Monday, 27 June 2011

I'm not keen.

The title of this post relates to the fact I don't really like these pictures, there just something that doesn't work if you know what I mean? I took these a few weeks ago and you can probably tell by the colour/roots of my hair. I know these aren't brilliant but in the end they could be a lot worse.

It’s been a whirlwind success for Leeds based fashion company Fatphrocks. They are less than one year old but have already had national acclaim for a brand new fashion garment – Wingz, an undergarment with sleeves, which the company kindly offered me to review. Wingz are designed for Women who love fashion and want to cover their arms and there are many reasons why women like to do this – religion, scars, fat arms, bingo wings, skinny arms and tattoos to name but a few. Wingz are worn as an under garment, they fit comfortably under the bust and follow the bra line around the back. This means that you can wear Wingz with any back or neckline. The body of Wingz are elasticated on both the under bust band and shoulder hems, they are soft and do not move around – ensuring ease of wear. Wingz are available in four sizes encompassing UK sizes 6 to 28. But this isn't the only thing to FatPhrocks they also specialise in tall plus size clothing.

What FatPhrocks were kind enough to send me for review was the Wingz Black Volume Sleeve in a UK size 20. Now I actually think this is a really clever product and would work much better with something else instead of this dress. And I just want to state I think I'll definitely wear this again in the future as I do truly hate my fat arms. Priced at about £15 I'm unsure whether me myself would buy one at that price but maybe at the £10-£12 market I would. Overall I think this is such a good thing to have in your wardrobe and could totally safe a outfit! And I can't wait to style it up in other ways too!

Lastly the dress I'm wearing is from Primark and has been featured on the blog before.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Calling myself a designer?

The title relates to the fact that now technically I'm classed as a designer and its quite strange to think of me like that. This post will be another short but sweet one as I'm really tired after tonight show and packing everything away in the horrible rain!

This picture which isn't very good quality at all, sorry is of me and the models who wore my collection down the catwalk. And I have to say I truly was really happy with them! they all walked well and looked good in my garments. Though if I had to have a favourite it would be Jess who wore my map printed pencil skirt with the black and white blouse. It's not because she was the prettiest or thinnest or whatever, its just cause I love her hair and it matched so well, that and her poses and everything. Yes I know there seems to be a girl crush developing! But honestly all of the models were utterly lovely this year and in general we couldn't of asked for better ones!

So I'm going to love you and leave you now as I'm falling asleep as I type I'm planning on doing more posts on the fashion show in the next week or so once I've got hold of my better pictures! And on one last note this time next week I would of finished college and its terrifying just to think about it, I'm welling up now!

Friday, 24 June 2011

A sneak peek.

This is going to be a very short post, as I'm dead on my feet right now and really need a decent nights sleep, I've been living off about 4/5 hours a night for the past couple of weeks and these dark circles are hideous!

Anyway I just wanted to show you two pieces of my collection complete with accessories. I snapped this just before Natasha and Lauren my models were about to go on stage, Hopefully I'll get one of Jess and Lisa tomorrow so I have full pictures of my collection, I'd love one of me with them all but I don't think it'll be possible but who knows?

I'll do a much more detailed post or two next week once I've recovered (ish). I think the hair works well with my collection and as much as people seemed to think heels would be better the brogues and socks work so much more in keeping or in style with my theme. I can't wait to show you more pictures and stuff as I was lucky enough to watch the whole show tonight while sitting with my college friends it was so lovely. So I'm going to go before I start rambling emotionally about it all!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Like a bird.

I just want to apologise for how see through these leggings seem to be, well not seem they really are I just didn't realise how bad until after I'd taken the pictures! The majority of them not being suitable to put up at all! haha. I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet as I'm mentally frazzled after first day of fashion show which was rehearsals and tomorrow is the big show but I'll tell you more about that in another post.

What am I wearing? This is another new top from Primark I adore the print, the only downside to this is that I wish it was made from the same material as my other knew one because I can button that right up but this one won't go over my chest, well it does but let's just say its not very flattering when its gaping over your boobs... But none the less I still love it and when I wore everyone was telling me how lovely it was. My leggings are from Evans and shall never be worn without a skirt or something over my crotch/bum area ever again as no one wants to see my massive granny pants. My shoes are from Peacocks and are my summer staple and have almost been in all my outfit posts recently and finally the vest under my top is a Marks and Spencer's one.

My make up is minimal other than the slick of red lipstick to bring out the colours in the top. The sunglasses were from Primark a year or so ago, I tend to buy a few new pairs every summer because there so nice from Primark and obviously really rather cheap. I dyed my hair a week or so ago I mentioned it in my last post but I think its more visible in the sunshine. I rarely get my arms out so I wore a black cardigan over this and a skirt over my bum to go out in public in but I thought I'd show you my arms in all there milk bottle glory!

Monday, 20 June 2011

It's about time we're out of time.

This is what I wore on Saturday night to the gig, which I posted about earlier. I wanted to be comfortable but on the right side of frumpy. I will never get to grips with why some girls go to gigs in 6 inch heels and sparkly dresses, I mean its different if its more classed as a concert or something which is seated but I always class gigs as something more rough and grimy if that makes sense?

So here I am wearing one of my new tops from Primark and I am so in love with it I can see it becoming a summer staple, so much so that I'm going to guy it in the white floral version also. I'm really happy Primark now go up to a size 20, I mean I still don't fit in all there clothes but I fit in a lot more. Which is good news for me but possible not for my bank account! The cardigan is a very old one which is falling apart and in serious need of being replaced but I just can't find one I like. My leggings are from New Look Inspire about 2 years ago I love the look of them when I'm not walking anywhere but they fall down all the time and watching me hitch them up really isn't a pretty sight! The bag was from what used to be one of my favourite charity shops but recently they've put the prices up too much and I can't find the same bargains anymore. My shoes are from Peacocks and I need to buy another pair as I doubt they'll leave my feet this summer as I'm not really a sandals kind of girl. And of course I need my glasses on so I can actually see the band.

If you follow me on Twitter I posted that I'd updated my blog last night about the gig and linked it to the "band" unfortunately after noticing it had been retweeted I realised I'd linked the wrong band... but bless them the wrong band had retweeted it themselves. I couldn't face to delete it so I just hope they didn't actually read it!

Oh and p.s Happy 110th Birthday Edward cullen, you don't look a day over 17......

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Kill The Young.

"Kill The Young are from the Northwest of England, this trio is made up of three brothers, Tom (Vocals & guitar), Dylan (Bass) and Oliver Gorman (drums, vocals & keyboard). Kill the Young have things to say and protest even with their name which underlines the pressure exerted by the consumer society over the youth.It’s a universe that evolves, their music is a mosaic of transatlantic and British influences: growing up on bands like Smashing Pumpkins and R.E.M through to the English post-punk scene, up to modern acts such as Radiohead and The Arcade Fire. At 18, they succeeded to conquest the continent.After 2 albums selling at more than 50.000 copies in Europe, a last tour of more than 150 dates around Europe and the biggest festivals, the band owns a strong reputation in the musical European area." I borrowed this off there website as it explains them much better than I ever could.

I went to a little gig at my local pub on Saturday night there were lots of bands playing through out the day but I only went for Kill The Young a rather old friend plays for them at the moment and they've just come back from gigging for 3 months in France. One of the things I kind of love about them is that they can walk through my town high street and no one will bat an eyelid but in the past they've been chased by fans in France, which is insane but also amazing that they can just do whatever they want when there home. I know other musicians/well known people who aren't quite so lucky. But I won't go on and on about them now because this would then become a very wordy post, though I'm starting to listen to them a lot so I'm guessing a few posts will have titles related to there songs in the near future.

The first picture (if you can even see it properly) is of my friend Jake he took lead for one song. He's actually in another band called This Machine Is Off and I have to say I love this band, I've been to see them a number of times and tend to go to gigs when there supporting other bands also. The last time I watched them perform it was when they were supporting Kid British, I always find out about other really cool bands from just going to watch TMIO support and play. At the moment they haven't been doing much as Jake's been in France with Kill The Young but hopefully they'll come trickling back into the scene.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

On the models.

These are my final four models, lets just hope none of them drop out! Two of these models I worked with last year as well as they were both in the fashion show then as well. I'm really happy with my models all of them seem utterly lovely so I think the show will go really well.

I hope lauren whos wearing my playsuit doesn't mind her belly button being on show, when I fitted her I was yet to put the zip in so we had to hold it together! I'll be taking lots of pictures during fashion show week which is next week, so look forward to me spamming them on here! I know this is only a short post but I'm off to see a band tonight and I'm yet to decide what to wear! I'm sure I'll try and blog about it tomorrow if I get any pictures, hope you all have a lovely rest of the weekend!

Thursday, 16 June 2011


Regarding the title of this post I actually have no idea if that's how you type out the noise a owl makes, so just go with it. I took a fair few photos today ready for posts throughout the week just in case I don't get time to/or just don't dress remotely well during the fashion show next week! A lot of the pictures I took actually worked out pretty well so it was hard to choose the best, but some may squirm there way into a future post.

So what am I wearing, this top was in one of my first half decent outfit posts on here and I bought it last summer from Topshop. It wasn't cheap but the top is just lovely and there is so much fabric in it! I know for a few plus size women Topshop seems to be a no go, but I always go in when I'm with my friends because generally they shop there not so much me but sometimes I can drop on pieces that I love and that fit me. And I can't say this enough but its worth just going around straight size shops once in a while you never know what you might drop on. My skirt is from h+m and I bought it while in London, I swear its the best 6.99 I've ever spent I need to get it in more colours. My leggings are a pair from Evans which I love but they are just really thin.

Now to go onto my accessories my bag is vintage from a charity shop and was about 4 pounds though I've used it that much its had pieces of leather replaced but It's still as lovely as when I first found it. My mum originally bought it for herself but after about a month of it sitting in her wardrobe I nabbed it for myself. These are my new glasses I'm planning on doing a proper post for them once I get some decent shots of me wearing them close up. Since I've been wearing them more (because I'm actually supposed to wear them all the time...) people have asked me if there real or I just wear them for fashion. And I would just like to state that they are real and I do very much need them to be able to see!

I think this may be the first time I've had my hair sort of wavy on the blog, I tend to just wear it straight more than anything as because of how thick my hair is curls just drop out far to quickly, but these stayed in pretty well so possibly I'll style it like this more often. The lipstick I'm wearing is one of my latest buys and its from Rimmel and the colour is kiss me. Hopefully either this weekend or next week I'm going to do a post on what I'm planning to wear for my friends 6th form prom I would love your thoughts on the look. Yet again I'm yawning my face off!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tree's and timber.

The post is only called this because a) there are tree's largely in the background and b) you can see some random bits of wood behind me as well. I took these photos in May but never got round to posting them, they were taken at my Granny's which a lot seem to be at the moment but we can blame this on the fact I can find places to balance my camera without having to lug my tripod everywhere.

So this is something I wore for college and you've seen all these pieces before. The top I bought while I was in London from New Look and its from the normal range but its supposed to be a baggy fit but I wear it more fitted and its really comfy. My skirt was a sale bargain from Dorothy Perkins and I tend to wear it almost weekly as it also works for the whole range of weather, which lets be honest is basically perfect for a British summer! The cardigan is also a much used and abused item of my wardrobe its worn basically all the time and is beginning to fall apart but until I find the perfect replacement it will have to survive. Of course I'm wearing my little floral headband I made myself! I'm hoping to make some more I just love wearing it so much.

I feel this is a pretty short post for me but I'm kind of mentally exhausted from writing my toile diary and just generally over thinking. So I don't want to bombarded you with me wittering on, also I have some pictures of my models in my garments I'll get them up as soon as possible! I'm so tired now that if I yawned I'd possibly swallow my face.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Final collection ready for fittings.

So these are pictures of my almost finished collection, I just have to add trimmings such as zips and accessories then fit them to the models and I will be done. Which is kind of terrifying to think I've almost finished college! As I've said before my collection is based on the women's land army of the second world war, but bringing some of there styles up to date. Hopefully by now you will all know that I love vintage so of course I enjoyed researching for this work. If you read my blog around Christmas time I did a lot of blog posts about the women's land army and there style, so to save me from repeating myself just look back to the end of December.

I know the play suit doesn't look much now but once I've got the exposed zip on and belt as well as rolled up bottoms (which will be similar to the ones on my shorts) I think it will look really cute! The dress is possibly one of my favourite pieces as I feel I spent the most time on this and after the issues it began with, mainly thanks to me sewing the panels the wrong way round.... its turned out pretty well. Also I'm not sure if you can see the print of my pencil skirt and play suit arms but its map patterned fabric unfortunately I couldn't get any of the underground but this actually works really well (its a USA map with the routes on) And the collars on my garments were all found on eBay and bought all together, there is also another one going onto my play suit.

Today was the start of fittings week, so be prepared for a fair few posts either to do with my collection or just totally random because I may be waiting around for models. So one of my models came in today her name is Natasha and she was truly lovely she will be wearing my shorts and blouse which I fitted her in. She was nice enough to let me take some pictures of her to put up on here so I'll be putting those up tomorrow! Now I'm off to update my diary for my collection and hopefully get a brew.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Well, I don't wanna wake up in the mornin but I've got to face the day.

Okay so this isn't the most exciting outfit in the world but it seems to be another staple of mine, which is stripes. I will always automatically gravitate towards them when I'm shopping just ask my friend I'll go up to a top in a store and be like "ohh I like this!" her answer will then be "it is because its got stripes on?" I don't know if this makes me predictable or just boring but I will alwats wear stripes. I know people used to often say fatter people shouldn't wear stripes as they make you look wider? well personally I think that is total bollocks.

This kind of look is what I will generally wear for college or just on a day to day basis,I wore this to college on Thursday and yes here our my jeggings from New Look making a second appearance, if anything as much as I love how they look now I will be forever pulling them up.
The tunic top is really old and was from New Look when I was about 12 or 13? But I wear it all the time even though its slowly becoming a little worn and holey. My cardigans from Dorothy Perkins I also own the same one in black and royal blue. The shoes you met in my post a few days ago, I'm just getting used to wearing them again after my other pair went to shoe heaven. My necklace is also from Evans and was purchased in the sale, I love how it just has a lovely vintage look.

Now you may notice I'm wearing glasses again in this outfit post, these are actually my new pair and when I first put them on I wasn't sure but they've definitely grown on me and now I love wearing them, which is a good job as I'm supposed to have them on all the time. These are from Gok Wans range at specsavers but I'll dedicate a proper blog post for them in the next week or two because they deserve to be seen in all there glory. Also in the next few weeks I'm going to be posting some of my final collection and photos from fittings up, just so you know.

And on one last final not here is me and Benji the dog who I walk most days, cheers to my brother for taking these an all.

Henry Holland.

I know this video's been out a while and I wasn't sure whether I'd actually posted it before but I just love Henry Hollands stuff, so I thought I'd just pop it up anyway. I adore the snooker ball jump suit on here and just all the colours and everything. I'm also becoming a big fan of his tights and socks though I don't think I can get the tights in my size, at the moment I'm on the hunt for some of his socks on sale! I'm not going to write anymore about this because you can all watch the video.

Lastly I have a big whopping crush on Henry Holland.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Just another walk.

Here is a little outfit post from a few days ago, I written this post earlier but when I went to click publish it somehow vanished and did not save! I'm pretty annoyed at this now because I can't remember for the life of me what I wrote! So I won't ramble on too much this is what I wore.

The Jeggings are from New Look a couple of years ago and as much as I love them on and how they look like jeans but without the zip and button quashing into my belly, they fall down so badly almost whenever I walk, and I'm almost certain seeing a girl wiggling up her jeggings every three steps is not attractive! My shoes are also pretty old and were from Evans I haven't worn them much because they aren't the widest fitting which is what I normally need but I'm sure they'll be worn to death sooner or later. The top I have on is from Urban Outfitters and is a size M so this shows it pays off to have a look in straight sized stores, especially recently as the oversized trend has been pretty popular. My necklace is from a local charity shop and as much as gold chains can be seen as "chavvy" I think it just depends entirely on how you wear them. For instance I'm wearing it without any other jewellery with a understated outfit, which it looks quite classy and simple but say I was wearing it with trackies tucked in my socks and a fake burberry cap it would be "chavvy" and not to mention pretty hideous!

Now onto my hair I bought a donut for it from New Look a week or so ago when they had there buy one get one free offer on and I have to say I love it, considering my hairs quite long (for me) at the moment its a nice way to keep it off my face and neck, though I do feel it looks a little too polished here if you know what I mean? this then brings me on nicely to what else I wanted to say I'm planning on shooting some looks for a review I need to do based on Adele inspired looks and I'll be trying (and probably failing) at doing a side bun with my donut like she used to wear her hair.

And on one final note I somehow got my collection ready for fitting next week! how I have no idea but I managed it, so this means my work will be in the fashion show! This causes for a celebration so I'm off to do so by watching a few episodes of Miranda.

Monday, 6 June 2011

If you go down to the woods today.

These are just a few snaps my brother took of my outfit while we were out walking our neighbours dog, we nearly always walk him on the wood paths which surround my town park. The lighting is always really beautiful through the trees this time of year as well, so its always a pleasant walk.It was really warm but with a cool breeze so I could easily deal with it. If any of you read my blog this time last year you may recall a post on how I generally hate summer but its okay I'm kind of learning to like it more.

So onto my outfit this tunic dress I'm almost certain you've seen a number of times its my go-to piece which I always feel good in, unfortunately it's going a little bit bobbly because of the amount of times I wash it, so hopefully next time I go into Matalan I'll be able to snap another up! The leggings are also from Matalan and do have lasted a little longer than my beloved black ones but this is probably because I wear my black ones basically every day and these just every now and then, there good quality for the low price of £8 but do tend to fall down a little basically like all denim leggings I've ever owned.

Now considering it was pretty warm I had my hair tied up, which doesn't always suit me but it just makes life a lot easier, recently I've bought a hair donut and have taken to wearing it in a Adele styled bun or ballerina version, I'm actually thinking of doing a post inspired by Adele's look and style let me know if you'd be interested in seeing that. My jewellery is very simple and I'm just wearing a rose ring which was from Ribbon and Asher at Dorothy Perkins, I just love it because it is a rose and fits my name. My shoes are from peacocks and are surprisingly wide actually I need to buy another pair before they stop selling them and I've completely ruined mine.

And lastly here is a very silly picture of me and my brother who for a few of my recent outfit posts has been photographer. He's just finished his last year at uni so he's home at the moment. And no our glasses aren't the same, though he likes to think I copied him....which I didn't! One this note of glasses I've actually had to get a new pair and I've chosen some from Gok Wans range at specsavers and I can't wait to start wearing them!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Summer style.

This is just a very quick post to show you what is my favourite item on the Evans site at the moment, I saw it in the catalogue and fell in love with it! From other pieces I wear or talk about on my blog I'm sure you can tell why I like it. The pattern, shape and style is just something that seems easy to wear and comfortable. I can see me wearing this a lot as it can be worn casually and dressed up in my opinion. I think its the vintage feel which its pulling me into putting it in my shopping basket, unfortunately the price is putting me off at just over £29 it may not seem to break the bank but I just feel its quite pricey for a pretty top. But if I do come into some money or if someone decides to treat me then I am going to snap this right up!

Have any of you seen anything on Evans which you need in your wardrobe recently?

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Just another day.

To me this is my kind of staple wardrobe and probably has been since October. I wear this skirt weekly and it is generally paired with a similar look, t-shirt, cardigan and leggings. And then some from of long and chunky necklace it's just easy to wear. And even though the weathers hotting up this look still works fine you just remove or swap a few items around.

I want to keep this post very short because it's been really bugging me how I seem to find it impossible to write anything and then when I do its usually a lot to actually read. So I'll just tell you what I'm wearing, everything but the leggings ans shoes is Dorothy Perkins I have a shop in my town so I do tend to buy a lot from the store but also I just really like the stuff in there. I wear this skirt to death as well as my much loved/abused cardigan! The Necklace is new to the blog though I've had it for quite a while I recently had the battery replaced and I feel it just finishes an outfit off nicely. Its also insanely practical being clock as well. My shoes are Evans ones I never have of my feet which have now gone to shoe heaven, my mum has been nagging me for sometime to throw them away and after my toe being on the ground I felt it was time to say goodbye, so now I'm on the hunt for either another pair on eBay or some new shows which are similar if you see any let me know! My leggings are from the basics at Matalan and are probably some of the best leggings I've had.

My make up is very natural as me and my brother were walking benji our neighbours dog at the time so it wasn't worth the layers of make up. And finally my hair is its usual mess plus it was crazy windy that day!

I'm off to get my eyes tested tomorrow so lets see if I need new glasses or not.