Friday, 26 August 2016

Introducing Want That Trend - Part 1

Dress: c/o Want That Trend. Belt: Next. Clutch: Evans. Shoes: Primark. Sunglasses: Specpost.

When Want That Trend first reached out to me I was honestly not sure what to except. I'd seen them floating around the internet over the last year (mainly Facebook as this is where they have really taken off!) and thought they didn't look too bad for straight size fast fashion. So when they announced they would be catering for the plus size market my ears pricked up. Now they are currently only available up to a UK24 which isn't brilliant but for a new brand on the scene it's certainly a start. The lovely team over at WTT have sent me 3 dresses to show you and this Lydia Floral Navy Top Skater Dress is the first. When you look on the Plus Size section of the site you will see there is ALOT of choice, I didn't know where to start! To my knowledge all the dresses are made from this thick scuba material which I do love for the skirt as it keeps it shape really well but I was a little dubious about on the top sections as it can sometimes be quite a warm fabric to wear! Lots of the dresses are the same style and/or cut but in different prints for me personally if I find a shape I like I'll probably want to get it in every colour available anyway! Sure these dresses may not be winning anything in the High fashion stakes however if you're looking for cute dresses for work or nights out that don't need hours of ironing these would definitely be a go to! 

Here I'm wearing the UK Size 20 which I would state is true to size but I wouldn't say there is masses of room in them personally so if you fluctuate between a certain size I'd go up just to be on the safe side. I do love the brightness of the print and for the price point (that is the same for the smaller sizes, which makes a nice change!) Also shall we all just look at how fun the first photo is, thank you sunshine and the fact it was windy when I was shooting them!

I hope you look forward to Part 2 coming soon! 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Getting all Dolly and Dotty!

Dress: c/o Dolly and Dotty. Belt: Vintage. Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins. Shoes: Bait Footwear. Sunglasses: Specspost. Hair Flower: Pin Up Curl.

I've had this dress for quite awhile and I've been desperately meaning to post about it but I just wasn't happy with the photos, however these only came out marginally better and I do hope you don't mind. I wish the photos without the cardigan were cuter than they are but I wanted to show you how the fabric is on the bust and back of the dress (both extremely comfortable!) This is the Melissa Bandeau dress the lovely team over at Dolly and Dotty sent me to review. You may recall be reviewing another of their dresses at the beginning of the year and me being surprised at how true to size they were as so often I find vintage reproduction or inspired brands can be on the smaller size but I am happy to report again that Dolly and Dotty's sizing seems to be spot on if not a little generous. Here I'm wearing a UK20 and it's comfortable and doesn't cut in on my waistband, I do however find the dress a little long in the body though I am only 5'2 so this is something that I usual find in the vast majority of dresses I wear! I also find the bust quite full as well so if you have boobs bigger than me (for reference I wear a 38DD/E generally in bras) you should still be fine even with it being strapless. I'm wearing my go to Curvy Kate Luxe strapless bra under the dress in these photos. 

I decided to colour coordinate the whole of my outfit and threw on the cardigan and belt over as I just think it looks so cute and is a great option for wearing this dress in the cooler months as well! If you're looking for fun vintage style dresses which are easy to care for and extremely well priced I'd definitely check out Dolly and Dotty! 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Carmen by Elomi.

Underwear Set: c/o Elomi Lingerie. Messy Background: My bedroom wall! 

I've had a blog hiatus that went on much longer than I wanted it to meaning so many wonderful things I've had to blog about like this stunning Carmen set from Elomi have been waiting to be seen. I will try and film a video or write a post as to why I've been away for so long and not as active on here as I used to be! Please ignore the messy background I'm still trying to find the perfect place to take my underwear review photos and I have a feeling my bedroom probably isn't it. Anyway onto the pretty lingerie! 

The lovely girls at Elomi sent me this set to try out as they know I tend to shy away from an unpadded cup and lighter coloured bra sets and you know what I absolutely love it. Normally if it's a lower rise knicker I tend to veto them right away but these ones are adorable, do I feel a little self conscious with my tummy, maybe? But ultimately do I also feel pretty damn cute in the photos, hell yeah! I'm wearing a 40E here which on one boob has a little access fabric as I'm currently fluctuating between my usual 38DD and an E. I went up in the back size because I was also finding my back bands a little too tight at the moment. (my body isn't currently on it's best behaviour!) The bottoms I'm wearing in their equivalent to a UK20 and they genuinely fit like a dream, it's so often I find the matching bottoms to bras uncomfortable but with these amazingly it isn't the case. For classic comfort and fit Elomi are always the first brand I'll go to and recommend to women when they ask you genuinely cannot go wrong! 

I decided to put on ALL the eyeliner and set my hair in what I'm hoping is a cute pin curl kind of look. Of course I also had to slick on my usual red lipstick! Hopefully this post has managed to fix my blogger block and I'll be updating more again, once I've got all my scheduled posts live!