Wednesday, 30 November 2011


These pictures are from the Dune press event I went to last week from the Bertie section which I have to say is my favourite! I took so many pictures I'm having to split them into a few posts, I never used to be a lover of shoes but now I seriously am!

I just want to say a big thank you to Amy for inviting me to the event it was my first none plus size press event and I did very much enjoy it as I did the clutch bag I got given which will be perfect to brighten up all my black gear so watch out for that in and outfit post over the coming month! All the shoes were amazing and I've always lusted over Bertie's collections and when bloggers wear the shoes, one selection of there shoes which were displayed in a cabbage patch no less were my favourites and they were inspired by festivals primarily coachella I even did a little video in the Bertie Shed about the shoes with Amy (the image second from the top was taken by the lovely Amy in the shed!) I don't know whether the video will ever be seen, but I do recall using the word hip honestly you'd think I was really old!

Over all it was a lovely event even though I did feel a bit out of place going to it all by myself, though I'm very proud that I was brave enough to do so! Hopefully I'll get invited to some others in the future as it was honestly so interesting! And I finally got to meet Amy who I now adore even more!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Simply Be/ Simply Yours Press Day.

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to London for a couple of press events the main one being one for Simply Be and Simply Yours and I have to say I had the best time ever! Though it has to be said whenever I see the other plus size bloggers I truly do have such a wonderful time, it was brilliant to meet some new bloggers to, who I'd been speaking to on twitter so I felt like I knew them already.

The event itself was also lovely and I have to say I've never been so impressed with swimwear! You can check out all the other bloggers posts about it for lots more pictures, I didn't take that many I was far to busy chattering away! The bottoms two pictures are from Georges blog and the Simply Be one if you want to see more. The pieces in there spring/summer for next year are amazing lots of cute embellishment's and detailing sometimes you don't often find on plus size fashion. After going the Dune group press day the evening before ( I'll post about that soon) I've gotten a little obsessed with shoes and I adore the ones simply be had to show, cute, quirky and still wider fitting utter perfection!

I'd also like to say all the people I met who worked for either Simply Be or Simply Yours and going to the pub afterward was so lovely and Charlotte if your reading this it was so great to meet you and your so, so lovely! I now realise I've said lovely far to much in this post but its the right word for what I want to say! I honestly hope I get invited to more Simply Be/Simply Yours events in the future as I feel I go so much out of it and seriously enjoyed myself!

And lastly here are all the bloggers who I hung out with who attended Lauren from Pocket Rocket, George from fuller figure fuller bust , Naomi from Diamonnds 'n' Pearls, Ceri from Curvy Girl Blogs , Mhairi from Lilybobombs Lovely Lumps and finally Em from Oh the places you'll go.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Monday Mugshot, Week 9.

1. As if I'm on week 9 already uni has seriously gone so fast! I only have a couple of weeks left then I'm done for Christmas which is totally crazy but YAYYY CHRISTMASSS, if you don't know I've been listening to Christmas music since half way through October and I'm glad more people are starting to feel festive!

2. I'm having to wear my beret a lot at the moment, my hairs pretty much completely grown out and my fringe is just driving me mad but I actually quite like the centre parting when I've got my hat on, thankfully on Saturday morning when I'm home I'm going to get it cut though I don't know what I want done or if I want to have a long fringe, what do you guys think?

3. Most of you by know will of seen or heard via twitter about curves in couture and how amazing and fun it was, honestly I forgot how much I loved spending time with bloggers such as Lauren Claire and George (who I met on the night of the show!) I think once you start bloggers and speak to bloggers you've seriously made friends for life!

4. This week I'm yet again off to London for a night... even though I have a deadline the following Monday... I just couldn't pass up on the simply be event and then I've literally just been asked to the Dune/Bertie shoes one and well I ADORE BERTIE SHOES so I'm going to try and make that one on Wednesday as well, so if anyones attending this then please let me know I don't really fancy it alone and not knowing anyone!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Curves in Couture Part 1.

Here are some cheeky pictures from the Curves in Couture event I attended last Thursday in London, all of these pictures are either from Lauren from Pocket Rocket Fashion or Claire from A Monkey Fatshionista as I didn't get any of all us bloggers together! I'll post about the event and catwalk show in full later on in the week.

I just wanted to do a little post about how lovely it was to see some of my fave bloggers again and meet some new ones such as em from Oh, the places you'll go! and George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust . I'm so glad I got into blogging not only because I get invited to such amazing event but also all the amazing people I meet I can honestly say that I've made Friends for life in so may of the bloggers I've met. Everyone is so much fun to be with as well, sorry I'm probably starting to sound pretty soppy right now but its all true!

The last picture I put up because technically it proves I've had a picture with Zandra Rhodes if you look to the right hand corner you can see me and George's head on the tier above, you wouldn't believe how excited I got when I saw this picture on the Daily Mail website!I've got lots of pictures from the catwalk show as well as the generally evening and I'll get them all up soon though it may take a couple of posts!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Centre parting and polka dots.

Yayyy finally I've got another outfit post up! Sorry I've not been brilliant with them lately its just because I'm not overly keen on my beautiful blue curtain in the background and I have no where else to do them at the moment so here will have to do.

Now this is what I'd like to wear for simply be event next Thursday but unfortunately you can see my belly quite obviously through the jeans and I don't want it to look like bad but I maybe brave and go for it. I actually really like it all together, the top is new from Primark and in my opinion was a little pricey (a tenner) but I loved the polka dots and the collar, very me. the beret is also from Primark and I bought it about 4 years ago but I've worn it almost every Christmas and now my fringe has grown out it even looks okay as a centre parting as long as I have my hat on. The jean leggings (which are okay to wear a trousers unlike normal black leggings!) are from new look inspire and they fit my bum really well but are too big on my waist so the crotch sags sometimes and does not look very good, that and I'm always pulling them up as they fall down when I walk!

So tonight I'm off to see The Risk (they went out of xfactor a week or so ago) I'm pretty exciting as you will all know I do love a good boyband! Me and some girls from uni have also found a house for next year which is exciting not only terrifying!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Monday Mugshot, Week 9.

1. Yet again in my Pjs sorry! So this is what I'm planning on hopefully looking like for the Curves in Couture event on Thursday evening in London. Though I know whenever I'm playing with my hair and make up it looks really good then when I come to doing it for the actually event it always ends up looking a mess!

2. So I have a big week of traveling Wednesday I'm in Leeds for a conference then Thursday I'm traveling to London then coming back Friday morning! And all of this is by bus so kill me now, I don't travel brilliantly so it will be interesting. When I'm in London I'm getting to stay with one of my oldest friends and it'll be so lovely to spend a little time with him, that and I'm staying with him again a week later for the simply be event to I think, he'll be sick of been soon!

3. I'm actually so nervous about London and I don't really know why? It might be because I'm going to an event that's different to any I've been to before or because I've never gone on the bus and don't know my way around very well at all not from Victoria coach station anyway! I think I'm just bloody terrified of getting lost in London or missing my bus or something.

4. The Risk from XFactor are at my uni this weekend and I've bought tickets... I wasn't even massively keen I just thought Andy was a bit of a beaut, but in the last week while they've been doing odd gigs Franke Cocozza has been tagging along so if you see me on the front of the paper you'll know why!!! haha

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Needed in my life.

I just wanted to quickly post about these shoes before they arrived on my doorstep. These may be the highest shoes I've ever bought in my life and I will most likely either topple over in them or walk like a tranny but I just couldn't say no after I originally tried them on in store and could actually walk in them without wobbling to badly!

So after a pretty unsuccessful shopping trip into town at uni I came back and thought I'd look around online for something and after finding nothing I thought I'd try Matalan and they had the type of dress I was kind of looking for and when I found a promotional code for 20% off ( its earlyxmas in case any of you wanted it!) I thought well I may's well buy the shoes of my dreams while I'm at it. If any of you have me on twitter (and if you do your brave or put up with a lot!) you will actually know that I was in fact dreaming about these shoes its how much I wanted them!

I might attempt them for Curves in Couture but I might not... lets just hope it all gets to me in time!!!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

The old fashioned shop.

Just a quick post to show you the interior of a little museum I've now visited twice with both my parents on separate occasions. Its actually about a 5ish minute walk from my uni and my halls, I really love this place its also free which is a bonus! They have a whole street set out inside too and its soo cool, though theres sound effects in the pub room (which I'll show you another time) that bloody terrified me and my mum!

I love the idea of shops being like this again even though this is very much in the past and with stores adding more and more high tech pieces to them, there is no way anywhere would go back to how it was in the good old days! Oh gosh I'm seriously starting to sound like my mum, help! There was also some lovely sections which how they displayed the ribbons and fabrics and being a fashion student I obviously loved it!

Right just thought I'd throw out there that I'm going to the Curves in Couture show (with much thanks to Evolve mag who invited me as one of there guests) in London next Thursday, which its pretty last minute and slightly unplanned but should be super fun, I'm even staying with a very old friends who's at uni in London so I'm very much looking forward to it! Let me know if your going so I can say hi or come sit with you! I'm also hopefully going to the Simply Be/Simply Yours event the Thursday after that too and I'll be staying in London on the Wednesday evening ready for the event on the Thursday morning so if your going to that let me know to!!!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Monday Mugshot, Week 8.

1. Hi, guys I'm afraid I had to take the picture quickly because I've spent most of the evening finishing a assignment off for uni which has actually killed me THANKFULLY I'm only in for an hour tomorrow, so I'm planning on getting some more of my sketchbook and trend report done, whether I will is another thing entirely but its my plan!

2. Finally seem to be getting into my work which can only be a good thing, now I've got 2 god awful briefs out of the way! I'm doing my fashion buying brief on Evans clothing so it should be really interesting, I hope!

3. Yes I am in my Pjs here, they remind me of old lady ones though I could always get away with saying there vintage inspired which them makes them cute! haha I've given up on dressing excitingly at the moment but I will get back into it once I get a few new pieces I've been dreaming about for weeks, so I figure if I've dreamt about them then its meant to be, right?

4.I've started a little bit of a selling blog for some of my clothes which are worth selling go to to have a look if you want any of the pieces I'll weigh them next time I'm home to let you know the cost of postage but none of it should be over a fiver on anything I will ship internationally but it will cost more.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Your body is my ballpoint pen and your mind is my new best friend.

I fear that I rarely smile in my outfit pictures for this I'm so sorry! I do smile in person honest ask some of the bloggers I've met! Now this is what I wore for uni on Friday when my tutorial was canceled so really I had a free day and then my dad came at like half 3 to pick me up and we visited a lovely museum (which I'll post about soon).

So this shirt I've actually had for about 2 years and I've just hardly ever worn! the neckline isn't to tight and the arms are loose as well which is brilliant if its warm or like me you roll your sleeves up all the time! The tops print is supposed to be Broadway I think and I bought it from a charity shop for a couple of pounds which wasn't to bad! I really should wear it more as its so unusual.

My hair was just clipped up out of the way as its getting quite long now and is starting to annoy me but I will not cut it short like I normally end up doing! I still REALLY want ombre hair in fact I might test the bleach on a strand of my hair tomorrow and might even do it, yes that is how much I want a change. My lipstick is a rimmel one I picked up during the summer but I think it works really well for winter to as it adds a pop of colour to a otherwise monochrome outfit. I also have eyeliner on in the traditional flick (which I seem to be getting worse at the less I wear it) I bought a rimmel felt tip styled one and as much as its supposed to be easier it smudges really badly so I'm tempted to go back to my old brand which was a bit cheaper too.

I finally feel like I'm getting into blogging better now, even though I'm behind with uni work already! And yes my title is from another Ed Sheeran song.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Currently Coveting.

I've seen this shirt on a few bloggers now including Amy from these girls turn heads and it just looked so lovely on her that I had to have it, so I logged onto Dorothy completely fine with paying the postage (which is what I usually moan about!) and to my dismay they were all out of stock except for a size 14. So I keep on checking to see if they restock and they have unfortunately they are yet to restock size 20, so I'm just wondering if the size 18 would fit me at all or not? I'm really loving the star prints this season I remember wearing them when I was about 14 during my scene kid phase but this time round I want to wear them in a completely different way not with pink converse and black hair!

Has anyone else been lusting over the galaxy/star trend recently? There is also a few other tops I've been eyeing up recently including velvet and map print as well as a kind of milky way galaxy style. Unfortunately the majority being either out of my size or price range!