Monday, 31 December 2012

Another Year Over and We're Still Together.

1.My first tattoo. 2.First Ed gig and met the lucky bugger! 3.1D tour. 4. Simply Be Flagship opening! 5. Meeting Gok Wan! 6.Plus London Two. 7.Still my best friend after all this time. 8.Olympic Touch in my Town. 9.Surviving 1st year of Uni. 10.Sky Ride with Dani. and Aiden lovin life. 12.Seeing McFly (which is where my post title came from!). 13.Maximo Park at The Ritz Manchester (where I also finally met Gemma!) 14.Ed Sheeran, twice in one year. 15.Plus North! 16.TTGV Halloween. 17.Matalan Blog. 18.Simply Be outfit. 19.Band Tee. 20. Simply Be dress.

I thought I'd do a little post about everything this year, now unfortunately for me health wise it's been one of my worst years ever but for many other things it's been really amazing! In the selection of photo's above are just a few of the cool things I've done this year along with 4 outfits I quite liked! Of course I had to include Ed Sheeran in it as I did manage to see him live twice this year and successfully (in a only slightly stalkerish way) meet him once! I also got a tattoo, now if you have me on Twitter you'll know about it but I didn't actually do a blog post about getting it done, I was going to but it just never happened, that and it's a totally bitch to try and get a decent picture of! It's a small plus sign behind my year, I've also gone through a lot in the last year with everything and I needed something to remind me to stay being positive because if I get int a down period I fnd it incredibly hard to shake myself out of it, so that's why its there. 2012 was also the year for meeting so many new people especially bloggers, I've made some amazing new friends in the past year who I would now count as being some of the closest friends I have ( talking about you here dani!) 

I couldn't say if my style has changed drastically this year but its definitely evolved in many ways. I'd love to know if looking back at my style in 2011 what you think has changed from that in 2012 (other than me finally wearing the right sized bra, best thing I ever did was to get fitted!)  And finally I've decided that 2013 is for sure going to be my year, where I achieve things I've always wanted to how ever big or small and do what I want and what is right for me not what I think people would want me to do! I hope everyone else's 2013 will be epic as well!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Floral Culottes and Band Tee.

Top: Kaiser Chiefs Tour. Belt: Asos Curve. Culottes: Dorothy Perkins. 
Blazer: Gemma Collins c/o Simply Be.

 I was on twitter a few days ago (but lets get real, I'm ALWAYS on it ...) and the lovely Olivia from Wait Until The Sunset had posted an outfit involving one of her many loved Band Tee's and was wondering whether her look with them was too 'tough' and how could she make it more feminine. I suggested teaming it with florals as this is what I do with the majority of my cool band tee's. Now I'm sure you all know by now I'm a lover of in some opinions rubbish pop music meaning I have a large number of tee's from pop concerts so instead of showing you my Jonas Brothers and One Direction numbers (these are strictly pj tops and are never seen in public!) or even my number of McFly ones which have actually in the past happily been worn in public, granted most recently while I was on the way to one of there gigs. I thought I'd show you one of my all time favourite band tee's and how I tend to style it.

This is a Kaiser Chiefs Tee from the tour for the second album "Yours Truly Angry Mob". It is very much loved so has probably seen better days, I've actually had this since I was 13, so that's six years not bad going for a top! In the last few years I always tend to pair my tour shirts with these cute floral culottes, I know their not technically a skirt, but they look like one! I can dress these up or down and have surprisingly been a very versatile piece in my wardrobe. The belt has now been featured on here a number of times as I just love pairing it with everything specially florals as it keeps that rocky edge and also finished the look off without being too much. Now the blazer is to die for, in fact it will be getting a post of its own for a review very soon but lets just say I'm so in love with it, perfect beyond words! For my make up I was actually getting ready to go out, so I had a sparkly lid with some smudged black liner along my upper lash line for some definition with lashing of mascara and some colour on my lips to compliment the flowers on the culottes.

As it's winter here and dark by 4pm the majority of my pictures seem to be getting taken at night (if I get chance at all lately!) But I actually quite like how the pictures turn out, I hope you don't mind! Also if you haven't checked out Olivia's blog then it's a must she is one of my fave bloggers and her pictures always make me smile because she has such a lovely smile! She's also from Australia, how amazing is it that we get to chat like old friends yet we're basically on the other side of the world to each other, sometimes you just gotta love the Internet!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Wild Ombre.

Okay first things first, I AM FULLY CLOTHED IN ALL THESE PICTURES. It's just I took my vest straps down so bleach didn't get on them! But yeah last week I got my hair cut which meant basically all my ombre ends from before were cut out. I'd decided not to do it again and have my hair natural for awhile.. but I'm not a fan of my natural hair colour I find it a little boring, so while I was snooping around boots (a place I have spent a silly amount of money in for myself lately) I saw the Wild Ombre's collection by Loreal I thought I would give it a go as I often find lightening my hair can be a right ball ache and I knew I loved having my hair in this colour style.

the instructions in the box are easy to follow with clear directions on the reverse side they also show how the colour looks on different hair lengths which is a good idea, unfortunately I feel I miss judged "from the ear down" as the top of my ear so there's more blonde than I would of initially liked but never mind. Over all I do think this is a clever product but I don't feel it worked well for me! The brush to put the solution through your hair evenly isn't strong or thick enough to actually get through my hair so after a few attempts I ended up getting it onto my hands to put through my hair. After doing this I brushed over the top layers I was highlighting to try and stop the blocked step that can sometimes happen when dip dying your hair. I would say that this product lightens your hair really quickly as normally when I do my ends it can often takes hours but this took just about 40 or so minutes to develop to the colour above.

The main downside for me was how horrid my hair felt after it as that there wasn't actually a deep conditioner in the box there was just a conditioning shampoo that didn't do a while lot to my parched ends! I have another packet of this in the shade lighter option that I may give a go eventually but I'm still not happy with my hair really its just the condition its left in. I know bleach ruins hair but mine had never felt that dry specially considerings I've lightened it a few times before! I don't know if I'd happily buy this again or not lets just see how I feel. To be quite honest I don't think I've ever been overly impressed with a Loreal hair colour product, I used a brown last summer on my light auburn hair and it didn't change the colour at all! I did complain but they wanted to phone me and I was so bad on the phone at the time I chickened out!

And finally apologies for the very tired eyes, I did my hair at 11.30pm on Christmas Eve!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Currently Coveting.

I am so in love with this bracelet from Cheap Thrills! It's a little quirky and different but ultimately still so beautiful! There are so many adorable vintage esque styled pieces which are all individual but would work beautifully piled on together as well on this site! I've been a fan for what seems like years but I'm yet to actually order anything from the site as I'm never one to have at all pricey jewellery and I tend to get it tangled or broken in no time at all... but I just LOVE this so much it may be the time to invest. This is something I'm hopefully going to purchase in the New Year when I've got a little more money to spare! I'm really interested in specific times of history and this is just so cool! You all know I adore vintage from all different era's but I also love all things historical within reason. Also lets not forget Henry was a bit of a gooer and probably had a fair few children he didn't know about floating around his castle at the time! Totally makes this more bad ass!

I can't believe how close it is to Christmas Day now its crazy! I know I've been a little behind with outfit posts lately but I have a few reviews to get up as well as some super cute outfits to show you but the god awful weather has stopped me getting pictures! Trying to take photographs in the rain is near impossible and you always look a mess too! Once it's stopped raining for more than ten minutes I'll get on it!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

London Calling... The Next Day

      Playsuit: Asos Curve. Blazer: Vintage - Charity Shop. Scarf: Vintage - handed down. Boots: Simply Be.

The second post of my little over night trip to London. This is as much as I can show you from the shoot as everything else is shush shush for now, I'm sorry! I really love this playsuit I would say its quite a generous fit though but I don't mind that really, I wanted to look nice but also be comfortable and feel good in what I was wearing as I knew I was going to possibly get filmed in it (which I did) the only not so comfortable thing is the fact you basically have to get almost naked to pee. The blazer I was lucky to find in a charity shop for a fiver a few years ago and it's my go to for all occasions to be honest it's rarely off my back! The scarf is vintage and I have a feeling my mum gave it to me as far as I'm aware I've always had it and in the last few years its been worn to death! Boot's are Simply Be and were a bargain with a discount code, I drag them out all year round really tiny heel that I'm comfortable with!

My make up was to die for, it's all about the eyes. Now I have been known to dabble in eyeliner before from fifties cat eye flicks to full blown emo style but in recent years it's something I've almost become bad at it. I used to be a big fan of thick winged eyeliner but now I'm much more into the thinner more delicate lines, which I can't do at all but after seeing how lovely this looked I'm totally inspired to play up my eyes more. I told the make up artist (Mitzi, who was utterly lovely and a babe) that I tend to wear red lipstick a lot so she put this really lovely colour on my lips which is different to the pillar box red I tend to go for but in the best way I totally love the shade she put on and feel it works so that I don't feel so self conscious for everyday!

So of course I had an insanely ace night and day. It was an experience I will never forget and hope I could do more of in the future but for now I still can't tell you what it was for! I think I can come February so I'll just have to try and zip my lips on here until then!

Monday, 17 December 2012

London Calling... The Hotel Room


Not the most inspiring title to this post but I haven't had chance to transfer my other pictures from this little  trip to London, so for now you can just check out what my room was like for the night unfortunately Harry Styles was busy so I had to stay in it alone...

Actually my lovely friend (who may be featured on the blog in the not so distant future) was nice enough to walk me to my hotel and just hang out for a bit which is always nice when you haven't seen each other properly since the summer. My room was really nice and the bathroom was surprising big but this is coming from the girl who had the tiniest bathroom in halls last year! I will say IT HAD A BATH I was naturally very excited until I realised the miniatures in the room were just bars of soap (which I obviously brought "some" home as presents to my family, because I'm nice like that). My hotel was the Travistock Hotel which is next to The Royal National it's only a stones throw from Euston Station. Only downside was how cold it seemed to get once I was curled up in bed, I was probably ill prepared Pj wise! Over all this is just a snap shot of what I took with me.. over packed but didn't if that makes any sense? Took my laptop but rarely used it like I generally do always when I go anywhere. But at least I took an umbrella, yes London you were very rainy come Friday morning!

My next post will be what I wore for the Friday (I arrived Thursday night in case I didn't mention it earlier) and the make up I had some... which I was obsessed with, I felt like you could really notice my eyes and normally they often disapear into my face!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Recycle for Greater Manchester Fashion Show.

I just wanted to show you all some pictures for an amazing event I went to a few weeks ago in Manchester.
I was invited by the lovely Stephanie of "The Wardrobe Angel" to sit with her and her lovely interns (Hi girls!) to talk about vintage fashion/styling and how to wear different outfits depending on your shape. Now in my opinion you should wear whatever you want regardless whether it's supposed to suit your shape or not but I do tend to just go for things that generally do suit my shape and tastes I think on a whole a lot of people do!

This was so much fun and I hope when it's on next year I can get involved even more! I was there as a Blogger but it also worked well with the job I have/had at the magazine. The top image is me "blogging" on the photographers phone (Don't Ask!?). But all in all this was so much fun though I do feel I should of dressed up a little more but never mind! There were also two fashion shows showcasing creations from students at Salford Uni and every collection had the theme of recycling whether it was made using vintage fabrics or a jumper knitted created with plastic bags!

(Thanks to the event itself and The Wardrobe Angel for the photos!)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Shop My Wardrobe.

Just a quick post to let you know I've re-opened my Selling Blog since coming back from uni with lots of clothes I've realised I really need to clear my wardrobes and start afresh! The majority of the site is unworn or hardly worn clothing what can I say I'm addicted to clothes! There are no prices on the items I just want your offers and if its what I have in mind then it's all yours!

Generally postage is £3.00 or £4.00 if it's something heavier like shoes or a coat. This includes the packaging and me having to travel to the post office, if that makes sense? There is a whole range of sizes up on the site as well as a large range of labels from Simply Be to Evans and Asos Curve!

Comment on the item if you are interested in anything you can email me or tweet me @rosieroundface . If you are interested in more than one item, just let me know and I'll figure out how much the postage would be.

In addition to this blog sale if you've seen something I've worn on this blog in the last few years and really liked me just ask me about it the chances are its either in my selling pile or going unloved in a draw and I'll happily sell it to you if it's something I no longer wear!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Highcross Simply Be My Two Favourite Looks.

I won't ramble on to much in this post about the store itself as I already said pretty much everything in my earlier one but one thing I will say is I adore the Simply Be fitting rooms they're just so pretty and feminine you feel good trying clothes on in them unlike other stores where the curtain doesn't go all the way across and there's chewing gum stuck to them (yes that has happened to me in changing rooms). I always feel comfortable in the rooms as well as there's no banging elbows on walls and with plenty of room around you and nice lighting everything just looks that much better!

These two dresses were what I decided as my favourite party style outfits because primarily they are colourful a little different and comfortable! To start with I thought the golden baroque style printed dress would be to long and look awful on me but once I got it on I decided I loved it and it was so comfortable and fabric was soft and draped beautifully once on my body I also realised that it didn't feel as long on me as it looked. So was clearly a winner all round. The second dress I had seen on the odd blogger or two so I thought I'd give it ago after having the same style with the floral print. This dress is pretty generous with its sizing either that or I've dropped a dress size (which is a remote possibility, due to being ill)  but the size 18 fitted me perfectly and I just love the colours on it without it being too colourful, if that makes any sense at all! I paired both of these with the adorable glittery box clutch bag to add just a little bit of sparkle.

These pictures were taken in the Magic Mirror which is so so cool, you really need to get down to a Simply Be store and try them out for yourself if you haven't already!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Highcross Simply Be - Playing Dress Up!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people at the Highcross Shopping Centre in my University town of  Leicester to go and play dress up in Simply Be and of course I couldn't say no to that! I took all these images in store and decided to centre my search around the perfect and more importantly comfortable party wear! Regardless the occasion I will generally wear leggings under everything, they keep you warm in the cold weather and also mean I don't end up flashing anyone when I've got a little merry on the mulled wine! Simply be had some super cute ones with studs and diamante's on the bottom to match pretty peplum top with shoulders also adorned in this way, you can see all these above. I also decided to try the disco pants as party wear and surprisingly I loved them! They actually make quite a simple look something special and different to the usual party dress.

I love lace sleeves for winter as you need a little more than just a strappy dress but often it can be warm inside the party and generally I think they show a little flesh so its still sexy. I'm also massively into the peplum trend at the moment, if you didn't notice with my choices here. They are perfect for helping cover your stomach slightly if like me that's your main problem area, I just feel more comfortable and confident if its covered and I know I won't be tugging at my top all night to make sure there isn't a VBL (visible belly line). The bag I chose to finish all these outfits off with was a gorgeous glittered box clutch as it ads just enough bling to the outfit and just works with everything so beautifully.

Everyone in the store was so lovely especially the manager and a few other ladies I spoke to more. They made me feel welcome and that they genuinely loved working in the store. It is also a total pleasure to go into a store and feel like you belong there also the fact none of the women that work there are size 6s makes me happier too as they are able to actually wear clothes from the store and I personally think that if the people who work there don't want to/can't wear the clothes then surely why should I want to shop there (I'm actually planning to you a video about all this, that's how strongly I think about it) I'm doing this in two posts the next will have my final favourite outfits which I took with the Magic Mirror!