Wednesday, 30 January 2013

After Show Party.

Dress/Belt: Asos Curve (altered by me). Pleather Jacket: Dorothy Perkins. Clutch: Accessorize Sale.

I talked my mum into snapping these pictures while we were at the Pantomimes After Show Party (though its a week after the show's finished) I wanted to be comfortable as my stomach was killing that day and really swollen, thankfully you can't tell in the pictures or in this dress! The outfit wasn't thought about to much I just threw on what I felt like and I'm starting to really get into wearing tights again now after spending the last year living in leggings, though these tights were the bain of my life! Nothing worse than tights rolling down constantly!

I wore this dress a few weeks back for an event at Evans (which I will blog about soon, promise!) and loved it so much I new I had to wear it again as soon as possible! I wore it as a swing dress on that day but this time I decided to belt it with another Asos Curve purchase which has been worn to death on my blog already. All I had to alter was taking up the length as I'm short and curve dresses always seem to be longer than the normal range, its now at the perfect length. The pleather jacket is another recent piece of my wardrobe I've been after the perfect one for ages and they were either studded or to long in the body for me, I finally found this one in Dorothy Perkins and yes it was a little more than what I generally wanted to spend but for a timeless jacket I could let it slide this time! And finally my bag is new too, I got an accessorize voucher for Christmas of a relative and I knew I had to hunt this beauty down and snap it up in the sale, it works with so much of my stuff which I thought it wouldn't and it just gives a quirky edge to all my outfits!

My make up was a little dressier than normal with a shimmery eyeshadow and cat eye flicks then instead of my usual bright red lip I went for a softer look with a revlon just bitten kissable balm stain and I'm a huge fan of these, so look out on the blog for them in the near future!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Find Your Perfect Shapewear with M&S.

Last week I was lucky enough to be contacted by a lovely lady from Marks and Spencer's to see if I'd like to try out there new Shapewear tool on the website, then test out the piece of shapewear it chose for me. So of course I said I'd love to! This was easy to use and explained every part so I actually knew what would work for me, it also takes your preferences into account, as I always prefer black shapewear as apposed to white or flesh coloured. You can see all my selections as I went along the six steps above, I was originally a little dubious to try this as I wasn't sure whether it would just come up with the same thing for everyone but I got my mum to try it out too so I can promise you it doesn't!

Now I have to be honest I've tried the odd bit of Shapewear in the past and never found it really did anything to enhance/encase my figure, it generally just made it harder to nip to the loo when I was in them! So I was looking forward to see what my options would be at the end and I chose the "Ultimate Magic Secret Slimming High Waisted Thigh Slimmer" primarily because it looked high sitting than the Waist Cincher, it does the same job as the Waist Cincher but is also aimed at smoothing my thighs as well.

This is part one of  "Find Your Perfect Shapewear with M&S" the next will be me in the Shapewear showing you whether it genuinely works and whether its a good match for my shape!

Sunday, 27 January 2013


For the last month or so Panto has pretty much taken over my life in the best possible sense as it's something I utterly love doing! I'll class myself as wardrobe assistant but I basically help out all over, from dressing the cast as believe me these costumes are heavy and not at all easy to get on, to altering and fixing costumes to. I also get asked my input or thoughts on how it looks from the stage. I'm lucky enough to help one of the loveliest ladies I know she's called Diane and it's always a pleasure to see her and help her out!

I snapped these pictures during one of the shows, while my dressing room was empty. Unfortunately I didn't make any of these costumes but one day I'd love to try my hand at making something for the stage. Another thing panto has made me do is love glitter, sparkles and anything diamante! If my 15 year old self could see me now she'd be horrified! (at 15 I generally hated colour, wore alot of black and liked to think I was a massive emo, and I wasn't.)

By the way the Pantomime was Sleeping Beauty and we had some rather wonderful music in it including tracks from Olly Murs, LMFAO and even had the dame doing Gangnam Style... the most disturbing thing I've ever seen to this day!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Peacock Feathers.

Dress: c/o Sienna Couture. Belt: Asos Curve. Tee: Dorothy Perkins. Tights: M&S. Chelsea Boots: c/o Barratts.

I was lucky enough to be sent this dress from Sienna Couture months ago but with being ill, sorting my life out and the hassle of bad weather I've only just had chance to pop it on and photograph it to show you all how utterly beautiful it is! I know I should of basically ironed everything I'm wearing in these pictures but they don't look to shabby regardless, right? The Dress was sent to me wrapped in pink tissue paper with a silver sticker, now how nicely presented it was made me love it even more! I'm sure you'll all agree how stunning this dress is specially with such a pretty and unusual print on it! Sienna Couture is stocked in New Look and Evans, you can find all there lovely pieces online.

The Dress is a dipped hem which almost sweeps the floor on me as I'm only 5'2. Here I've dressed it down slightly with the basic tee under it but this could also be really glammed up with show stopping heels and lovely bit of bling! I wore my Asos Curve belt just because I love it so much and it works with everything! I just added a little colour pop with my lipstick like always which is a new one I picked up from Topshop in Infared, I'm actually so impressed with Topshop's lipsticks after recieving one for free when I made an order before Christmas!

The shoes we're also something I was lucky enough to be gifted by Barratts. Now I love a good Chelsea Boot they can work with anything and are a classic style. I have very wide fit and these are not of the wide ft variety in a shoe but all the same they are truly really comfortable and are not overly tight on my instep! I'm also not a heel's girl the chunky blocked heel on these boots is really easy to walk in and they give me a little height without feeling like I'm on stilts! These Boots are also currently on offer so you can snap the up here!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bag Yourself The Handbag Of The Season.

If it’s true that a woman carries her whole life around in her handbag, it makes a lot of sense that this season’s handbags are taking style cues from traditional luggage. The humble satchel is a real fashion favourite at the moment, so dismiss any associations with primary school and make like Taylor Swift and Emma Roberts with a satchel-inspired bag. 
It has a cool, androgynous appeal: Indiana Jones always carried one, as did Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer on hit TV show 24. They are perfect for adding a bit of bookish chic, so team with oversized glasses, print dresses and shawls. A splash of colour as part of the many bright designs around should banish any memories of school for good.

 However, though originally designed for carrying books, the lovely satchel bags doing the rounds at the moment are more petite and therefore better suited to ladies who like to stroll out armed with just their wallet, mobile phone, keys and a lipstick.  

For those who really do take the kitchen sink with them every time they leave the house, the oversized handbag is still a stylish choice. It adds an air of effortless glamour to an outfit, suggesting that you’re perhaps too busy and important to manage with only a tiny bag. This style of bag looks especially good teamed with skinny jeans and a slouchy top; high heels or ballet pumps are essential, huge sunglasses a fine optional extra.
For the evening, look to Chanel and its classic quilted chain-strap bags: a ladylike staple that never goes out of style and whose structured design makes it ideal for carrying all your essentials. The tote is always a firm celebrity favourite, and they are easily accessible as they can be hand-held or carried in the crook of the arm. 
Take inspiration from Mulberry, who have created the Del Rey tote in honour of singer Lana Del Rey. The seasonal It bag has been seen on the arms of actress Jennifer Lawrence and TV presenter Fearne Cotton. More affordable versions of these much sought-after bags are readily available, so shop online to shop handbags with ease.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

We All Love Discounts On Fashion!

There are millions of different ways that you can get fashion at a discount. This is the most fun you can have when shopping. For me, a real bargain is when you find those little treasures that didn't cost you the earth. Someone will look admiringly at your outfit and ask where you got that particular piece from. And what do you say? You say it was a bargain find; you paid very little for it, and then walk away feeling like the cat that got the cream as your friends look on admiringly.

I have found many websites offering discount ranging from sale bargains and clearance lines, to some websites that provide everything for no more than £5. Yes folks, find a coat, jacket, skirt, or trousers, and pay no more than £5 each. Hard to believe, perhaps, but with a little determination and patience there are plenty of other bargains to be found out there. If you have gift vouchers then a voucher code will suffice and you can buy whatever you wish online 

If you got gift vouchers for Christmas then why not use them right now? Then you could use these against a purchase online, you don't necessarily have to use them in the store they've come from. Most high street stores will have an option to use your gift card online when you reach checkout, and some will have detailed instructions on how to enter the voucher code. It's that simple. It may take some of the stress out, although for some, browsing a store is part of the experience. Shopping is fun whether it's online or on the High Street. 

When we're living in a recession, any bargain or discount will be welcomed with open arms. That feeling of putting on a beautiful party dress, the one you've been searching for, for what seems like a lifetime, and then you find it at more than half price. Or those sparkly kitten heels that are in the sale. It's even better when you haven't paid for it, and it's come as a gift! Sheer bliss!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Leather and Denim.

Denim Vest: Dorothy Perkins. Cardigan: Primark Men's (Borrowed off my Brother not that he knows!) Lace Top: Primark. (P)leather Skirt: Simply Be. Bra (just seen) M&S Limited Edition. Brooch: Vintage.

Yes I somehow managed to get some pictures taken before it was dark today! Though I am definitely not feeling great today, I seem to have taken a few steps back health wise in the last few weeks which does make me really miserable but anyway I digress! I mentioned on twitter last week that I'd be interested in doing some fashion challenges random with different Bloggers as there is so many things in my wardrobe that I love but just seem to get unworn! The lovely Hanna from The Wardrobe Challenge was one of the first of quite a few to mention being interested and this is our first one together Leather and Denim!

I know Hanna also owns this beaut of a skirt but what her outfit will consist of is still a mystery to me! I bought this skirt in the Simply Be sale in October(?) when we had a student lock in at the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester so as well as the sale I got an extra 20% off, so I got this lovely skirt for about 7 pounds BARGAIN! The top is a cheeky Primark purchase from last Easter that I've hardly worn but now with my new confidence with flashing a little bra, I NOW LOVE THIS TOP. And finally the denim vest is a favourite of mine which I throw over everything. I also slapped on a fair bit of make up because I'm feeling really rotten today!

One last thing I've really enjoyed doing this with Hanna as she's one of my fave Bloggers and I simply love everything she wears! But it has also made me look into my wardrobe more and pull things out I've either hardly or never worn! If anyone would be interested in doing little random challenges let me know. P.S Don't forget to check out Hanna's Blog The Wardrobe Challenge !

Friday, 4 January 2013

Simply Be Quote.

I just wanted to quickly post this up in case some of you guys hadn't seen it on either the Simply Be facebook page or twitter! They were nice enough to use me as one of there favourite quotes and to me this is a pretty big deal. Primarily because I'm very dyslexic and have erlens so it's incredible rare for me to ever be quoted on anything!

Also I hope you all agree with what I'm saying. I definitely wish that when I was a teenager (well a younger one as I'm nearly out of that bracket now!) that I'd had people like all of us bloggers to look up to and think it was okay to be how I was. between the ages of 12-16 I didn't think it was okay at all and I guess you could say it made me a little miserable at the time, which in turn just made me want to eat more! So now I'm glad that I can possible be classed as someone for plus size teens to look up to in a way because when I was sixteen I'd never of thought I would be. And even today I have all of the bloggers to look up to when I'm feeling rubbish about myself!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Night Garden.


Shirt: Dorothy Perkins. Skater Skirt: Asos.

I managed to snap some pictures of the outfit I wore to see an Adult Panto in Manchester over the Christmas break and it's safe to say it was hilarious! If I can get any promotional pictures from the show I'll put them up for you all to see because honestly it was brilliant! Of course it being in Manchester means I didn't get home until gone 11pm so these picture were basically taken in the middle of the night hence the reason you can't really see much of the skirt!

So onto my clothes, I love this shirt and it was actually its first outing I found it to be pretty sheer so I wore a white vest under it to keep some of my modesty! The only downside to the top is the synthetic fabric it is made of which makes me over heat really easily as I'm very warm blooded anyway so I get flushed and flustered in the easiest of situations. And there was one or two very flushes moments during that night but I shall not digress there! I also paired this with my trusty vintage navy blazer, vintage scarf and my leather Chelsea boots.

I hope you don't mind the majority of my pictures being taken at night it seem to be the only time I can get them done and feel like doing them! These pictures were taken last year technically how crazy is that, just taking my time to get my head round that one!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years.





These are just a selection of pictures from my lovely friend's party last night, unlike last years I was very, very sober though if it wasn't for my medication I probably wouldn't of been! I spent new years with some of the people I love dearly, all my friends. They all know I blog and tend to have sneaky reads from time to time! In fact the wonderful image of my friend Billy with his mouth open and posing was requested to go up in his slightly drunken state so lets hope hes see's it! I also put a picture in of one of my oldest friend Joe's 3 piece suit he wore, He's got some serious style I'm going to try and badger him next time he's home from Sandhurst to get some pictures of him to put up on here, he dresses so well! The only other pictures of him are from this party so long ago! My friend Becca in the grey dress had the cutest clutch ever so I got a full length shot of her by the tree. It's from Accesorize and was reduced from £22 to £12 I'm going to go and hunt it down for myself it's so beautiful.

This year with my outfit was a little more out of my comfort zone than what I would of worn a year ago! But who cares I actually felt fine, maybe even great in it! The bra under is a longline from Matalan, I actually love loads of there lingerie lately! I bought the top in the Next sales along with my shoes which I AM IN LOVE WITH and I've been praising them on twitter to! I paired them with a skater skirt from Asos and some tights. Then I wore my trusty red lip stain and matching it to my bra which you a little visible under the top, was that trashy matching them? You know what I don't care I loved it! This is a look I am definitely going to try again which mean you'll probably have lots more posts with visible bra being shown on purpose!

Finally I had to get into there downstairs shower and pretend I was singing into it because that is something I tend to do at house parties! I just realised how picture heavy this post is, I am so sorry but I loved to many of them not to include them! Hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve and Day!