Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Currently Coveting - Dolly and Dotty.

It's time for another Currently Coveting and lately I've seen that the adorable Vintage Reproduction company Dolly and Dotty have brought our some sweet as can be separates including the Gloria Bardot Top in an array of prints and this cute as a button cape which is available in red, black or white! I also couldn't resist including 3 of their dresses that I've been in love with since I first found out about the company! I may have to treat myself to the Poppy Shirt Swing dress when the warmer weather arrives as I think it'd be perfect in the summer! 

One of the things I love about Dolly and Dotty is that their sizing seems to be very true to size! So often with vintage reproduction I've found they run small and I've had to size up at least once to a UK22 and when these brands often only go up to a UK24 it can mean some women can't wear the pieces (I mean in an ideal world they'd go up to at least a UK28/30 but that's for another blog post!) I've found Dolly and Dotty even be a little generous in some of their dress styles! So they are definitely worth a try and the pieces I've tried so far have worn really well considering how reasonable the prices are! 

Have you tried anything from Dolly and Dotty?

Monday, 25 April 2016

A Rose Like This is 6 years old today!

I was going to write a huge long essay about blogging and where it's come in the last six years since I started A Rose Like This but instead I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that's followed me. Whether you found me a week ago, a month ago or have been following me for years! The blog wouldn't have grown and become what it is if it wasn't for all you lovelies reading it! 

I can't wait to show you what could happen in the next year or so! Exciting things ahead! 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Feeling Classy with Lindy Bop.

Dress: c/o Lindy Bop. Necklace: (old) Topshop. Shoes: Charity Shop. Clutch: (old) Next. Bolero: (old) George at Asda.

Oh god I'm just so in love with the Renee Rose Print Twin Set! I just had to announce it before I discuss this beauty in more detail with you. I've been a fan of Lindy Bop for a number of years now specially as I love the vintage look but unfortunately can rarely find reproduction items in my size and to fit my price range.  I also know that I can find pieces at Lindy Bop that will subtly nod to my vintage tastes for my day to day wear as well as pieces like this Twin Set which help me feel like I'm ready for a 1950s prom! Speaking of proms I wish I'd had somewhere like Lindy Bop that I could have turned to at the age of 15 to find a prom dress so I didn't end up in the whole black floor length dress I did go in! 

Now you know my love of roses so it should be no surprise why I love the print so much. The fabric is also very comfortable to wear, I was worried that the lining may have been a unbreathable fabric which would make wearing this for any long periods of time a problem but I'm so happy that this isn't the case! My only issue with this set is the sizing. Now generally speaking I'm a solid UK20 in modern clothes so to speak but when it comes to Vintage reproduction I almost always need to size up to a UK22 however when I got this dress in the post in the size 22 I could get in it but I could not breath at all to the point I was fearing that I'd have to spend the rest of my days in this dress (can't help being a little dramatic I'm afraid!) but luckily swapping sizes wasn't an issue so here I'm wearing the UK24 and it fits me like a glove. Though unfortunately this does mean that the UK26 would probably only fit a UK22/24 at a push. I did find that the jacket is a little big in this size but not massively so. I've also taken up the straps but this is only due to the fact I have a really short body and isn't a problem for me at all! 

I hen decided that this dress deserved my full vintage glam look so I set my hair, which I've since has cut so holds the curl much better. Donned my cat eye and false lashes along with my usual red lipstick and felt utterly lovely! I kept my accessories pretty minimal with an old Topshop Necklace, my red next clutch bag (which unfortunately doesn't hold a lot but brought out the red roses beautifully) and my newest shoes which I picked up from the charity shop for a bargain! I love this so much that I'm planning to wear it to an upcoming wedding and take my jersey bolero just for when it gets chilly in the evening! 

You can also see this full look in action over on my YouTube Channel below!