Saturday, 31 December 2011

New year, New Starts.

I was planning on writing up a few posts and reviews today but I feel I should spend tonight with my old friends.

And before I'm to drunk to type I wanted to wish everyone who follows my blog a very happy new year and I'm utterly excited about the prospects I may get in the next year after my blog has grown so much and I've met so many amazing bloggers and honestly some best friends one including Steph from Buttons, Bows and Brogues as if I hardly knew you this time last year, I'm sure most of you have seen our insanely long and slightly insane twitter sessions with each other but honestly don't know what I'd do without this girl now and I'm afraid to say you'll not be able to get rid of me in a hurry steph!

I realise how emosh this all is but I just wanted to state it anyway also If you follow me on twitter there will most likely be drunk tweets and I do hope you enjoy them muchly! I'll try and post tomorrow what I'm wearing or something as I am planning on dressing up. Also in the next week or so I might do a post on my fave outfits of 2011 as its when my blog really started to pick up and get noticed!


Friday, 30 December 2011

Floral and Denim.

Just a post to state that I am alive and wearing clothes! It's feels so long since I did an outfit post and I promise to get a few decent pictures taken before the weekends over I've just not been very productive over the Christmas holidays which is truly awful I realise! So here is a quick snap my best friend took of me in her bedroom this evening while we sat on her bed chatting utter rubbish and giggling very loudly mostly due to one of the utterly amaze presents I got for her this Christmas!

So what am I wearing the skirt and shirt are both new pieces from the sales I actually feel I've done pretty well out of them though now I'm definitely going to have to cut down my spending. The shirt I am in love with and its so comfortable! But its one of those pieces that if the majority saw it they'd think it wasn't very nice but i love the vintage style and the floral's, my mum kindly bought it me while we were in Manchester on boxing day and it was £7 from new look inspire. The skirt I bought myself as I tend to wear the same denim skirt all the time ( and I really mean all the time it rarely comes off) I think it reminds me of a seventies style though I could be wrong! I got it from Dorothy Perkins for £15. I'll show you all my other sale items as soon as I can.

I'm hoping to do a few posts before the end of 2011, it's sounds so scary to think this year is almost over and so much has happened I might start 2012 with a look back on everything I've done and what I plan to do, hope that sounds good!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Getting back to my natural colour.

Sorry these pictures are not brilliant quality I was using my web cam for them! They are also extremely unflattering and in future I need to wear a higher necked top far to much flesh on show in these! I decided ages ago that I wanted ombre hair but after years of hair dye build up and I do seriously mean years I probably haven't had my completely natural hair colour since I was about 13.

But basically because this post is so picture heavy I don't want to write a whole lot. I will say that I would definitely recommend the product which was Colour B4 by Scott Cornwall I used one box of the original (you can now also get extra strength) and my tips for making a half decent job of this are to section off your hair and do it a layer at a time I did this and thankfully it was all applied evenly, also after applying to all your hair in sections comb through it and add whats left in the bottle to the ends. And finally the hardest part for me was wrapping my hair in cling film, it works so well though there is no problem of hair dripping and the heat makes the product work better its the same with hair dye!

I have to point out though the smell of this product is really weird I read some reviews who said it smelt like rotten eggs but I thought it smelt of raw potato so who knows?! your hair also looks worrying brassy once its developed and if you follow me on twitter you may of seen my tweets of terror when I thought I'd ruined my hair, this actually disappears once you've completed it and dried your hair so its all good. This is the main review I looked at and I would say its very true to the word though I'm more than happy to not put anymore dye on my hair for the time being as mine did not come out quite as brassy. I bought mine from Superdrug for just over 8 pound which I think isn't to bad if I think about all the money I spent in the summer trying to cover up my red hair!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Flat Pizza Night.

These are some pictures from my lovely pizza night with my flat before we broke up for Christmas. It was so nice to finally all sit down and properly get to know each other I actually live with some of the loveliest people but were all just on such different timetables we don't see all that much of each other.

We decided on some delicious pizza from Domino's though it took us forever to choose from the pizza menu itself and as it was nearing Christmas we also got some Ben and Jerry's I think the flavour was chocolate fudge brownie and it was sooo good definitely some serious pigging out was done! If you image my flatmate Lennie (who is the first in the group picture) was so excited to eat the pizza she didn't even let me get a picture before tucking in!

The middle girl is my other flatmate Melina then finally on the end is Payal everyone was so excited over having Domino's I think its obvious that were students and dislike cooking most of the time! It was honestly lovely and lets be honest there's nothing like food to bring people together.

Best Kept Secret?

This probably isn't a secret at all as I'm sure every girl/woman/lady knows that good shapewear can change the whole look of an outfit and how it fits, I also think shapewear can be sexy right? I mean surely people feel more confident when they know they look there best and after all isn't it often said that confidence in itself is actually really attractive and I see that shapewear is definitely classed as lingerie. All these images of plus size lingerie are from Simply Yours which is one of my favourite places to look for stylish shapewear.

my favorite piece out of these images is the middle one and I can totally see it being worn with a pencil skirt over and the bra section being on show as a top. It would give a kind of 1950's retro pin up style to the over all look. The whole shapewear collection from Simply Yours just comes across as really classy and stylish unlike some other companies pieces whose often resemble overly frilly knickers that stop right under your bust but don't actually hold anything in... I'm looking at your Mr Spencer...

Many parts of the shapewear collection come in a variety of colours and styles on Simply Yours so there is something to fit everyone's needs and tastes. I also love that the model on the image above and on the site seem to look like real women (even though I hate that term!) so its much easily to relate or envision yourself in the pieces.

Thursday, 22 December 2011


Here are just a few snaps I took of a display in Leicester where I'm at uni. It was just up for Christmas as far as I'm aware but look how pretty it is and some of the characters move from side to side as well. I wanted to take some outfit pictures in front of them but on both accounts of me going to see them it was pouring with rain and I didn't think drowned rat was quite a good look to show you all!

I'm going to try and promise to post again before Christmas as I have a few more to do but alas tomorrow is an extremely busy day if you follow me on twitter you may already know that I'm seeing the One Direction boys in Manchester tomorrow afternoon (yes its a matinee show... so full of kids I'm planning on having a drink before I go just so I can survive the day!)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Perfect Party Frocks.

As Christmas day is something like only five days away! YES ONLY FIVE PANIC MODE IS WELL AND TRULY ON if you've still got lots of parties to go to I'm here to help I thought I'd do a post on some of the beautiful frocks from Simply Be Now unless your living under a rock you will know that they are one of the best places for plus size women's clothing if your after something fashionable but also flattering.

Now if you've been following my blog for a while you'll know I love anything with a cute collar so this peter pan collared tunic style dress is perfect for me not too dressy but enough detail on it for the festive season. Also the fabric it is made of will be perfect to wear when your filling your tummy with all that Christmas food! I'm also a huge fan of lace in particular lace dresses but I always tend to go for black ones but as I'm now much more confident in myself I would go for this beautiful angel ribbons lace tunic dress the style of the sleeves and flare of the bottom of the dress would just look great for a festive night out.

The final dress I have chosen to show you is this gorgeous glitter spot prom number, this would be great if you want the main focus to be the bottom half of your body and not your chest, it also adds a little sparkle without you ending up twinkling like a Christmas bauble. I would finish this look with a slick of pillar box red lipstick and a little shawl or bolero of some kind.

I hope you've liked reading this post as I want to show that not all plus size stores are frumpy and I think simply be really show that you can be over a size 18 and be fashionable! I'm hoping to get a few outfit posts/reviews up this week before Christmas day!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Monday Night.

I missed out on posting my Mugshot on Monday because me and my lovely friends at uni all had a Christmas dinner which may I say was SOO GOOD and then I somehow got talked into going to a club with one of my friends who I'm living with next year and a group of guys were friends with who also came to our Christmas meal! This is what I wore to go "clubbing" in and for I meal I just had a denim skirt over the top of it so this dress was worn as a top. I looked okay at the start of the night but by the time I got back to my halls (at 4am! I swear I've not stayed out that late ever!) I was completely drowned we thought it would be a good idea to walk back instead of getting a taxi which was fine until the heavy rain started and the wind was blowing it at us so it was also painful! But other than that it was a really amazing night and I somehow only spent £2 and was really very drunk. Though you must all be very proud of me I got into bed at 5am my alarm went off at 8.45 and I got to my 3 hour workshop at 10am how I survived the whole session on I'll never know!

So what I'm wore was a tunic/dress from yours clothing which is so comfortable and doesn't really cling to my tummy at all if I wear shape wear anyway towards the end of the night it did but only because my tights had almost completely fallen down. I think the leopard print collar just makes it a bit more quirky and interesting. The cardigan was from Dorothy Perkins the bright blue of it just brings some life to my otherwise very black outfit. And finally my shoes ares little fold away flats from Evans which I bought in the sale for £5 though after getting drowned I'm worried they'll be ruined now!

I've got lots of pieces to blog about in the next week and I finish for uni on Thursday so I'm hoping to finally get to do more posts which I've been thinking about! And yes the second picture is me drunkenly dancing but believe me that was the best of a bad bunch!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

OneStopPlus and a little bit of Vintage.

Finally got the chance to get this beautiful jacket up in a post. The Lovely people at OneStopPlus sent me this jacket to review after I saw it at the press day in September. These pictures do not do it justice I'll have to get some more pictures taken of me wearing with my brothers fancy camera to so you can actually see the pattern.

Now as much as I love this jacket there are some negatives for one its pretty snug I ordered it in a size 20 and it just fits sometimes I size up in jackets but then there always to big on the front and just don't fit and I actually prefer the more fitted look and the button at the front does do up! Another thing that isn't really a negative but annoyed me was when I first got it I put it on with my much loved denim skirt wet downstairs to show my mum and she told me I looked like a farmer, which yes is hilarious but also annoying as then after that comment I was totally stumped on what to wear this with so I've settled with my much loved plain black jersey pussy bow dress which I bought in the Next sale when I did a few shifts there over the summer. I really love this dress but I have a feeling this is the first time its been on the blog when really I wear it whenever I go out! Its just so comfy and can be dressed up or down.

The scarf I bought two weeks ago when I went to a vintage fair not far from my hometown my mum took me as she knows how much I love them. I actually own A LOT of scarves but I liked the blues and the pattern so I thought why not add to the collection? I'll show you some of the other pieces I bought that day in a separate post over the Christmas break. I do apologise that I look a little messy in these outfit pictures my hair was a bit greasy so I just pulled it up and stuck some deep coloured lippy on to compliment the shade of the jacket and buttons (the detailing on this is actually beautiful!)

If your after a light jacket for autumn I'd recommend this as it can be layered up under a coat not so much with layers under neath as its quite tight. it also looks really cute with dark denim roll ups and cute socks. Its still on the site now as far as I'm aware and is a good price for the quality. Ooooh and did I mention its lined with the nicest colour blue silky fabric!

I just wanted to quickly tell you about a survey onestopplus were involved with a few weeks ago where it was to find out what people prefer to see and its definitely more curvy celebrities people wish to be or have the figure of, so its great to see that big is beautiful!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Monday Mugshot Week 10.

1. So I missed one of these last week but I posted about the Dune event so I feel I could let myself off and now I'm writing it much later than I should but I'm doing it all the same, the thought of Christmas and my uni work mounting up is meaning I've been a little random with posts but at least I am still managing to post even if I don't have the time in the future I still will I now honestly don't know what I'd do without my blog now!

2. I'm pretty on it with Christmas presents this year, I've got a few bits and pieces for everyone but I'm sure once I'm home next week I'll end up going shopping with my mum for stuff and buying A LOT MORE. It might sound sad but I really enjoy buying presents for my brother even though I put loads of thought into his presents and last year he went to Tesco and bought me blistex and wrapped it up in newspaper...

3. Yes next week is my last week of uni until Christmas then I've completed my first full term which is CRAZZZYY and actually quite scary at how quickly it seems to be going! Though I missed a fair bit last week due to being full of flu among other things.

4. I hope your all looking forward to some sickeningly Christmassy posts over the next few weeks I AM SO EXCITED EVEN THOUGH ITS FREEEZING! p.s the little tartan cape I have on in my pictures is a little gift to myself I purchased in the urban outfitters sale and I totally love it and will do a full post on it soon.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Winter jumper.

Its officially December now which means its now acceptable to play my Christmas playlist at full volume, though I've been listening to it through my headphones since mid October... I also want to apologise that I look pretty rough here I've actually spent the majority of the week tucked up in bed at uni full of flu but I'm finally feeling a little bit more human so I took these before I left for home.

I'm wearing an amazing jumper I bought from the charity shop last Easter but haven't had chance to wear until now, it's not as baggy as my usually grandad jumpers but I love it all the same. The denim shirt under neath was also from the charity shop a few summers ago and I tend to just throw it over anything though generally its worn in the summer with leggings and a top this year I'm going to wear it with all my winter clothes too as I just love the look it gives!

I've also had my haircut since my last outfit post though you can't overly tell! Its just nice to be able to see where I'm going again! I've also not dyed my hair since before starting uni so at the moment I don't really know what colour it is but I am planning on bleaching the ends blonde very soon!

So no its officially Christmas has anyone got there decorations up already?