Monday, 30 August 2010

I'm not the kind of girl for a glass slipper.

This is my dream pair of shoes! I've been waiting since forever for a pair of leather brogues. Due to the fact i have really wide feet i can only really get my shoes from Evans though every now and then i do drop on a pair which fit me well from other shops too! I was worried these may look abit manish but with a cute vintage dress or something i think they would look lovely.

all i need now is somebody to buy them me, any offers?

Sunday, 29 August 2010

If just for tonight darling, let's get lost.

I am back from my jolly holidays down south. Though it rained a bit, was windy but still beautiful as always. These photo's were taken when me and my family were traveling home. We went to Jimmy's farm (it was on the t.v about jimmy setting up the farm and everything) it was actually so much fun and the woodland walk where the pictures were taken was really nice too i also met some pigs while i was on the walk. Then we were about to leave and i hear a voice i recognised and it's only bloody jimmy! And yes i did get really excited i also got a photo with him that's how cool i really am.
Well I'll change the subject now or I'll never stop, haha. So I've never worn this hat before because i was worried I'd look really stupid but it was pretty sunny and my hair was kind of messy so i thought i would, and you know what i didn't get any funny looks which was a bonus!
I'm also wearing my trusty denim jacket which has been one of my best buys this summer i got it from a charity shop for £3.99. I'm also sporting on my on favourite tops which i got in the urban outfitters sale i love hunting stuff down on there, i never thought I'd fit in thee clothes but i do in some things so just go in and see you'll be surprised at what will fit a "bigger frame".
I am also wearing my black leggings from Evan's and my red patent bow flats which are also from Evan's.
Over all my holiday was quite good, but nothing out of the ordinary. I also visited a few museums while i was in Ipswich and they were really lovely. Anyway i have plenty more posts coming up soon. So keep checking my page. How have your summer holidays been?

Saturday, 21 August 2010

The time for holidays is here.

Yes I'm going on holiday for a whooollllee week! what am i going to do without you?!
well honestly i don't know, I'm the kind of person who loves the Internet and can just spend hours of precious time googling my own name.
But i am going away to Suffolk same place as last year and the year before and they year before that.... i guess I'm looking forward to it? though were going in a matter of hours and I've still not finished packing! so i best be off, I'd love to see some lovely comments on here and hypes on my lookbook..thank you darling, i shall miss you dearly.

It's raining, raining in my heart.

Yes i got soaked in the rain. Yes it was totally worth it.

It doesn't actually look wet in my photo, but believe me it was, i got really soaked on this walk, but it was with my best friend so really i couldn't care less about how i looked by the end.
This photo was taken before the rain started hitting me in the face so i still look ever so slightly tidy. Me and lily have done this same walk twice now not only is it really pretty but also because its quiet and it reminds her of Pride and Prejudice i won't go into detail to how much she loves it, but its like me and twilight.enough said.

The outfit i am wearing in this is nothing fancy it was more about the weather conditions than whether everything matched.haha
But i am wearing a loose fitted t-shirt from Dorothy Perkins and leggings also from there. And my wellingtons were New Look about 6 years ago, i was eleven when i got them i am now 17, you do the math. The Bandanna is from the cow boy section in a fancy dress shop, I've been after a red bandanna ever since i saw a hair tutorial in my vintage magazine and the only place i knew sold them was Kings Party Emporium in my town. They were really helpful and are always lovely whenever you go in.

Before i cry farewell for another post i need to thank my friend martin who photo-shopped the photo for me along with another image, which i both posted on Lookbook. He is a real dab-hand with anything involving computers (which is super good for me as I'm not.) and also has a web design site he's just started.

Oh, oh, starry eyed, Oh, hit me with lightning.

"Handle bars, and then I let go, let go for anyone. Take me in, and throw out my heart and get a new one. Next thing we're touching you look at me it's like you hit me with lightning Ahhh Oh, everybody's starry-eyed And everybody goes Oh, everybody's starry-eyed and my body goes.."

This is my first ever varnish post, because i love to paint my nails, even though i have the horrid habit of biting them! on my nails i have used a Barry M all in one (base coat top coat and nail harder) and Barry M nail paint in mint green. I also took inspiration from one of the wonderful bloggers i follow who used some sequins on her nails to jazz them up a bit. So i thought I'd have ago and when I'd first done them they looked really good, but the next morning when i washed my hair a few fell off so i stuck new ones one and they just kept falling off. in the future if i try this style again I'm going to get hold of some smaller stars as these ones i used were a tiny bit too big for my nails!

But over all i loved the look. i generally just use Barry M nail paints because i know the colours are always great and come out on your nails the same colour as they are in the bottle. Once i can remember who i borrowed the lovely idea off i shall tell you all because her post was heaps better than mine!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Not so Tiny.

Every now and then i will go into Topshop and find a number of pieces that will fit my chubby and round frame. And i feel that the majority of my friends can shop there so why can't i? In the past few years I've started ignoring what society says a "fat" person should wear and if it looks roomy enough I'll try it on regardless what size the label says. Though I'm not one of those girls who says they like to dress different from everyone else and then you ask them which is there favourite shop and they come out with Topshop (this has happened to me on a few occasions) But i like to wear a eclectic mix of pieces all from different shops and different eras.

But anyway less about that and more on to these really lovely tops. I was just searching through Topshop's website seeing if there was anything that i could manage to fit in i found these first two. I really love a bit of tartan and I've yet to find a shirt in the fabric that i actually like, now i have though I'm unsure to whether the shirt would actually fit me, it's worth a try! Secondly is the photo booth top and i love this, i was always the kid that got everyone to pull a stupid face then it would actually only be me doing it...
Then the pussy bow blouse at the end i have been lusting over for ages! its just so cute and smart but it looks easy to wear as well. I'm also a fan of William Morris wallpaper and find old fashioned painted flowers and patterns quite fascinating and the pattern on this shirt it utterly adorable. Maybe If i ever get chance to try any of the tops on I'll get a few sneaky photo's so you can see what you think? As always thank you ever so much for reading and don't forget to comment.

Jumpsuits and Florals?

This outfit i have put together using only pieces from evans which ranges in sizes 14 to 32. The next time i am in the shop i am definitely buying the little pink ballet pumps i tried them on and there so comfortable, unfortunately at the time they didn't have my size.. but here's hoping!
I have also bee after a cover up just like this, it will keep you cool during the warmer days and help protect you from burning, then during the colder months it can be layered over a long sleeved t shirt with leggings and boots. It is a little pricey for me at the moment as is the jump suit but i find it really hard to find nice clothes which fit me well and are comfortable.
I think you could wear this combination for anything from a summer wedding to a day trip shopping and still not look over or under dressed. Next time I'm in my nearest evans i am going to try on this outfit and see if it looks as good as i hope it should. So keep your eyes pealed for a sneaky little photo of me wearing it in the changing rooms, haha.

Are you going to top that?

All these tops are from evans this is my wish list of tops for my new term in September. these would all be great, i love the magazine one far right and i also love the military style top second.

The lace skater dress is a pure beaut, I've had my eyes on this for a while but I'm still waiting for it to go on sale...sighh. I also know of a few more lovely blogger's who have said they love this dress too! all these pieces range in price from £20 to £35 and can be found on the evans site and in stores nation wide.

Which top or dress is your favourite?

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New Beginnings?

Evening all,

I'm having talks (with myself) about whether i should start a new blog, i will obviously keep this one but have a new one for all my fatshion photos and outfit posts. Because i think more people need to see that big girls can dress just as well if not much better than your average dress size girl. Ever since starting this blog i have found so many amazing and quite frankly beautiful girls. who are not the generic straight shops sizes.

And thank god stores have now realised that not ever girl is between a size 8 and 18 there are many of us who are bigger than that but were still beautiful or want to be.

i know I'm not slim and to be quite honest i probably never will be and I'm not going to be disillusioned about it. At the end of the day you just have to love the skin your in. Because your still the same person on the inside and that can never really change.

tell me what you think i would love to hear some opinions about anything i have just rambled about.

Monday, 16 August 2010


.Just some Photographs that i found mildly fascinating.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Read it? No Wear it.

Or as i (and many other fashion inspired people) like to call it. The Bagazine. I have seen many bags over time being inspired or replicating magazines but these have to be my resent favourites.

The top image was taken by me at The Gallery of Costume at Platt Hall last weekend. I have also seen spotted a similar styled bag by the same designer in Hooper's of wimslow. It is by Prima or Primo cannot (i read my quickly scribbled words very well, haha) but that is all i know. also if i am comparing it to the other bag pictured underneath the first image. It is a more structured bag with a clasp on the top unlike the other which is in a envelope style.
Now onto the second bag it is H! by Henry Holland for Designers at Debenhams. But this bag is no longer being sold in shops. This is my dream bag in fact at this very moment in time i am watching one on eBay which is new with tags for 6.99 (originally in the shops for £20.) i am desperate for one of these its kind of crazy but beautiful which i love. The clasp is a H which you twist to lock and open the bag it is purple cotton lined inside, and Henry's face is pictured "wrapped" around the bag in a magazine style.
I just wanted to show the difference in structure and styles within different markets because, yes Henry Holland is a designer but he is based more for the 16 to 25 age gap and the other bag i picture is more mature and structured due to muted tones and style and more suited to the 30's plus age range. But both are lovely, the Henry Holland Bagazine wins in my opinion and i cannot wait to get my hands on one.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Susie MacMurray, Widow.

This garment is constructed from black nappa leather and has around about 100,000 or 43kg of silver adamantine straight pins, Widow is the fourth in a series of garment sculptures by acclaimed artist Susie MacMurray, exploring aspects of female identity and vulnerability.
I saw this when i visited The Gallery of Costume at Platt Hall last weekend. In my opinion this piece of art is truly beautiful in a off sense of the word. Because generically you wouldn't class pins as pretty you would class them as practical. But here on This nappa leather they look really stunning. And on the day i was at the gallery, sun was just streaking through the windows and the pins were catching the light and making the dress almost dimly glisten in the room.
I can also see how Susie MacMurray has explored parts of female identity and vulnerability, because the leather is soft but the pins are sharp portraying the front or outer shells some women shroud themselves in. Its also shows the aspect of strength because one pin on its own can easily be bent but thousands of them are strong as one. The way the dress cascades down onto the floor how one thing can seem small but grow and spread to be something bigger.
During my visit i did also look at everything on display at the gallery of costume. so there will be some more posts up soon about the other many beautiful pieces and garments i saw.
Also what do you think of this dress? i can't imagine pins being very comfortable to wear can you?

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Her name was New York,New York and she took his heart away from mine.

Just a little outfit post here. Me showing my new top to the world, what do you think? Its actually HUGGGE i could fly away in it but i have used a old plaited leather belt I've had for years to gather in the fabric and create more of a defined silhouette. My gold ring just about visible is from topshop and its in the shape of a heart with embossed flowers on the front and opens like a locket, its utterly lovely and charming. On my bottom i am wearing plain black leggings from evans i am also wearing black leather gladiator sandals also from evans but these are not pictured in the photograph.
This photo as well as many more (which were mainly photos of us sipping cocktails!) were taken at Amber Lounge in Knutsford where me and a couple of friends all went out for a little get together last Monday. I had a really great night and i think everyone else did as well! Hopefully have another night out this summer (which means another outfit posts).
So how are all your summers going so far let me know.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Where the journey takes you, i'll follow.

Capesthorne Hall is a large house and gardens situated in the countryside not far from where i live. The gardens are utterly pretty and just so peaceful. One day I'm going to do a beautiful photo shoot there, i have to.