was an Annie Lennox exhibition on which was amazing so glad I dropped on it! I'm planning to go back and spend some more time in that section watching all her music videos projected on the wall! Hopefully I will be back to blogging more next week, with better pictures!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Lipstick and Liner.

This is just a short post to show you how I've just rediscovered lip liner and I'm not going to lie its making my life! I recall people often saying you only used lip liner if lipstick bled into the creases around your mouth. But in all honestly its made my lipstick application so much easier, I get the perfect defined line over my cupids bow and it doesn't smudge the same either when I'm putting it on.

I tend to wear lipstick a lot on my blog it just makes me feel so much more ready for the world, though I rarely wear it heavily in public as I used to be worried about what people would think but since using lip liner I'm just much more confident with it all. I mean it doesn't go over my cupids bow so I know I pretty much have the shape I want, though I have to admit I don't wear this colour all that much generally because of how bright it is ( it doesn't show up too well with my web cam, sorry!) It's a Kate Moss for Rimmel and the colour is Rossetto Rouge, and my new lip liner is from Barry M as they seem to be the only make up brand that does strong coloured liners I also bought it in a red as well which I will show you on another post soon. I'm a little obsessed with Barry M at the moment in the last few weeks I've bought a bright blue mascara (which is amazing!) a pale blue polish with iridescent shimmer in, a new red lipstick and finally a blusher. I completely blame Superdrug for having it all on offer recently!

Also how do you like the picture layout I found a really awesome site which puts your images into columns (a few bloggers use it for instagram including Lily Melrose, which is where I found the link) So I'm definitely thinking about using it more as I really like it! Also like to say sorry about all the posters behind me, I'm in my room back home and I'm currently slowly but surely taking down my posters but I 'm getting a bit emotional over them as some have been up since I was 15! And yes you can spot Robert Pattinsons head over my shoulder I was and still am a massive fan girl for the Twilight saga and Pattinson!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

How to be.

This is a little post about a film I tend to watch quite a lot, now if you have known me for awhile you'll know that I'm a little bit in love with Robert Pattinson though regardless if he was in this or not I'd still love it. This was before the whole Twilight shenanigan's (which you may also know I'm obsessed with... but not because robs in them may I point out!) when rob spent his time either gigging around London with the stage name Bobby Duprea or acting in indie or sometimes just plain weird films. But "How to be" is actually brilliant, now I will say this not everyone will get it or even find it funny it just depends if you like this sort of film.

But rob does sing in this... not at his usual level (which I will one day post for you as it leaves me with goosebumps) but its witty and odd all the same. And his two friends in this film are also awesome characters and all each of there own weirdness's bounce off each other! And yes that is an unfortunate haircut but I still would! The costumes in this also make me smile because well I know a few guys like this myself and it just makes me giggle, also some shots in this film are also beautiful done for something with so little a budget.

So all in all definitely worth a watch if your into slightly obscure indie flicks with interesting characters and even better outfits.

"Life is a stage in witch we all play, and the world is a symphony, sarcastic lost. Like to be a part of the global games. But I left behind chokin’ on the dust, chokin’ on the dust, chokin’ on the dust."