Sunday, 30 June 2013

FFF - "We go from green to blue to gold to black"

Dress/Leggings: Matalan. Denim Jacket: M&Co. Shoes/Belt: Peacocks. Box Bag: Vintage Style Boutique.

It's time yet again for another Fat Fabulous Four challenge and this time were taking on stripes, which are a firm favourite in my wardrobe! When I'm out shopping they're something I'm naturally drawn to and always pick up. I know some people would say that stripes aren't very flattering on a plus size figure but in all honestly I couldn't care less I love wearing them and that's all that matters! This dress is a midi dress from Matalan but I've altered it as being a short arse means they're far to long on me as they are and I prefer a higher hemline so I can wear them with leggings. Denim jacket from one of my firm favourite stores M&Co, so often my friends don't believe me when I say what I'm wearings from there. I think sometimes people think it's somewhere mothers or grandmothers shop at when in reality they have some adorable vintage inspired and trend lead pieces. 

Some of my accessories are from good old Peacocks, I simply adore this belt I picked it up last weekend. The colours and easy feel to it make it perfect for this summer, it also matches my super old and battered flats also from Peacocks. I found this really cute box bag in an adorable vintage styled shop in my hometown, I've walked past and looked in the window so many times but never actually been in until today and lets just say I could buy the whole place out, it's so pretty and surprisingly for that kind of thing really well priced. I finally finished the look with my usual red lipstick and crontic bitch face!

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Colour Pop!

 Men's Tee/Sunnies: Primark. Leggings: Matalan. Bagazine: H! by Henry Holland (eBay). Heels: Evans.

I'm afraid to say this is probably the closest I'll ever get to the Sports Luxe trend, though generally speaking I'll more than happily swap these heels for a pair of converse! I wore this a few weeks ago while it was really warm as this is my current go to look when the temperature climbs. I mean it keeps me cool and I'm comfortable so when the weather is at boiling point the last thing on my mind is if my outfit is flattering! I have a love of over sized mens tee's I tend to pick up the biggest most stores I go in sell and see if it's baggy enough to my liking, I think this is a XXL from primark men's. I tend to roll the sleeves up and this for some reason makes it look so much better!

The dip dye leggings just give it a cool edge and it's super subtle so often it goes unnoticed. The heels were something I bought and wore for my 6th form prom which you can see in the post below. I rarely wear them but when I do I find them surprisingly easy to walk in and not particularly uncomfortable like I tend to feel in every other type of heel! The bagazine is something I love dearly and my dad won for me on eBay after I lusted for so long in the shop over  but could never really afford for myself at the time. I adore the majority of Henry Hollands diffusion line for Debenhams but unfortunately I don't always fit in the collection, I do though own a few tee's from it which are quite roomy! These tied together with my bright pink lipstick and coloured sunglasses finish off an otherwise extremely basic outfit with the quirky and unique edge I always try to strive for with my fashion choices.

This is the kind of outfit you'll probably be seeing quite a lot of over the rest of the summer, do any of you shop in the Men's section or shops without caring what others think?

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Looking Back at Past Proms.

Arriving at Year 11 Prom Age 15. And yes I arrived in a classic mustang!

Before arriving at Year 11 Prom.

                   Year 13 Prom that I technically gatecrashed as I'd left school!

As it's coming back to that time of the school year again for what seems to be a large number of people I "know" on Facebook it made me think back to my past proms and my possible fashion faux paux's at each one. I also thought you'd like a giggle at how I looked before I started this blog when I was 16! If you've been a long time reader I may of posted about the year 13 prom but I thought I'd pop up more photographs anyway!

Lets start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. So basically when I was 15 I clearly LOVED black. Everyone makes a bigger deal out of this prom and everyone seemed to have proper full length dresses so I followed the crowd, big mistake! Back then I hadn't developed my personal style like I have now and I just wanted to fit in with everyone else. Looking back I know I should of worn what I wanted to instead of wearing something I felt I had to. All in all the dress really annoyed me and frayed like a bitch on the bottom, not that it mattered as it cost less than £30 off eBay! My shoes and necklace we're also from eBay and my clutch bag was £3 from Primark and was two years old at this point, the bolero was because I felt I had to cover my arms. At the time I refused to get my hair done professionally and just borrowed a friends GHD's to straighten it for the evening, truthfully I wish I'd made more effort beauty wise. Looking back a beautiful hair piece from somewhere like Pauls Hair World would of been fantastic! I was also a MASSIVE twilight fan and openly a Twihard to the world back then, so my necklace was a replica of Rosalie's from the first film. I was so cool!
Fast forward almost 2 years and I'm now 18 discovered what my personal style was a little more and attending the 6th form Prom. This is much more relaxed, pretty much turn up in a cute dress and have fun before everyone disappears to become grown ups. My dress was from good old Matalan and a dress I still love today. Bag is Henry Holland Bagazine which was from his original collection at Debenhams that I scoured eBay for and I'd finally realised I could walk in some heels and picked these vibrant pink sandels up from Evans. I was also still covering up my arms which is something I wish I hadn't been so bothered about! My hair colour had changed yet again and I'd found the joy that is lipstick but due to rushing from College and having an hour to get ready my hair was neglected once again. It would of been lovely to have been able to pop in some Additional lengths Hair Extensions 
to give a fresher look.

So what would I do different this time I hear you ask? My answer would be not to be so self conscious or worried what people would think! Though the chances of me still wishing to play it safe in black would now primarily be because I wouldn't want to dribble anything down me instead of the usual "it's more slimming" thought! In the next week or so I'm hopefully going to get some plus size prom alternatives up just to show that it's not as hard to find formal wear now as it was for me when I was 15! I hope you enjoying having a giggle at my former emo self and remember that it doesn't matter where your dress is from it's all about how you decide to work it!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Burning Desire For You Baby.

Dress: c/o Desire Clothing. Belt: Primark. Leggings: Matalan.

The lovely ladie(s) over at Desire Clothing sent me this dress what feels like forever ago now but I've finally caught my breath and managed to take a few snaps for you! i have to admit I had briefly heard about Desire Clothing and just assumed it was a store very similar to places such as Misguided and Daisy street but I was certainly surprised when they contacted me for this as so many items on the Curve section of there site side are fab! Check out the site as they often have new bits and bobs in and I just had a look and want everything!

I utterly adore the lace detailing of the fabric around the neckline and how lovely it looks on the back as well. I've worn this pretty dressed down really, you could easily wear it for a formal occasion! I also love the fact the lining is shorter than the outer skirt of the dress! Meaning if it does shrink slightly it won't end up with the lining being longer which is a pet hate of mine and completely ruins a dress for me!

The only slight downside to this if it's even one is that the sizing is extremely generous I originally ordered my usual size 20 as in the past I've had pieces from KoKo by Koko ( which is the label on this dress) and had to size up but this time I sized down 2 sizes and I'm pretty certain a size 14 wouldn't of felt tight either. So if any of you are size 28+ I'm almost certain you'd all fit in this dress! Shock horror I'm baring my arms, I do realise they are the colour similar to a milk bottle but I don't care as I wanted to show of the back and how nice the dress is without ruining the line of the dress by throwing over a grim old cardigan! I just finished with a little gold shimmer on my eyelid, a slick of liner and my go to red lip! And finally I thought I'd just throw my hair up a little differently for a change, would you like me to pop some of my really naff hairstyle as it's something I can sit and do for ages!

Monday, 17 June 2013

All I know is we said "Hello".

 I have a love/hate relationship with Taylor Swift... I can dance around to a number of her songs (and even sing them word for word) but theirs something about her that really annoys me too... Probably that she's got around a large number of attractive men who I'd quite fancy my chances with!

anyway this video hardly has her in hence why I probably like it so much! I daren't confess to you HOW many times I've actually watched this (well into double figures) but what I will say is I may of had a little cry, because I'm over emotional and it basically shows to me to kids discovering friendship and maybe more? Just so you know for future reference the adorable ginger boy is how my children, If I have any will be like. I'm sure you all know I kind of think Ed Sheeran's alright.... and you can certainly tell he was heavily involved with the song and I'm partly guessing the video too, as he generally only has himself in a video as a minor part not the main focus which for all of Taylor's other videos she is. In my opinion it's beautifully done even if I didn't like both artists I'd probably still adore the video and song.

May I finally point out the end shot with the little ginger kid and Ed actually kills me. Genuinely hope I'm not the only one...

P.S I think I purely watch it for eds arms and face at the end as well.....

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Victoria Baths.

Top: M&Co. Jeggings: New Look Inspire. Shoes: Primark. Bag: Vintage-Thrifted. Necklaces: Primark/ASOS.

Last Sunday my folks and I popped to Victoria Baths in Manchester for the Vintage Home Show they have there every now and then. Of course I fell in love with too many things but somehow restrained myself from buying EVERYTHING I would of liked and instead just picked up a few little pieces to add to my dressing table and a beautiful compact mirror, I even managed to barter on a few of them! These snaps are a mixture of my iPhone and digital camera as it's an old swimming baths There is a lot of light and sometimes my camera goes a little crazy there. This is honestly one of my favourite places and I'd really love to take some proper photo shoot like photographs here as it can make a beautiful backdrop. Victoria Baths also plays host to some truly wonderful stained glass windows. For the first time ever I didn't get chance to snap my favourite one but the window above is just in one of the changing stalls.

I just got my mum to snap the full length of shots me while we were in a quieter pool, though a few people did suddenly walk in which is probably why I look a little awkward! It was pretty warm so I wore something comfortable as I was feeling less than perky anyway. I picked up this top in the M&Co sale, they don't show up well in the pictures but the stripes are all done as adorable scalloped edging. The jeggings you saw in my last post too, sorry I seem to have worn them a fair bit lately the only downside being they fall down A LOT so I have to do the comedy wiggly to pull them back up! I kept my make up it's usual self which is concealer and powder with some form of red lip, I was wearing my beloved Revlon just bitten lip stain as it's easy to wear and reapply without feeling very when it's warm. All in all a lovely day and I even got ice cream at the end!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

FFF - "The boys just call me Camouflage"

Camo Tee: Local Army and Navy store. Jeggings: old New Look. Flatforms: Primark. Cameo Brooches: Vintage and Thrifted.

It's time yet again for another Fat Fabulous Four challenge This time were taking on the camouflage trend. I recall it suddenly becoming really into it's own last september so and I wanted to jump on board so picked up with Camo tee from my local army and navy store then never really wore it because I just didn't know what to put with it and it wasn't baggy enough for my liking! But I'm so glad one of the girls chose this as I overall love this look, hence why theres more pictures than normal. I just wore my usual red lipstick this time it being Rimmel Apocolips in Big Bang! My title for this post came from when I googled "songs with the word Camouflage in... apparently its by Stan Ridgway?

The flatforms are well loved from last summer and I will cry my eyes out when they decide to go to shoe heaven! The jeggings are super old from New Look Inspire and they're something I have a love/hate relationship with. One the one hand they look pretty rad but on the other THEY FALL DOWN ALL THE TIME! My problem is to get them to fit nicely on my tummy, thighs and bum they fall down a little every time I walk which then leads to my bum wiggle pulling up jean dance (if you say you don't have one, I know you're lying... EVERYONE does!) Another of my latest fashion obsessions is turning up the sleeves on all my tees it just makes them look so much better in my eyes and just adds a little detail to an otherwise basic outfit. You may also of seen on twitter that I cut my own fringe, a scary prospect I know but it was doing my head in so much I just had to! I may pop a few snaps up on the blog of how I did as surprisingly I didn't bugger it up so badly. PS I was feeling fierce and rad thats the reason for the last picture!

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Friday, 7 June 2013

Five Decades of Fashion.

This is Simply Be's Five Decades of Fashion showing you what was leading fashion in the nineteen sixties and what is in our wardrobes now and even what we could be wearing in the future! It shows the clothing crazes people (primarily my mum) would like to be forgotten and definitive styles that changed our wardrobes and lives forever!

I have to admit being an avid vintage girl myself I utterly love this and find it so interesting.Though considering I wasn't born until the end of this step back through time (1993 in case you were wondering) I can't say I regret any of the styles as I wore whatever my mum shoved me in. I think the only trend the majority of people should regret is the dreaded shell suit and I know my mum was a fan in the eighties! You can check out the full piece here I had a lovely code so it would come up on my site but it won't work, sorry!

Infographic by Simply Be