Monday, 15 July 2013

In The Garden.


Dress: c/o Scarlett & Jo at Evans. Scarf (worn as belt): Vintage. Shoes: Matalan Wide Fit.

I saw this lovely dress way back in January at an Evans event. I instantly fell in love and loudly proclaimed said love to everyone in the room. Fast forward a good few months and the adorable girls at Scarlett & Jo popped it in the post for me and it was SUCH a lovely surprise! The Collar, Buttons and texture are to name but a few things I love about this dress. It can be dressed up or down and I've already worn it on a brief and casual night out with some of my friends and Once it's not boiling point weather wise I hope to wear it to work as well!

My only downside is I may have prefered the site up just for an over sized looser look and this would also mean it would be a little more space in the arms and neck. Not that I mind either way though it's something to just think about when trying it on! It also comes with a little tied sash for the waist band in the identical fabric to the dress but I fancied adding another dimension of colours into the miss with my lovely vintage scarf! I finished this look with my usual red lipstick and my hair how I always have it. May I also mention I've found another spot in my garden to take snaps! I always forgot about this tiny and slightly pointless path we have to a statue in the corner of my garden, it's a nice change from my usual brick wall!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Pretty Me Retro?

Dress: c/o F+F at Tesco. Denim Jacket: M&Co. Scarf in hair: Vintage.

What seems like forever ago I was sent this darling dress from Tesco as unfortunately the original dress I opted for which was beautiful was tiny and when I managed to exchange it said dress was sold out! This dress is something I wouldn't normally go for as it's straight up and down and sleeveless but the pretty pastel colour and adorable detailing with the lace won me over! I love the colour and feel of the fabric it doesn't feel like that uncomfortable and slightly sweat material the lining is what seems to be cotton (YAY!) and it's something you could wear on the hottest day, quite like the last few days and still feel okay. Sleeveless is something I fear over as I'm always paranoid about my upper arms but this year I say no more! If it's warm I shall have them out as sometimes a misshapen cardigan can completely ruin an otherwise lovely outfit! Here I paired it with a denim jacket purely because I liked how it looked and when I took these it wasn't 26 degree's!

I felt like channelling my more retro look with this quirky scarf tied in my hair and a backcombed ponytail behind it. I've not done my hair like this for so long that I can't decide if it still suits me or not! Don't get me wrong I love the scarf in hair look but I'm not sure as to whether my heavy fringe now makes it a little too much. I finished the look with my usual red lipstick and I was good to go, I really hope you don't tire of my red lipstick obsession but I just feel right with a cherry coloured tiny on my lips! I decided to face my fears and wear this out in public... I did feel a little OTT for the supermarket but I didn't get too many odd looks so I may try this again!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Out with the old in with the new?

Of course these photographs are not of my own room they're just what I'd love it to resemble (Hello Carries UHMAZING walk in wardrobe) unfortunately for me my room is still a teenagers with lots of unloved clothing and pointless knick knacks. I can try to be organised but it always fails me after a few weeks I return to my hoarding cluttered self. I seem to find a reason to try and keep everything even though I have may not of worn of used the piece in years. This includes that poster of Zac Efron that took pride of place on your wall circa 2008 and that pair of jeans you've never worn because you need to do the zip up with a coat hanger while you lie down with a pile of books on your stomach to help you breath in.

As I become more grown up with my decisions (which sucks) I'm being able to let more things go. This means one thing only, time to start giving away to charity or sell my wares on a site like Ebay or even a blogsale. I like to do a mixture of all of the above as it means some extra funds for me and of course helping replenish our charity shops with good quality pieces! I like to find similar pieces for sale if I have the time to see what other people are willing to pay when popping them up online and when I'm sending bin bags full to the charity shop I always make sure my clothes are clean and in good condition as I hate it when people just think they can send broken and damaged pieces to them!

When it comes to sending any pieces I've sold I could just pop them in the post but nowadays I prefer to use sites like ParcelForce as you have more control over how pieces will turn up to the buyer! The amount of times I've had damaged items in the post goes into double figures so when I'm passing on my wares I much prefer the fact I know they'll turn up undamaged and in the condition they left me this way! So now I'm well on my way to de-cluttering my life maybe, JUST MAYBE my room may end up looking like the first image? Though lets just be realistic my wardrobe will NEVER be like Carrie Bradshaw's!